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Now that it is summertime it’s the perfect opportunity for a road trip, plenty of people are planning their holiday family road trip with friends. And whether you’re exploring on a quick trip an hour away from home or trekking halfway across the country, you’re likely on the hunt for things to do on a road trip – you know, so you’re not entirely bored from start to finish.

If you’re looking for some fun road trip activities, this article has you covered. Below are six of the most fun activities you and your friends can do while you’re on the road. From foodie adventures to those who love to play games, you’re sure to find some super fun things to keep the whole gang occupied and excited.

Try Some New Food

things to do on a road tripthings to do on a road trip

Turn your road trip into the tastiest road trip ever imagined by trying some new foods!

Now, this can translate into two different ideas. For one, you can find some brand new food you have never tried. For example, you might consider giving those rocky mountain oysters a try if you’re traveling through Colorado or try some fried gator down south.

You can take a different approach, though, and simply try out some new restaurants you won’t find back home. For example, In-N-Out is a staple fast food restaurant in California. So, if you’re not a Cali native, you might consider adding this hot spot to your “must-do” road trip list.

Don’t forget to document your tastiest road trip meal on social media. Your friends will end up super jelly, and who knows? You may end up with quite an impressive following by the end of the road trip.

Play Some Games

things to do on a road tripthings to do on a road trip

Games are the most classic things to do on a road trip. They’re super fun and engage the entire carload, making it seem like that four-hour drive was nothing.

Which games are the go-to, though? Well, there are so many different road trip games you can play. These are just a few of the most iconic fun road trip games that you and your buddies might want to try.

Road trip trivia

There’s no better time to bust out road trip trivia questions than when you’re on the road. Try to find some questions connected to the area you’re driving through. If that’s too challenging, you can also do some basic trivia questions that have nothing to do with road trips.

Road trip scavenger hunt

A printable road trip scavenger hunt paper map is a great way to take up time while driving, especially if you find yourself in one of the “middle of nowhere” areas with no signal.

Would you rather?

This may have been the go-to game for middle school sleepovers, but that doesn’t mean this hilarious game has to RIP. A road trip is a perfect time to bring “Would you rather?” back to life! Especially in those quiet moments, we want to avoid.

Truth or dare

This is another classic game you and your friends have likely played before, but there’s nothing wrong with getting to know your friends more. Have them perform silly dares or ask those hard-hitting questions you’ve been dying to know the answer to.

If you’re playing a game where there can be a “winner,” don’t forget to pack some road trip gifts! For example, the winner might get the only chocolate sprinkle donut or a comfy blanket to snuggle with during the ride.

Sing Some Songs

things to do on a road tripthings to do on a road trip

If you’re planning a holiday road trip, you’re likely creating a soundtrack to a road trip to go along with it. (And if you haven’t, now is the time to do it.)

A good soundtrack will make the trip fly by. You and your friends will have a blast singing along to the tunes, and you can also create a fun game out of it. Perhaps you can bring a microphone for the ride and see who can perform the best “car karaoke?”

Your soundtrack to a road trip will have all of your friends’ favorite songs, whether you’re into 1960’s rock-and-roll classic songs or prefer the new tunes of today. Regardless, a few fan favorites for road trips include: Born to be Wild, Life is a Highway, and Shut Up and Drive.

Listen to a Podcast

things to do on a road tripthings to do on a road trip

Not a fan of music, or simply need a break from the constant tuneage? You can always turn to podcasts instead! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of podcasts to choose from, making it a cinch to find something you and your entire party will enjoy.

If you’re interested in the dating and relationship topic, “Why Won’t You Date Me?” is a perfect choice.

Crime junkies will enjoy “White Lies.”

Those that want a good laugh should check out “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

Don’t like podcasts? Audiobooks are a great choice, too.

Plan for Fun Stops Along the Way

things to do on a road tripthings to do on a road trip

When you’re traveling long distances during a holiday road trip, you’re going to run into a lot of things along the way – that is, if you’re prepared to find them.

From well-known road trip attractions to those nestled “off the beaten path,” there are plenty of fun ideas to see out there. Plan ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss any of these fascinating destinations along the way.

As a bonus, taking a break from the car ride will ensure everyone gets a good stretch and a little exercise. This is essential, as too much time-crunched up in the car can make some people stir crazy and cranky – and that’s something you want to avoid when traveling with your best pals!

Don’t forget that sometimes a quick picnic or a dip in a lake can be enough to satisfy your traveling soul, too! Maybe even camping opportunities to create some awesome moments!

Match and Photograph

things to do on a road tripthings to do on a road trip

One of the most adorable things to do on a road trip is wearing matching t-shirts! Matching shirts instantly creates the “good time vibes” that everyone knows, loves, and needs, especially on a super long road trip.

But don’t let the fun stop there. You need to let everyone know that you’re not only matching but having a fabulous time during your holiday road trip.

With that in mind, ensure you’re taking plenty of photographs – especially group pics showing off your charming matching get-ups.

You will also want to take other pictures along the way, especially if you’re stopping somewhere unique. Again, upload all of these pics to your social media accounts. After all, you “need to let the haters know you’re living your best life, filled with awesome moments” right?

Choose some cool or quirky filters to make your photos stand out. Try to use the same filter for all your pictures so that they easily stand out from the rest of your gorgeous posts. This creates a streamlined look that will draw the attention of everyone.

Final Words

There are so many wonderful things to do on a road trip with friends. It starts with matching shirts and ends with trying some new foods for the “tastiest road trip” ever. Don’t forget to bring along some road trip gifts for the winner of fun games like the road trip scavenger hunt or road trip trivia. Last but not least, have a blast with your buddies, and don’t hesitate to let your vocals loose with the coolest soundtrack to a road trip!

Which one of these ideas are you going to use on your epic road trip with friends?

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