Fall Living Room Decor
7 Favorite Fall Living Room Decor Ideas When You’re On A Budget!
Fall Living Room Decor
7 Favorite Fall Living Room Decor Ideas When You’re On A Budget!

It’s fall, y’all. Time for the real pumpkins and the Fall Living Room Decor. That means it’s the perfect time for adorable flannel t-shirts in muted tones, hayrides enjoying the changing scenery, and warming bowls of soup while watching your fave football team. The other staple of the fall season? Decorating with warm colors! After all, nobody can deny the warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they enter a  neutral living room decked out in fall seasonal decor with rich colors and a soft glow.

However, adorable fall decorations like an orange sofa may be on the back burner if you’re on a tight budget. That doesn’t mean they need to stay there, though.

Push your dreamy fall wonderland to the top of your list and start decorating with some throw blankets- even if you’re on a budget – with these top seven fall living room decor ideas that will appease any bank account.

Indoor Fall Decorations (Budget-Friendly)Indoor Fall Decorations (Budget-Friendly)

Fall Living Room Decor
Indoor Fall Decorations Ideas!

Okay, the dream team. Are you ready to get some seasonal decor? While you can worry about outdoor decor later, right now, it’s time to focus on turning your neutral living room into a charming, Instagram-worthy fall getaway with a pop of color.

Natural Elements

Fall Living Room Decor
Natural Elements are a must!

One easy way to bring the fall season to your living room with natural, neutral colors is to bring outdoor elements inside. Here are the top three ways to use natural elements as your gateway to a fall-themed paradise.

Dried Flowers

Aside from the weather, the flowers are the most beautiful aspects of fall thanks to their various colors. But who says magnificent fall flowers have to stay outside? Bring them inside with some dried flowers like a flower arrangement with some orange berries. The earthy tones and light tones exude fall, and you can arrange them any way you wish for a seasonal touch. (Pretty tree stump coffee table arrangement, anyone?)


Seasonal Plants

Fall foliage? Yes, please. If flowers aren’t your thing – or you want to add plants in addition to your lovely fall flowers – then you’re going to want to add some seasonal plants to your living space. Who could resist these maple leaves decorative bowls? Or how about this set of two sunflowers that brighten the space up like a city farmhouse?


If you want to purchase real plants, you can find many at your local store. If you’re lucky enough, you might also have some beautiful fall plants hanging around in your front or backyard.


Wreaths look incredibly plastered on front doors, but they’re not reserved for the exterior of your home. They can easily be indoor fall decorations, too. That said, bring the magic of the wreath inside and hang it on your living room wall. You’ll be glad you did. Need some inspo? This fall wreath showcases the most beautiful colors and colorful leaves without costing an arm and a leg.



Fall Living Room Decor
The pumpkins just scream fall season!

From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin patch hayrides, one dominant theme for fall is “pumpkins.” And they just so happen to look great everywhere – including your living room. With that said, you need some pumpkins to rev up your fall living room decor.

Baby Pumpkins

If you’re someone who prefers real fall room decor, you want to go the baby pumpkin route. Baby pumpkins are relatively cheap, so you can buy more and spread them around your living room. The more pumpkins, the merrier, right?


Faux Pumpkins

For those that want the luxury of being able to reuse their fall living room decor year after year, the only option is faux pumpkins. You can buy them individually or get a bigger bang for your buck by purchasing a set of artificial pumpkins.


Looking for a set that’s a little less traditional than the orange pumpkin? This set includes white pumpkins, plaid pumpkins, and even velvet pieces to spice up your fall color palette for your room decor.


Add Warmth to Cool Color Schemes

Fall Living Room Decor
Add Warmth to Cool Color Schemes of the season!

Baby, it’s cold outside. OK, so it’s a little too soon for traditional winter tunes. But the temperatures are dropping, so it’s perfectly fine to add warmth to your fall living room decor – while still sticking to your budget game plan. Here’s how.


Your indoor fall decorations may give the appearance of the season, but does it smell like fall, too? If not, then you need to get your hands on some fall candles. Not only will candles make your living room extra cozy, but they will emit the undeniably pleasant aroma of fall, whether you’re a spiced pumpkin gal or believe apple is the superior scent for fall.


And if you’re someone who simply can’t decide on a “flavor,” opt for this handy assortment of fall candles that includes four different incredible fall smells.


Decorate the Fireplace to Emphasize It

With chillier temperatures on the horizon, you will be using your fireplace more than ever. Although whether you’re using it currently or not, there’s no harm in making your fireplace the focal point of your living room.


That said, what better way to put together your fall living room decor than by decorating the fireplace? A fall-themed garland is an obvious choice to bring your fireplace to life, although this pumpkin scarf gives garland a run for its money. You can also add fun and adorable signs or picture frames if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cheap Fall Decorations

Fall Living Room Decor
Cheap Fall Decorations Ideas!

So, this article has already narrowed down some of the top cheap fall decorations on the market. And while they’re budget-friendly, they certainly don’t slack on the “fall” theme. But if you’re looking to save even more money, there’s only one way to go: DIY.

Make Your Fall Room Decor

Fall Living Room Decor
Make Your Own Fall Room Decor!

Homemade indoor fall decorations are the only way to go for those who enjoy being crafty and letting their creativity run loose. There are lots of great choices that will help pumpkin “spice” up your living room.

Here are a couple of the best DIY fall living room decor options:

Patchwork Pumpkin Pillow. If you’re someone who is into patchwork and considers yourself quite good at the art, consider making this adorable pumpkin pillow. It’s the perfect accent for your living room sofa!

Pumpkin Wall Art. Are your living room walls looking a little bare? Don’t let them stay that way! Create your very own pumpkin wall art, and be glad you did. If this seems too complicated or beyond your expertise, you can always print fall pictures and place them in picture frames, then hang them on the wall. So simple!

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder. This cool craft combines the beauty of fall leaves with the magnificence of candles, creating a must-have DIY fall craft.

Pinecone Centerpiece. Have a bowl? Have pinecones? Then you can whip together this amazing pinecone centerpiece in seconds. Place it on your coffee table in the living room!

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins. If you have some leftover mason jar lids lying around, transform them into a creative pumpkin you’ll want to display in your living room proudly. It looks complicated, but it’s relatively easy, and you’ll have a blast creating it!

Not sure if any of these ideas are right for you? Are you looking for some other DIY fall decor inspo? Then discover 20 more incredible DIY fall living room decor ideas by watching this video!

Fall Living Room Decor Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive!

Well, fall fanatics, there you have it – seven great indoor fall decorations that will transform your living room without draining your wallet. So, buy those seasonal plants, faux pumpkins, and candles. Or, take fall room decor into your own hands and opt to create some sensational DIY indoor fall decorations that will make all your guests jealous.

How can I decorate my living room in the fall?

Fall decorating ideas for your living room can be as easy as adding candles, starting a fire, putting seasonal flowers in a vase, or sprinkling velvet throw pillows on your sofa in hues of rust, crimson, and mustard.

When should I start decorating for fall?

When should you start decorating for fall? It’s really a matter of preference. Some start within the first two weeks of October, while others simply observe the changes in the weather and redecorate accordingly. A good rule of thumb is, to begin with your interior décor in late September or early October.

What items to decorate for fall?

There are countless ways to tastefully and festively decorate your home for the fall. Popular themes that can be used as inspiration include pinecones, pumpkins, gourds, and fall foliage. You can arrange all of these components artistically down your front stairs or mix them all together on your mantle.

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