It’s finally summer. Hello, adorable bikinis and great weather! While summer means steamy temperatures, it also presents the perfect time to get up and go do things! If you’re sick of the same old routine, though, you might need some summertime inspo – and that’s what this article is all about.

If you haven’t quite put together your summer bucket list for summer 2022, don’t panic – you’ve still got time, sis. Keep reading to find out which things to do outside with friends ranked as the top eight things you should include on your fun summer bucket list ideas before summer ends!

Head to the Beach!

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Nothing says “fun summer activities” quite like a road trip to the beach. With the sand between your toes, the sound of waves crashing, and the gorgeous sun hitting perfectly against your summer body, it’s the ideal escape from the “norm.”

When heading to the beach for your day trip, don’t forget to bring along all of the must-haves. Of course, you’ll want to bust out your new fave bikini or sexy one-piece, but don’t forget the towel and suntanning lotion or sunscreen, too.

You can also bring along some fun oceanside activities like beach balls, volleyballs, and snacks. Some beaches allow fire pits, so you might want to consider bringing along some ingredients for s’mores. After all, your trip to the beach shouldn’t end just because the sun goes down!

Opt for the Lake Instead

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Not close to a beach? Prefer the “lake life” instead? If you’re someone who prefers to swing off of a tree branch dead-set into the middle of a lake, there is no better time to do it than during summer 2022.

If your lake permits, you can also enjoy thrilling lake activities like kayaking, speed boating, and paddle boating. There are endless possibilities, but don’t forget your fishing pole. Who doesn’t love sitting back and relaxing, waiting for the perfect catch?

Not really a fan of lakes, you can opt for a lazy river at a water park instead, that still counts as an outdoor activity.

Movie Marathon

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Okay, sometimes it’s just way too hot during the summer, and you want to chill inside instead. When those temps hit over 100F and you want something fun to do without sweating all of your electrolytes out, consider a movie marathon!

There are plenty of “summer movies” to add to your movie marathon, from Jaws to Dirty Dancing. Weather permitting, you could also rent an outdoor movie projector and screen your favorite movies. This is a fantastic idea for late-night summer fun!

Still not thrilled about this idea? See if you have a local drive-in movie theater. Drive-in theaters will thrust you back in time as you enjoy a movie right from your car and nosh on all of your favorite treats. It’s an excellent experience for people of all ages!

Go Camping

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Trying to plan a lavish summer vacation can be challenging, let alone expensive. If you want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors without the hefty price tag, you can always opt for camping instead.

Regardless of the price, plenty of people prefer camping over traditional hotel stays because they allow for a truly genuine and fun experience with loved ones.

Plus, there is a lot to do during a camping trip. Exploring the wonderful world around you is just one of many activities to enjoy during a camping trip.

Of course, the things you can do during your excursion will depend mainly on where you’re camping. For example, some destinations will have white water rafting and ziplining, while others will have four-wheeling and mountain climbing.

Don’t forget to end your night with a campfire and spooky stories!

Make Tie-Dye Shirts

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Looking for an activity that’s cheap, super thrilling, and can be done in your backyard? Consider making tie-dye shirts this summer 2022!

Making tie-dye t-shirts is one of the most fun things to do outside with friends. You’re all laughing, talking, and squirting paint in every direction. Sure, there might be a paint fight along the way, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

In the end, you will have a 100% homemade tie-dye shirt that is ultra-trendy. Everyone will want to know where you bought your cool new tee. In the meantime, while you wait for your tie-dye t-shirt you can also make friendship bracelets so you don’t miss a second of the summer!


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If you don’t have a barbecue before summer ends, are you enjoying your summer? Summertime creates the ideal temperature for getting outside and barbecuing your favorite foods, whether you’re a pineapple salmon type of gal or enjoy a nice, hardy steak with the entire family.

You can take your barbecue to the next level by adding some other fun ideas and events, too, like hosting a baseball game or playing board games at your favorite spot, For example, those who enjoy drinking can set up a beer pong table and make the ladies favorite summer cocktail. Those that crave sweet treats can create an ice cream bar to cool down. Add a cornhole game to the yard and watch your friends go crazy trying to beat each other, and finish with a water balloon fight!

Are you looking for ideas to keep the youngsters busy? Inflatable water slides are always a massive hit at barbecues. You can also get slip and slides, water guns, blow bubbles, and other favorites to keep them occupied.

Make Homemade Jam

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Many food staples are associated with summertime, but one of the biggest is fruit. Delicious and impressively hydrating, a fruit bowl is a perfect remedy for a hot summer day. But don’t stop at the fruit bowl. Why not turn your hand-picked berries into homemade jam?

Start your day by going berry picking at a local farm, if possible. Then, bust out your favorite jam recipe and get to cookin’! At the end of the day, you will have delectable, homemade jam that can be used on all of your favorite treats, from toasted bread to overnight oats and everything in between.

If you’re not a fan of jam, you can also use hand-picked berries for various other summertime treats like homemade popsicles, flavored water, and more. Just do a little research and find which recipes pique your interest.

Do a Mud Run

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Are you looking for a more out-of-the-box idea to add to your summer bucket list? Then consider doing a mud run. A mud run is super fun and exciting event where you can get all of your friends and family involved.

Essentially, the premise is that you will do a whole lot of running and go through different obstacles – all, of course, leave you drenched in mud.

This quirky and cool activity is excellent during the summertime because the mud cools you down – and, well, the inevitable shower you will need after the mud run is also quite refreshing!

During the event, you will get to work on your summer body a bit more and enjoy getting completely messy during the process. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will want to make a tradition!

Final Words

The best part about summer 2022 is the great adventures awaiting you! Whether you stay at home with a movie marathon and tie-dye t-shirt making or venture out to the beach or lake, you’re bound to enjoy all of these ideas for things to do outside with friends and family members. Try to get them all done before summer ends, and don’t forget to have the time of your life!

Which one of these awesome activities will find its way onto your summer bucket list?

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