father's day weekend
Here we have the best ways to spend this father’s day weekend
father's day weekend
Here we have the best ways to spend this father’s day weekend

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Father’s Day weekend is right around the corner, and most people are in panic mode – especially if they have the best dad of all time and want to make sure he feels extra special on his big national holiday.

Well, there’s no need to fret because this article shares 12 amazing ideas to create a great weekend for the best dad ever. (It also shares a few sentimental gifts for dad that you might consider purchasing for the “big day.”)

Scavenger Hunt

Do you consider yourself to be crafty or artistic? Then you might consider using your talents to put together a fun and exciting scavenger hunt for your pops. To do so, you will create a series of riddles that leads your dad to the final destination. Here, you can either have a big surprise for him – like a homemade meal – or a present he will enjoy.


When deciding on the present, you have plenty of options. Some dads want something simple like a dad t-shirt or something to enhance their lawn care. Others might like more sentimental gifts for dad, like a customized picture frame.


Have you ever met a dad that didn’t like to barbecue? That said, going with an over-the-top barbecue over the Father’s Day weekend is bound to be a hit. You can purchase the most expensive meats and sides to really take it to the next level.


You can also incorporate your Father’s Day gift into the barbecue sesh. For example, this BBQ sauce pack will allow dad to try out some new and interesting flavors, making this the perfect gift. But if you want more of a special gift This funny BBQ apron is also sure to make dad smile on his special day. If he’s not in the mood for cooking then take him to a food truck event where he doesn’t have to worry about cooking on his national holiday.

Ice Cream

Sure, you can go out for dinner over the Father’s Day weekend, but most people associate a fancy dinner with Mother’s Day instead. To ensure your dad has a fantastic weekend, do something different like going out for ice cream.

Aside from being a delicious crowd favorite, ice cream is the perfect option considering that Father’s Day weekend lands during one of the warmest months of the year. You will want to cool down with your “best dad ever,” and there’s no better way to do it than with a couple of scoops of your favorite flavors.


Does your dad love music? Is there a concert going on during the upcoming Father’s Day weekend? Search for the ticket price and head into the show. This will be one of the most memorable days your dad will ever have. Don’t forget to buy him a souvenir from the concert, such as a t-shirt or mug!

Also if your dad is not really a crowd guy then you guys have another option which is getting museum passes so you can have a nice, chill evening.

Rage Room

A rage what? If you haven’t heard already, there are unique rooms where people can go and destroy things in an effort to get their “rage” out.

Why is this a great weekend option for your dad on Father’s Day? Well, face the facts – dads get pretty stressed out. They have a lot on their plate. A rage room might be the single greatest option for him on Father’s Day.


Are you looking for a quirky experience that isn’t as intense as the rage room? Then consider going ax-throwing instead. This super fun activity has risen to the top of the popularity charts in recent months, and it’s still gaining momentum.

The best part about ax-throwing is that it is fun for the whole family, although it can still be seen as a “manly activity” that your dad will enjoy. If your dad is on the competitive side, don’t hesitate to make it a competition – the winner gets a prize and bragging rights, of course!

Escape Room

Another interesting experience people have flocked to in recent years is escape rooms. Here, dad can “escape” his typical 9-5 job and turn into a detective with his loved ones. You will work as a family to solve an intricate puzzle to ultimately escape. You’re bound to laugh and learn more about your fam-bam during the process, creating a genuinely bonding experience you won’t soon forget.

Mud Run

If you have a competitive dad that loves sports, you might consider taking on the challenge of a mud run as a family. This is one of the biggest events and will create a memorable Father’s Day weekend that may even become a tradition.


If you’re looking for sentimental gifts for dad to accompany the mud run, consider purchasing matching t-shirts for the event. You can have each person’s name with funny or sentimental phrasing on it. For example, a dad’s shirt can have “best dad” or “coolest dad” on it or something more personal to your dad’s personality and style.

Road Trip

If you want to create a great weekend for your dad, consider taking a road trip to a fun destination. It’s the perfect time to reserve a hotel and find some nearby activities for you and your family to enjoy. For example, a trip to the Grand Canyon or New Orleans is two excellent options that are sure to be tons of fun.

Play Sports

Father’s Day weekend isn’t held during some of the most popular sports seasons, such as basketball or football. So, if your dad isn’t a baseball fan, you’re out of luck if you’re thinking about surprising him with tickets to a game.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still intertwine sports into this National Holiday! Sports-loving papas will enjoy playing sports with their loved ones, whether a pickup game of basketball in the driveway or kickball at a local park.


Movies are always an excellent choice for Father’s Day weekend. You have two options. One, you can take your pops to the local movie theater to see a movie he’s been dying to see. Two, you can purchase his favorite movie(s) and have a movie marathon all weekend long.


The benefit of the second option is you can purchase one of the most sentimental gifts for dad – a customized blanket. He will love the personalized blanket, but he will love snuggling underneath it with the family while enjoying his fave flicks. It’s the perfect pair – just don’t forget the popcorn and sodas.

Beer Tasting

If your dad is a dad that loves to drink beer, he will surely enjoy beer tasting! Plenty of bars offer “flights” or a drink ticket where people 21 and over can try out different beer flavors, like domestic beer, and draft beer some of which are quite exotic and intriguing.


Don’t have a bar nearby that offers beer-tasting adventures? Create your own beer-tasting setup right at home. Include a personalized beer mug for dad, and have a great weekend!

Final Words

The “best dad ever” deserves a great weekend, without a doubt – and now you know how to put together a stellar Father’s Day weekend that won’t soon be forgotten. There are plenty of options for your dad, whether he’s a beer and barbecue kind of guy or prefers to get competitive outdoors. Remember this is the day to spend extra time with him!

Don’t forget to pair the unique activity with sentimental gifts for dad, such as a customized blanket, t-shirt, or picture frame so you can thank him for his role of fatherhood in your lifespan. You can also do something sillier or classic to suit your dad’s style!

Which one of these Father’s Day weekend activities will you choose to spend quality time with dad?

Which weekend is father’s Day?

In the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and many other nations throughout the world, Father’s Day is observed every year on the third Sunday in June.

What is the date for fathers in 2022?

June 19, 2022

What is there to do in Orlando on father’s Day?

The Escape Game Orlando.
Island H2O Live!
Topgolf Orlando.
Universal Orlando Resort.
SeaWorld® Orlando.
LEGOLAND® Florida Resort.
Andretti’s Indoor Karting & Games.

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