Throughout history, the United States has always boasted some of the strongest and most courageous leaders. And while for the most part that is true, it is important to remember that our Commanders In Chief are never acting alone. They are supported not only by a capable staff but also by their strong and elegant wives. First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama are known not only for their elegant fashion but also for their many accomplishments and philanthropic efforts.

These strong women are inspirations to us all in both efforts and style. What better way to honor them than by wearing outfits inspired by their iconic looks?

Jackie Kennedy

Jaqueline Kennedy, known more commonly as Jackie, is possibly the most iconic First Lady. Her efforts in restoring the White House along with other historic preservation efforts are credited to this day with being one of the reasons the White House is in such good condition. She knew that, as a historic building, it had to be treated as such and that the furnishings and decor should be unique and authentic to the White House.

In addition to being known for her efforts, she was also the First Lady most commonly known for her fashion. Whether it was her elbow-length glovers, pastel colors, or long trousers, she was definitely a fashion icon in her time. And while Jackie had many looks, this simple light green look is one of our favorites.

The sleeveless cut of her top was chic and modern for the time, and the light green color worked perfectly with her light pink lip. Her addition of only a bit of jewelry besides her dainty stud earrings shows that there is beauty in simplicity.

Get the look inspired by Jackie:


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is the perfect example of how First Ladies are not merely the wives of the Presidents. Her many achievements as well as her activism make her an inspiration to us all. In addition to being the first African American First Lady, she also spearheaded many programs, such as the “Let’s Move!” program, which was aimed at fighting childhood obesity in the United States.

After her husband was re-elected for a second term, she led the “Reach Higher Initiative”, which was aimed at helping students understand the different opportunities they had in the future workforce, set goals, and achieve their goal or meaning of success. But Michelle always made a point that, yes, while she was First Lady and a lawyer, she was foremost a mother to her two kids.

A woman of such great renown deserves to be honored! Again, what better way to honor her than by wearing outfits inspired by her?

Get the look inspired by Michelle:


Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan is often seen as a parallel to one of her predecessors, Jackie Kennedy. Her influence as well as love of the color red were so prominent that her favorite shade of red started to be referred to as “Reagan Red”. But similarly to Jackie, she was known for more than her fashion during her time in Washington D.C.

Nancy Reagan started the “Just Say No” campaign, which was aimed at educating children and teens about the dangers of drugs. In addition, this campaign was not limited to the United States. In 1985, she invited many first ladies from nations worldwide to the White House to have a conference discussing how they could combat drug abuse.

Nancy was and will continue to be a great example to the public.

Get the look inspired by Nancy:


Lady Bird Johnson

Claudia Alta Taylor is the next First Lady on our list. Although she wasn’t often called by her real name, the public instead called her by her nickname that she had since childhood: “Lady Bird”. She is one of the only women to have served in Washington D.C. as Second and then First Lady.

Lady Bird is famous for having helped her husband start in politics by helping him fund his first campaigns. She also is credited with starting what is now the modern structure for the Office of the First Lady. She was the first First Lady to have her very own chief of staff and press secretary. In addition to this, she was famous for her Washington D.C. beautification project, which was her largest effort as First Lady.

Lady Bird was a strong woman, and this was especially apparent through her fashion choices. She often donned bright and strong colors, which were representative of her personality and beliefs. In addition to this, she almost always wore her iconic string or strings of pearls.

Get the look inspired by Claudia:


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