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Youth to the People is a brand that we have been seeing get so much love on social media lately. Seeing their clean, minimalist packaging as well as their gorgeous campaign photos has definitely intrigued us. There is definitely a buzz around this brand, with many raving about some of their must have products.

“What’s so special about this brand?” one might ask. Youth to the People uses some of the best and cleanest ingredients around to help nourish your skin. We take a dive into Youth to the People to see if this is a brand that truly lives up to all of the hype it’s receiving.

Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser


This is an award-winning face wash with cold pressed antioxidants. The Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser works to remove makeup, prevent buildup in your pores, and support a healthy pH balance for your skin. One of its top ingredients is green tea, which is a natural powerhouse for fighting visible signs of aging. This cleanser is best for anyone who is concerned about clogged pores, dull skin, or blemishes.

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask with Vitamin C


This overnight mask from Youth to the People is great for thoroughly hydrating, plumping, and brightening your skin with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C is an overall great ingredient to incorporate in your skincare routine. It is great at dealing with dark spots, brightening your skin, and evening out your skin tone. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid more specifically keeps your skin feeling hydrated and looking supple.

This is a great product to have, especially if you are someone who is suffering from “maskne”, or acne you can experience from wearing a mask when you are out. Keeping your skin cleansed and hydrated is key to help avoid unwanted breakouts from wearing your protective gear.

Youth to the People Dream Eye Cream with Goji Stem Cell and Ceramides


Adding an eye cream to your skincare routine is so beneficial. Your eye area is very sensitive and could use a bit of TLC after a long day. This is an overnight eye cream formulated to visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by firming the look of skin and actively hydrating while you sleep. Hyaluronic acid works to actively hydrate and plump the skin, while Vitamin C works to brighten the under eye.

Adding an eye cream to your skincare routine is great for concealer and under eye makeup as well. The Vitamin C’s brightening of the under eye can help so much with darkness that peeks through your makeup. Additionally, starting off with a supple, hydrated base is great at giving your makeup a natural and youthful appearance.

Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid


This lightweight moisturizer is great for combination or oily skin. This moisturizer is great at combating fine lines, dryness, and loss of firmness or elasticity in the skin. This also has the consistency of a lightweight cream, which makes it great for someone with oilier skin. Now you can nourish your skin without overly saturating it with a heavy product.

The hyaluronic acid in this moisturizer helps to ensure that you are getting the most hydration possible from this lightweight formula. Green tea once again works to provide a powerhouse of nourishing antioxidants. Clearly, Youth to the People prioritizes including some of the best clean ingredients in their products to help nourish your skin.

Youth to the People Yerba Mate Resurfacing + Exfoliating Energy Facial with Enzymes


Exfoliating is such an important part of your skincare routine. It helps to remove the dead skin cells from your face, which in turn helps avoid build up and promotes smoother skin. This is also great to help your makeup lay beautifully on your skin.

Youth to the People has also made a phenomenal exfoliator with their exfoliating energy facial. The triple powered microdermabrasion treatment is amplified by enzymes, micro-exfoliants, and caffeine for smoother and visibly gorgeous skin. Not to mention: Youth to the People doesn’t just do great skincare; they also make packaging that is great for the environment. Almost all of their packaging is recyclable and reef safe. You just can’t lose with this brand!

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil


Adding a facial oil can be so beneficial to your skin care routine. Oils can help really ensure you are getting the most out of your skincare. Many of us are scared of putting an oil on our faces, but this one from Youth to the People is fast absorbing. It leaves the skin soft, hydrated, and glowing. No matter what skin type you have, you can use this to help give your skin the moisture and love it deserves. This facial oil is also formulated with Vitamin C to help even out your skin tone and get rid of any hyperpigmentation you may be suffering from.

Facial oils are also great to apply before makeup application. As mentioned before, having a hydrated and supple base is perfect for makeup. This is especially true if you are someone who suffers from dry patches. They will help nourish the skin and give you a smooth canvas for foundation, concealer, and much more.

Youth to the People Superfood Firm and Brighten Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C is a great ingredient to have in your skincare routine to brighten the skin, even skin tone, and get rid of any dark spots. Serums are a great way to really get the most out of a product, since they are so concentrated. This serum will leave you with glowing skin. It is not only great at helping with anti-aging but also loss of firmness and elasticity. Anti-aging is something we should all be looking into. It’s better to act before you start seeing any fine lines. Preventing the issue beforehand is a lot less expensive and time consuming than worrying about them after they occur. Generally speaking, it’s also very beneficial to incorporate the right serum in your skin care routine to target your primary skincare concerns (whatever they may be).

Youth to the People The Power of Three Holiday Kit


Youth to the People launched their holiday kit with three of their best products at a killer price. Usually valued at $62, this $44 set includes their Superfood Cleanser, Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream, and a Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask.

It’s great for anyone who is trying this brand out for the first time or if you’re just trying to get a nice gift for a loved one. The kit includes three essential items (a cleanser, moisturizer, and hydrating mask) that anyone could use in their skincare routine. The combination can help you attain the gorgeous, thoroughly hydrated, and illuminated skin you’ve been waiting for.

As we can see, Youth to the People has some already great products with even better ingredients. A lot of their products are formulated with green tea, kale, vegan hyaluronic acid, and other clean ingredients that are going to be gentle on your skin while showing great results in the long run.

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