As Bryce W. Anderson once said, “I’ve found that no matter what life throws at me, music softens the blow.” Truer words haven’t been spoken. But music isn’t just exceptional for your mental health. Your favorite song is also the gateway to unleashing your creativity, enhancing workouts, and having a great time – even when you’re on a dull or endless road trip.

But if you’re getting sick of the same ole music on your Spotify playlist, and music industry may no longer seem like the answer for literally everything. Don’t let the music sit on the back burner, though. Reignite your passion for music by adding these popular songs 2022 to your playlist ASAP.

Top 10 Most Popular Songs 2022 (on Spotify)

popular songs 2022

While the top ten list might change now and then, here’s a trend recap of the top ten most popular songs 2022 on Spotify to consider adding to your playlist.

  • Lizzo – About Damn Time
  • Ed Sheeren – Shivers
  • David Guetta, Bebe Rexha – I’m Good (Blue)
  • Tiesto, Ava Max – The Motto
  • Dua Lipa – Levitating
  • Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Bootie Brown – New Gold
  • Burna Boy, Ed Sheeren – For My Hand
  • Anitta, Missy Elliot – Lobby
  • Lizzo – 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)
  • Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama – Beg For You

Current Playlists That People Like

popular songs 2022

Are you someone who prefers to listen to playlists rather than individual songs? Then you will appreciate these lists of the top current playlists that people like because of their airy optimism. Whether you’re looking for music to rev up your next road trip or need some new country tunes to wallow in or kick your heels to, you will find it below.

Best Rap Playlists on Spotify

Best Rap 2022

If you’re someone who likes to stay current with the latest rap songs, you will enjoy the “Best Rap 2022” playlist on Spotify. Here, you get exactly what you’re looking for – new and popular songs 2022 from rappers such as Drake, Travis Scott, Lil Baby, and Lil Uzi Vert.

I Love My West Coast Classics

Those who prefer to kick it old school will like the “I Love My West Coast Classics” playlist. Here, you won’t find popular songs 2022. But you will find hit songs from notorious rappers, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 2Pac, making it a top contender for the spot of “best rap playlist on Spotify.”. This playlist is more of a trend recap.

Best Country Songs Playlists on Spotify

Hot Country

If you’re looking for the best country music playlist on Spotify that features top artists like Jon Pardi, Gabby Barret, and Luke Combs (plus tons of other crowd favorites and hottest trends), head on over to “Hot Country” and get lost in the popular songs 2022.

Country Kind of Love

If you’re less interested in the hottest trends and want to dig deep into your romantic side, “Country Kind of Love” is the country music playlist for you. Here, you will find the most beautiful country songs from artists, including Chris Stapleton, Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood, and Brett Young.

EDM Playlists Names on Spotify


The original and best place to listen to electronic dance music is on the “EDM” Spotify playlist. This playlist is known for offering only the hottest trends and latest hits from “festival legends,” such as Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, and MEDUZA.

Best EDM of All Time

The “Best EDM Of All Time” playlist is a lovely trend recap of EDM music, new and old. You’ll want to dance your socks off to tunes from Avicii, Calvin Harris, Madeon, Boston Switch, and so many others.

Playlists for a Road Trip

Classic Road Trip Songs

There’s nothing quite like the classics to keep you company on a long road trip. Turn on the “Classic Road Trip Songs” and enjoy winding through the mountains or soaring down the freeway like a music video to music from Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Kenny Loggins.

Family Road Trip

Are you traveling with the fam-bam? Who said there isn’t a road trip playlist perfect for all of you? The “Family Road Trip” playlist comes with a fun trend recap of songs to the whole family will want to sing. Enjoy Dancing Queen from Abba, Hey, Soul Sister from Train, and Brown-Eyed Girl from Van Morrison – plus many other family-friendly tunes!

Popular Artists With New Music

popular songs 2022

Don’t like to skip around with playlists? Then there are some of the top, most famous artists with music you won’t want to miss out on!

Hip-Hop Music

Drake New Music

Are you a Drake fanatic? Then check out the “Drake” playlist and enjoy a trend recap of his popular songs 2022 that people are raving about, including Jimmy Cooks and WAIT FOR U.

Chris Brown New Music

Chris Brown fans appreciate that he’s coming out with the hottest trends and great new music. To keep up with the latest releases, check out the “Chris Brown” stream on Spotify, where you will find a trend recap of all of your favorites, new and old.

Country Music

Morgan Wallen New Music

Morgan Wallen is an undeniably favorite amongst country music fans. Checking out the “Morgan Wallen” playlist will keep you up-to-date with his newest releases, including the two latest hits You Proof and Wasted on You.

Luke Combs New Music

Nothing says “country music” quite like Luke Combs. Don’t miss out on Luke Combs’s new music! Follow the “Luke Combs” playlist and enjoy the trend recap, including The Kind of Love We Make and Forever After All.

TikTok Popular Music

popular songs 2022

TikTok fanatics know there are always catchy songs popping up left and right from their hottest trends. If you want to know the whole story behind these trendy tunes, check out these playlists trend recaps, and songs.

TikTok Spotify Playlist

The best place to find a trend recap of popular songs 2022 from TikTok is to check out the TikTok Spotify Playlist. From As It Was by Harry Styles to Bad Habit by Steve Lacy, you will uncover all of the “mystery” TikTok tunes from your favorite hottest trends on this fun playlist.

Most Viral TikTok Songs

Do you want to search for the most popular songs 2022 on Spotify without needing a specific playlist? Here are some of the top artists to check out:

Jack Harlow

Love Jack Harlow? Love the TikTok compilations using his music? Then follow his Spotify playlist, featuring all your faves such as First Class and WHATS POPPIN.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles will always be a fan favorite – TikTok or not. Enjoy his stream while you indulge in popular songs 2022, such as As It Was and Late Night Talking.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny’s songs never cease to disappoint. Stay current with all Bad Bunny’s majestic songs on his Spotify stream, showcasing crowd favorites such as Me Porto Bonito and Efecto. Also if you are all in for Latin Music you can listen to some Latin female artists like Becky G and Karol G.

How to Find New Hot Songs

popular songs 2022

If you’re still hunting for different ways to stay in touch with the newest and most popular songs in 2022, there are a couple of different methods you can try.

Follow the ‘New Music Friday’ Spotify Playlist

This playlist is your one-stop place to shop for all the latest songs from favorite artists, including Lil Baby, Arctic Monkeys, Billie Eilish, and Charlie Puth. Never miss a groundbreaking, brand-new hit by following this stream!

Check Your ‘Release Radar’ Every Friday

The Release Radar is a unique feature on Spotify that will get you in touch with new releases every Friday. The releases are catered to your specific music tastes based on the artists you follow and listen to doing a trend recap and adding new songs the algorithm knows you will love.

Are You Ready to Rev Up Your Spotify Playlists?

There you have it – the latest and most popular songs 2022 to add to your Spotify playlist, plus some awesome playlists you need to follow ASAP. Whether you’re a Morgan Wallen fan or prefer the electricity and excitement of EDM, you can find it on one of the most Spotify streams above. Enjoy!

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