Christmas Gifts for Self-Care & Wellness
Here are the best gifts for our Wellness and Self-Care fanatics!
Christmas Gifts for Self-Care & Wellness
Here are the best gifts for our Wellness and Self-Care fanatics!

Top Christmas Gifts for Self-Care & Wellness

Giving a great gift is all about expressing love and care. And nothing says “I care about you” like a present that will inspire self-care and healthy habits. While you’re doing your annual Christmas shopping this holiday season, keep in mind these gifts that will help promote wellness in the lives of those you love.

Here’s what people voted for based on these products:

We ran a poll on our social media @offonfriday and asked our followers what they wanted for Christmas in terms of self-care and wellness. These were the results:

self-care graph chart
Weighted blankets won!

Based on these products, our followers voted that the weighted blanket was their top choice! Take a look at these Christmas gifts for self-care & wellness and decide for yourself.

Gratitude Journal


You can’t wrap up an attitude of gratitude, but with this journal, you can spur your friends and family into a time of reflective thankfulness every day. Many gratitude journals have a daily prompt that will help your loved one think about all that makes their life wonderful. This has been shown to have excellent effects on life as a whole, which is why journals are an enriching gift for all.

Relaxing Candles


One of the most classic self-care gifts is a scented candle. One little spark can change the mood of the whole room, and the right aroma can set the perfect tone for a relaxing morning or an evening unwinding. 

Essential Oils and Accessories


Another great way to give a calming scent to the home is with essential oils and an oil diffuser. In addition to making the house smell great, essential oils have been shown to have measurable physical effects on the human body, especially when it comes to important indicators such as slowing down the heart rate and increasing blood flow around the body. This means that essential oils can help both mental and physical wellness.

Adult Coloring Book


If you have a family member or friend who is a kid at heart, then an adult coloring book is a great way to give them a way to unwind at the end of the day. These coloring books are specially designed to be relaxing and fun to complete so that even the grown-ups in your life have a chance to enjoy a bit of artistic fun.

Comfy Slippers


Slippers are a great way to add comfort to anything done around the house – even chores! Plus, slippers are a versatile gift that is easy to customize, and you have a lot of freedom to choose precisely the right style for all of your friends and family members. This way, they can truly appreciate the cozy and chic addition to their home attire.

Bedtime Rituals


The period right before bed is crucial for self-care because so much of our wellness relies on the quantity and quality of our sleep. That’s why it’s a great idea to gift special things to help make bedtime more relaxed. Some examples include caffeine-free herbal teas, oils, or serums to keep skin moisturized throughout the night, or a weighted blanket for the bed. 

Intention is Everything

Remember, no matter what gifts you give this Christmas, the intention behind the gift is the most important part. Make sure that you’re really invested in the wellness of your family and friends, and these gifts will show how you value their self-care routines and their overall well-being.

What to get someone who likes self-care?

A cleansing balm that is kind to the skin.
Skincare kit.
A Beautiful-Smelling Fragrance.
a cleansing tool for skin care.
A Blendable Sunscreen.
An emollient hand balm.
a gentle scalp massager
A set for body care.

What do you put in a self-care package for a friend?

Self-Care Products
To remind your loved one to treat themselves, send soothing items like soft socks, a chic robe, a warm throw blanket (or even a weighted blanket), and face masks.

What are 5 examples of self-care?

Eat a nutritious dinner.
Do some workouts.
Take a walk.
Ingest water.
Maintain decent sleeping habits 
Drink some tea.
Sit outside in the sun.
Take a bath or a shower.