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Over the past few months, everyone has been inside loving all things soft and stretchy. But as we begin to go back outside, does the comfort and ease we have grown accustomed to have to end? Of course not! The “soft” lounge clothing trend is here to stay, so we have gathered some of our favorite soft looks and pieces to help you look and feel your best. 

Which soft lounge looks will you go for?

#1 Oversized Knits

You can always go casual and comfy by wearing oversized knits over a pair of leggings or biker shorts. However, if you’re going for a more sophisticated look, just pair them with denim pants and a pair of booties, and you will be effortlessly chic!

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#2 Ribbed Fabrics

Whether it’s a top, dress, or skirt, ribbed fabric pieces are great for giving a fitted look without feeling constrained. Not to mention that the soft fabric is perfect on its own in warmer weather or as a layering piece in the cold. 

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#3 Sweatpants

Sweatpants are undeniably a staple piece of lounge clothing. When styling your sweatpants, you can pair them with a sweater or cardigan for a cozy and comfy look. If you’re going for a more refined look, just add the right blazer.

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#4 Two-Piece Sets

Two-piece sets are the perfect way to easily look put together while staying comfortable at the same time. Not to mention, you can split up these comfy pieces and use them on their own in other outfits. 

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#5: Paper-bag pants or shorts

Paper-bag pants and shorts are perfect whenever you’re trying to pull off a polished look that doesn’t sacrifice mobility or comfort. With a more soft and relaxed fit, these pieces would be great when coupled with a soft and fitted top. 

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Thanks to these lounge clothing looks, comfort and fashion can happily be one and the same. We hope our soft fashion suggestions can help you go out in style while looking and feeling your best. Want to share your soft looks with our team? Be sure to use #SuccessibleFashion on your next Instagram post for a chance to be featured on our page!