kim kardashian makeup
Achieve a Kim K look in 10 simple steps!
kim kardashian's makeup
Achieve a Kim K look in 10 simple steps!
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There is no doubt the Kim Kardashian makeup look has become all the rage in recent years. Mrs. West has without a doubt revolutionized the way we view soft glam. Although she wears a full face of makeup, she makes it look effortless by using all nude tones.

The real keys to getting the Kim Kardashian makeup look involve the following: whatever shade of nude is for your skin tone, extremely blended-out yet intense contour, a 90’s style nude lip, and a super bright undereye. Fortunately, these products nowadays can be easily available, high-quality, and fairly affordable. We have put together our list of techniques and products to help you achieve the signature Kim Kardashian makeup look, which should leave you feeling gorgeous and glamorous!

Skin-Like Foundation

To get the Kim Kardashian makeup look, you’re going to want a skin-like foundation. You can achieve this easily by purchasing any foundation of your liking described to have medium coverage and a natural finish. Before applying your foundation, don’t forget to have a great skincare routine with hyaluronic acid and a gripping primer.

We love natural finish foundations because they work well with all skin types for the majority of the time. They are hydrating enough for dry skin but not too hydrating for oily skin.

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation


Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation is a cult favorite. This foundation is loved by many people, including Mrs. KKW herself.  The formula is buildable, creamy, and perfect for Kim’s signature soft glam look. This is a medium coverage foundation that is going to give you a nice luminous glow to the skin, which is a must to achieve Kim Kardashian makeup.

Bright Under Eye

Kim has made the super bright undereye a staple in her makeup look. You can easily achieve this by using a bright concealer under the eye. Get a concealer of your liking and use a shade that is two or three shades lighter than your skin tone. The trick is to only use this shade under the eye.

However, if you want to continue highlighting, use a slightly brighter concealer on the other high points of the face that is not as bright as the concealer under the eye, this is a Kim Kardashian makeup secret.  The high points on your face include the chin, forehead, and bridge of the nose.

If you see too much of a shade difference under the eye that is too drastic for your liking, try adding a very bright concealer shade directly under the inner corner of the eye. Then use a slightly deeper shade of concealer under the rest of the eye until it reaches your cream contour. This can give you a beautifully blended and gradual ombre-like tone under the eye.

You can also use a concealer that is more full coverage for this step. As you are using a more natural, medium-coverage foundation, this can be a great opportunity to very naturally cover up some skin concerns you may have. Set the concealer with a translucent powder and a beauty blender.

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer


The Too Faced Born This Way concealer is easily one of our favorites and will help us get the Kim Kardashian makeup look. It has a natural finish but still has very full coverage, which is rare to see in such a creamy concealer. Getting a fuller coverage concealer like this can help correct small problem areas that your medium coverage foundation couldn’t tackle.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer


If full coverage is not a concern for you, we would suggest the Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer. It will give a very nice and supple skin-like finish to the skin while providing medium coverage. This formula is great for all skin types and will provide long-lasting coverage for up to 16 hours; perfect for Kim Kardashian’s makeup to last!

Cream Contour

In order to get the complete Kim Kardashian makeup look, the cream contour is a must. When KKW launched her makeup brand, KKW Beauty, the very first product to launch was her cream contour stick. Kim has also put contouring in general on the map. She has made this a very popular trend in the makeup community.


Cream contour is perfect for giving you fuller coverage with a very natural-looking contour. InCreamroducts will usually give a more natural, blended-out look, which is the look we are going for, compared to powder products. It’s important to mention that using a powder contour wouldn’t help you get the Kim Kardashian makeup look, since her look is especially blended-out and soft.

To apply your cream contour, find the areas of the face you wish to shadow or darken. Think about the areas on your face where you used a brightening concealer. In general, the areas around those high points are where you apply cream contour. This could be around your hairline, your forehead, under your cheekbones, and on the outer edge of your jawline. When using cream contour on your jawline, remember to blend generously and drag it down your neck. This will prevent any color contrast between the neck and face.


woman baking her face
Kim has one of the best techniques in terms of baking!

Baking is a trend that has been on the rise in the makeup community. This is a technique heavily used by drag queens that help smooth out and brighten the skin, especially if you are going to be under harsh lighting. This technique is not always the best if you are going to be in natural or fluorescent light, but Kim has made this a staple in her makeup routine.

By adding a layer of powder almost everywhere you were to add concealer, you’re helping your skin appear smoother under bright lights. The best time to add back is probably while applying eyeshadow, mascara, lashes, and eyebrows. Then gently sweep away all excess powder. This is especially perfect for photos and uncoincidentally is how Kim gets her skin to appear so smooth in her Instagram posts.

Of course, if you have more mature or dry skin, try using less powder or skipping this step altogether. All of us are unique, so if you feel this step is a little too much for you, it’s safe to skip out.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder


Laura Mercier has made perhaps the best powder for baking. It will give you that airbrushed look that you have been wanting. If you don’t believe us, just bake your face with this powder once and try taking a flash photo – you’re welcome. Now this powder does tend to be on the dry side, so dry skin users proceed with caution.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder


Now if you tend to be on the dryer side, this is just the powder for you. If you just want a nice powder to sweep over and lightly set your face without baking, this powder should work perfectly.

Powder Contour

To get Kim’s signature look, you’re going to want to add as much dimension as possible, which is where the powder contour comes in. You are going to want to get a grey/ashy tone since this shade helps create shadows for contour. If you’re trying to add warmth to your face, we would suggest getting a warmer-toned bronzer. And if you want to create dimension, you can even apply both to the face, which will help give you a beautiful ombre contour.

You can also use your powder contour as eyeshadow to help give the eye some dimension. With a fluffy blending brush, apply the powder above the eyelid crease and blend. You can use the contour color alone or as a base for the rest of your eyeshadow look. This is perfect for getting a quick, soft glam look. If you’re using the same powder contour as you did on your cheeks, then you’re going to effortlessly give yourself a monochromatic look.

If you notice, Kim tends to stick to all matte eyeshadow looks that usually consist of just all nude tones suited for her skin. To save some time, energy, and money, it’s easiest to just use your powder contour to give your eye some dimension.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer


The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is a cult classic for a reason. These bronzers have the best cool tone shades, which can help add the shadows and dimensions you need for sculpted cheekbones and a snatched nose. Benefit created a universal bronzer that is the perfect shade for a sun-kissed look.

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer


Rihanna has managed to make some of the best bronzers for warming up the face. The name speaks for itself. You will instantly look like you spent a week on a tropical vacation. This product is a must-have in any beauty routine because it is buildable. Use as much or as little as you need to achieve the perfect bronze.


hands of a woman applying blush
Step up your blush game!

Blush is an amazing way to add a little color back to the face. To get the Kim Kardashian makeup look, you’re going to want to get a very sheer blush and apply it to the apples of the cheeks. For a real skin-kissed look, also apply a small amount to the tip of the nose and in between the eyebrows. You will look like you just came back from Mexico. Blush can really help define the cheekbones, which helps the overall look of your contour.

Patrick Ta Monochrome Moment Velvet Blush


Patrick Ta has made one of the best velvet blushes. The formula is also sheer, which is great. You don’t want an overly pigmented blush, since they tend to be unforgiving. But with this monochrome moment blush, you can slowly build up the intensity to your liking.

Natural Highlighter

woman applying highlighter with a brush
Who doesn’t want that natural glow in their makeup?

Kim is not known to wear a very intense highlight. To get her signature look, you’re going to want to get a highlight that is nude for your skin tone, one that also gives a lit-from-within look. Apply a highlighter high up on the cheekbones and on the tip of the nose to brighten the signature Kim K moody makeup.

Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter


Kim’s little sister Kylie Jenner has grown quite the empire with her own makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie has made one of the most subtle yet stunning highlighter formulas. You can definitely use this to get that signature lit-from-within glow in a gorgeous nude tone.

Smokey Liner

Eyeliner is such an underrated product these days with trends focusing on crazy eyeshadow looks or finding the perfect foundation. It isn’t 2006 anymore, but eyeliner is still important. Eyeliner can make break a look, so you need to find the perfect one.

At times, Kim has been seen to tight-line her eyes with deep black eyeliner. Applying black liner to your upper and lower water line can help shape the eyes and give a very sultry look. Take it a step further by using a round tip shadow brush and blending the eyeliner for a subtle smokey effect.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gen Eye Crayon Eyeliner


Marc Jacobs has made one of the best eyeliner formulas. This will not budge for the entire day but easily comes off at the end of the night with a little makeup remover. The last thing anyone needs is eyeliner transferring.

Natural Lashes

fake lashes next to twisers
Make your eyelashes pop!

More often than not, Kim is either just wearing mascara or a very natural lash. If you want to achieve the Kim Kardashian makeup look, try investing in a nice, fluttered lash that helps enhance the lashes that you already have.

Lilly Lashes


Whichever eyelash style you decide to use, you need to use Lilly Lashes. Kim herself and many other celebrities have been seen wearing these on the red carpet. Lilly has done an amazing job at making a beautiful, real-looking lash. You’ll have people asking you if they’re really all day long.

Classic 90’s Nude Lip

woman applying nude lipstick
Try out the signature classic 90s nude lip!

The 90s were a time of dark lip liner with a lighter nude lip popped on in the center. This can help give you the perfect pout and make your lips appear larger. Kim is usually seen wearing cream lipstick, but you could add a matte lip or a gloss.


Kim Kardashian West is the queen of nude lips, so it’s a no-brainer that she has made one of the best nude lipstick formulas. You’ll have a gorgeous satin finish. Add a slightly deeper nude liner, and you’ll have the signature Kim Kardashian makeup look down pat.


KKW has revolutionized the way we look at soft glam and makeup in general. So try out some of these products and techniques from Kim Kardashian’s original makeup look. Whichever look you’re ultimately going for, you’ll be looking more glamorous than you could believe!

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