Nowadays you constantly hear people saying “Oh you liked this is a hack, it is one of the things I learned on TikTok”. Life hacks make the world go-’round, I mean who wouldn’t want an easier way to live life? TikTok has become a social media platform that has made hacks extremely mainstream and easy to find. TikTok fashion hacks go from a cute designer headband to cropped blazers, these fashion hacks trends will take your closet essentials to the next level with minimal effort!

Here you have 13 of the best things I Learned on TikTok about Fashion:

Tighten Dress Hack

@serendipesi How to tighten a dress easily without needles & threads… dress by @neverfullydressed 💚 #dress #hack #fashionhack #dresshack ♬ The Motto – Tiësto & Ava Max

We all have that super cute dress that’s a bit too big or maybe we would love it even more if it accentuated our curves even more. This safety pin and string hack is the perfect solution for that! First, put your dress on inside out and backward. Then, place a pin on each side right under where your bra band would be. Finally, slide a string through the pins and tie. Now you have a cute dress that fits perfectly for your entire life! When somebody asks you where did you learn that you can say it was one of the few things you learned on TikTok about fashion!

Shorten Crossbody

@marina_usti Should I make a video about how to turn a crossbody bag into a shoulder bag? #style #baghack #purse #outfits ♬ Easy On Me – Adele

This is one of the top hacks on the TikTok hack menu since crossbody purses are out and shoulder bags are in! Turn your long straps into short ones with this hack. All you have to do is open the purse flap, cross the straps, close the flap, and wear it! This hack is a must to stay trendy in our daily lives and it is only one of the multiple things I learned on TikTok about fashion.

Designer Headband

@inmyseams #diy #dior @dior #tiktokfashion ♬ original sound – Janette Ok

This content creator is offering a hack in case you want your designer headband for less. You’ll need two things, a headband, and a designer scarf. Simply wrap the scarf around the headband and you’re all set! This hack is the perfect content for users who owns designer pieces.

Tying your Button Down

@thenewyorkstylist We’ve been doing it wrong all these years. 😝🎀 This is #stylehack is even more fool-proof than tying a knot and makes your button downs look 🤌🏻! Would you try it? 🪢 #findyourgrace #styletips #stylinghacks #learnontiktok #iknowsomethingyoudont #hacksoflife #lifehacks #oversizedshirt #sezanelovers ♬ eyes – vip mix – skaiwater

Do you know that bulky unflattering look after tying your shirt? Do you think you’re a cute cowgirl and end up looking like it was a bad idea to tie your shirt? Yeah, we’ve been there. Here’s how to tie your shirt the right way to get a flowy, neat look. First, tie the shirt how you normally would. Then take one end of the tie and wrap it around 3-4 fingers. Take the other end and pull it through the hole and pull it tight. Neat tie, happier life! Ta -da things I learned on TikTok!

Fashion Tape

@arshiamoorjani Fashion tape for the win!!!!!! #fashion #tape from @SKIMS #skims ♬ original sound – Arshiamoorjani

For some reason, belts are always too big and they tend to stick out of our pants. Why can’t someone just make a belt that fits without the hanging loop? Until then, we have the fix for you. It’s called Fashion tape and you just have to stick a small strap of it into the end of the belt and done! This is a total investment strategy for those who struggle with big belts. So now you can scream to the world: things I learned on TikTok!

Cropped Shirt

@ingriidhansen Three ways to crop a t-shirt🖤 #fashionhacks #stylehack ♬ original sound – kooze

It’s getting hot outside, summer is right around the corner! Turn a regular old shirt or your favorite graphic t-shirt that looks too big on you, into a cute crop top. One of the ways you can do this is by tucking the shirt into your bra for a clean, cropped look! If you don’t feel comfortable with the first option, hair ties are your best friend, you can tie them at the sides of your t-shirt or the traditional tie-up front and tuck them into your t-shirt for a neat look. when they ask you how you made that old t-shirt so trendy you can say things I learned on TikTok.

Cute Bikini

@lillianclairee I AM 19 AND NOT A MINOR TIKTOK — I LOVE YOU STOP REMOVING MY VIDEO #bikini #bikinihack #trianglebikini #hack #tiebikini #healthadepopit ♬ original sound – lilly claire

Summer is almost here! Turn your old boring bikinis into a trendy style and be the hottest girl on the beach. There are multiple ways to tie up the bikini top that you can learn on TikTok but so far this one is my favorite. Don’t follow the rational tie-up and tie-up front so you can use the extra straps that tend to get annoying to add a chic touch to your bikini. Now you don’t have an excuse to use those old bikinis that you used to love.

Cropped Blazer

@bobrownn BEST BLAZER HACK 👀 Easily creating a cropped blazer (money saving hack 💰) ✅ Hit the + for daily #fashionhacks 🤍 #croppedblazer #blazeroutfit #stylehack #hacksoflife #explore #styling #fashiontips ♬ SWISH – Tyga

Although we love blazers, they can get boring sometimes. Turn that boring blazer into a cropped one with this easy hack! Put the blazer upside down around your waist, and tie a belt around where you want the crop to end. Then put the blazer on and you have a cute cropped look that no one has ever seen before!

Tights as Sleeves

@charxstyle how to use your ripped tights💕 #fashiontiktok #style #outfit #fyp ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

If you’ve been looking for a cute undershirt to take your outfit to the next level, this is the hack for you. Take a pair of tights and cut out the crotch area and the feet so you can use it as an undershirt. Add some edge but put extra cuts on the legs (your new sleeves)! This is the perfect content personalization if your style is more risky and edgy.

Tighten the Dress with Bangle

@kristinakacheeva Trying @fashioninflux dress hack! Yayy or Nayy? 😍 #stylehacks #fashionhacks #clothinghacks #hack #hacks #dresshack #lifehack #lifehacks #stylehack ♬ MMM MMM (feat. ATL Jacob) – Kali

Where was this hack when I bought my first dress online? Easily tighten a dress without the burden of going to a tailor. To do this, you place a bangle on the center back of your dress and secure it on the inside with an elastic band or hair tie. Done, another alternative to tighten your dress!

2 Ways to Style a Button-Down Shirt

@americanthreads 2 cool ways to wear a button down top! #stylehack #fashionhacks #styletips #fashiontips #styletutorial #clothinghack #learnontiktok #style ♬ original sound – Hydrea

Button-down shirts are so cute, but styling them the same way with the know upfront can get boring. Try out some new ways to style them! One way is to button the shirt halfway from the top, then put the bottom half of the shirt to the back and button it for a cute high-low look. Or the traditional knot but in the back instead to have a neat crop button-down t-shirt.

V-neck Tape Bra Hack

@kristinakacheeva How To Use Boob Tape #brahacks #brahack #stylehacks #fashionhacks #fashionforyou #stylehack #fashionhack #hack #hacks #lifehack #lifehacks #howto #styletips #girltips #girlhacks #vneck #fyp #styletips #styletiktok ♬ Envolver – Anitta

Please tell us we’re not the only ones that can never get the perfect lift with boob tape… Check out this video for the perfect lift when wearing a V Neck so you can forget about those stick-on bras that through the night slip because of your natural body sweat!

3 Ways to Wear a Cardigan

@carolinafreixa Ways to wear a cardigan! #waystowear #fashionhacks #styleinspo ♬ Sail – AWOLNATION

Cardigans are super cute, but why wear them the same boring way when there are so many different ways to style them? One super cute way is to criss-cross the two sides to the back and button. Another one is to tuck it in so it looks cropped or wears it backwards so you have a v cut on your back to show a little skin!


As you can see Tik Tok is more than just viral dances and funny videos, you can learn so much from the social network with high-quality videos that show you hacks that can contribute to savings goals, since you are not spending money on new clothes, but stylizing whatever you already have in your wardrobe and tell everyone this was things I learned on TikTok. Now that you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to get to work. Remember, TikTok hacks aren’t always one size fits all. Make them your own to fit your style, or even create new hacks and share them with the TikTok community! Fashion is an art and the world is our runway!

Don’t forget to comment down below on which were your favorite things I learned on TikTok! Now it’s your turn to share the things you learned on TikTok!

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