valentine's day gifts for him
Guys also deserve a gift for Valentine’s Day!
valentine's day gifts for him
Guys also deserve a gift for Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but it can be challenging to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts just for him. From chef to handyman to bodybuilder, guys can have so many different interests.

To ease some of that stress, we’ve made this list of perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for that special man in your life. This list includes all types of potential gifts for him, including essentials like a toolset or even an exciting niche shaving kit. There should be a little bit of everything for whatever interests your man might have.



One of the classic items any guy needs is a wallet, especially if it’s time for a new one. After some time, all wallets are bound to have wear and tear and need to be replaced. Therefore, this can be the perfect gift for something he might need. This leather wallet from Fossil is a classic every man would love.



Cologne is another classic gift idea for any guy in your life. This cologne is one of our favorite scents due to its fresh, musky scent that’s light but still manly. It has a blend of bergamot, transparent musk, and mate leaves. Cologne becomes a more personal gift to give because you get to pick out the scent he wears, which can be incredibly romantic for Valentine’s day! And when possible, it’s worth checking out high-quality yet affordable colognes that can often do the job just as well!



Another essential in a man’s life is a basic toolset, especially for a potential beginner who doesn’t have much of a collection. This specific one is great because it gives you a bit of everything in a single set. It could even be a good choice for a toolset on the go – he can just toss it into his car and access it whenever he wants.

Grill Set


Is your guy a grilling master or looking to become one? Then this grilling set might just be the perfect fit. This specific set has an aluminum case with all stainless-steel equipment, making any grilling day a breeze. It’s a great gift idea for a fun surprise that he never knew he needed!

Watch and Watch Case


You might be shopping for a guy who takes an interest in his style, so a classic watch is something you can never go wrong with. And this specific one is great for a classic, every day, and professional look that can match everything. You may be thinking he already has a few, but when it comes to watches, enough is never enough. However, just in case he has enough, a perfect alternative for a collector is a watch case. This one has a high-quality finish and holds up to six watches.

Shaving Kit


Maybe you’re buying for someone who prides himself in taking care of himself. Then the best gift that goes the extra mile might be a luxury shaving kit. It would be a total surprise that he doesn’t see coming and might be something he never knew he needed. This gift includes a full kit from razors to the aftershave balm, so he can leave every morning feeling like the best version of himself!

Dresswear Subscription

A unique gift idea that would be fun for him to try is a subscription box. One that we like is the personalized clothing box called Stitch Fix. First, you would take a personalized quiz, which helps decide what goes into your personalized box. And then the company sends you different items of clothing to try out from all different brands. That way, you can get a little taste of everything!

Wireless Charger


If you’re looking for a simple but amazing gift that he never knew he needed, consider a wireless charger that works for the newer model Android and iPhones as well as AirPods and iPads. It’s simple, easy, and affordable, and allows for effortless charging of any of your electronic devices as long as they’re compatible.

Bartender Kit


If you’re a couple who loves throwing get-togethers, then this gift could be the perfect thing to take the party to the next level. This 10-piece bartending set should easily let the two of you make tasty drinks together. Whether it’s for entertaining guests or just the two of you on Valentine’s Day night, this is just another creative way to spice up your life.

Charging Station


Perhaps your man is an Apple product lover? If so, then this charging station is the perfect all-in-one gift he never thought of. All your products are located in one spot, charging all at once in a chic and organized way. It’s so much more convenient than having every item laying all over the nightstand.

Portable Speaker


A great basic gift for any guy is a portable speaker. This particular one is Bluetooth and includes a 12-hour battery life. It’s one of our favorites because of its relatively affordable price and great, HD-quality sound. It’s perfect for on-the-go listening at any location or when you might head out for a fun day at the beach.

Coffee Box


These days it seems like almost everyone drinks coffee to get through the workday. However, if you’re buying for an avid coffee lover who just loves the taste, then this is the perfect fit. This specific box is called Bean Box, which provides options ranging from a gourmet-style coffee flavor in the form of a single box to a subscription box for up to a year. It’s easily one of the best ways for him to try any type of flavor in each box and discover new favorite flavors.

Final Words…

Although this list includes so many different kinds of items, there should be at least something for your special guy on this list. And even though this holiday can seem like it’s all about getting gifts for each other, it’s more about spending time with the person you love and making that time special. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for him, but be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Do guys want anything for Valentine’s Day?

Indeed, men enjoy receiving flowers and chocolates.
Another typical “for her” gift, chocolates are also promoted by merchants as a great Valentine’s Day gift for guys.

What should not be given as a gift to my boyfriend?

Never give someone something sharp, especially a knife or pair of scissors. In most civilizations around the world, not only those in India, it is believed to bring bad luck. It is thought to ruin relationships and harm things for the recipient.

What to gift a guy on Valentine’s Day?

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