Who doesn’t love a good manicure? Whether you love getting your nails done at a salon or enjoy taking some time to do them yourself at home, it can be seriously relaxing. However, it can be difficult to choose a new look, design, or color every few weeks. And if you’re anything like me, you’re always wanting to try something new but never quite sure what.

Well, if this sounds like you, what you need is some good nail inspo. And who gives better nail inspo than some of the biggest celebrities? So we decided to put together some of the trendiest nail looks this year from celebrities that you should definitely look into.

Nail Inspo and Looks:

#1 Kylie Jenners Colorful French Manicure


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This nail look from Kylie Jenner is so simple and yet so fun. As a matter of fact, this nail design is perfect for when you’re trying to express yourself in a more subtle way. Maybe you have a stricter dress code at work or school; if so, this simple look is the perfect way to implement some fun color without it being too loud.

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#2 Hailee Steinfeld’s Black and Mauve Manicure

Just like the nail artist Tom Bachik said, these nails really are the classic french with a twist. This look is for anyone looking to go a little bold while simultaneously remaining elegant. The sleek finish and colors could pair well with hundreds of outfits, but the bold shape really makes them pop and adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

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#3 Selena Gomez’s Dazzling Polish with Gems

Altogether, the multi-chrome polish with the gems really gives Selena’s nails everything they need to shine. This nail design is simply stunning. Whether you’re heading to the AMAs like Gomez or just going out for a night on the town with your friends, these nails are guaranteed to sparkle and are just the perfect thing to wear.

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#4 Khloe Kardashian’s Classic Red


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The first thing to remember: everyone loves a classic red. Probably the single most iconic nail color, you really can never go wrong with a bright red. Whether you keep them long and square like Khloe or short and round, the red nails are sure to add a beautiful pop of color to all of your looks.

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#5 Katy Perry’s Futuristic Glass and Chrome Nails


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Basically, this is perfect for anyone who is trying to stay ahead of the fashion game. Clear or “glass” nails have recently exploded in popularity. Celebrities and nail enthusiasts alike have been loving this new trend. Katy’s chrome and glass nails are absolutely show-stopping. If you’re trying to achieve a more futuristic look or just trying to follow the latest nail trends, then this is the perfect look for you.

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We all know that finding trendy nail looks to do every few weeks can be exhausting. Our hope is to provide you with some seriously great nail inspo to make choosing your next nail looks easier than ever. And whether you’re getting them done in a salon or taking some time for yourself at home, we want to see your looks! Just tag us on Instagram @successible_life or use our hashtag #SuccessibleBeauty, and we’d love to share our thoughts!