Yoga lovers all around can rejoice in getting yoga apparel for less with a subscription yoga box. Products are no longer limited to skincare or makeup or skincare subscription boxes. Many companies are now offering a yoga box as a subscription box tailored to your personal style preferences.

The best part about this yoga box is the quality of the product. Furthermore, convenience takes precedence because every box is sent right to your door. If getting yoga and fitness apparel shipped to you every month sounds like something that interests you, then it’s time to decide which yoga box is right for you. Below are the best monthly subscription boxes that are perfect for yogis or workout lovers like yourself.

Yoga Box From YogaClub

YogaClub is a great yoga box because of the quality and personalization of the box. A style quiz will questions ask you about your personal style preferences. Next, you will be asked about your level of yoga experience and which activities you enjoy.

Afterward, you will be asked which stores you would normally shop at for athletic wear. A set of questions will now appear in your style quiz asking you to rank five different statements about style, money-saving, and time-saving in terms of how true they are to you.

The rest of the questions are less relevant and ask you about sizing and personal information. Finally, you have the option to speak to a style expert about your first order. It’s $79 per box, which is great, because one pair of leggings usually costs the same. You can expect to see your YogaClub box in 2-3 days after your billing anniversary each month.

Yoga Box From Yogi Surprise

Yoga Surprise is a yoga box for the active yogis that do more than simply lounging around in their leggings. This box specializes in aromatherapy, meditation, and health and wellness. Some of the items in your box may include candles, jewelry, or crystals. Furthermore, each box has is backed by a yoga philosophy.

Each yoga box is approximately an $85 value for less than $40. Yoga Surprise doesn’t stop with self-care, pretty jewelry, and outstanding messages. Yoga Surprise also raises money to give back to the community. Every quarter they give back to a specific charity. Moreover, if you are looking for more than just athletic wear and are interested in giving back to a cause, Yoga Surprise is a great subscription yoga box for you.

Activewear Box From Enjoy Leggings

If leggings are your best friend, then Enjoy Leggings is the subscription box for you. You no longer have to pay the price of Luluemon for the same quality. Instead, get the leggings according to your preference for your active life. Leggings are delivered every month for just $16.95 per month.

First, you choose your size, then set up your payment, and that’s it! Get your leggings every month. If you are on a budget, this is a great option to get a variety of styles for your leggings. Moreover, Enjoy Leggings has a wide variety of patterns that will make you feel stylish and confident. Show up to your yoga classes in Enjoy Leggings, and you will be sure to have a good workout.

Activewear Box From Ellie

Ellie is a quality activewear monthly subscription. This website provides more than just a yoga box; they have premium leggings and loungewear as well. All you need to do is sign up with no commitment. You can mix and match styles available on the website.

Additionally, Ellie’s website is really easy to use, and all of your FAQ’s are answered. Your active life and active style does not need to wait any longer. You can shop with unlimited access to current collections and past collections. Some sets come as a 3-piece outfit, so you get more for what you are spending. Being confident in what you were is a great tool for a healthy lifestyle.


The fitness and yoga community loves all monthly subscription boxes because they make doing what you love so easy. No more having to buy expensive activewear; each yoga box listed above is great for people who love active clothing and are on a budget.

Essential oils, a pair of premium leggings, or fitness accessories are some of the items you might find in your deluxe box for far less than retail prices. Yoga subscription boxes are great as a gift box to a friend as well. The possibilities are endless, and hopefully, you found the perfect yoga box for you!


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