We don’t think 2020 was anyone’s year. With that being said, we were all excited to leave 2020 and enter 2021. Many of us are determined to leave as much of the bad as possible in 2020. So while that may include bad habits, outlooks, or relationships, it should also include bad fashion trends.

With 2021 in full swing, it is now time to look back on all of the questionable trends we had in 2020 and promise to not bring them into this new year. So here are five bad fashion trends we think need to stay in 2020.

Tiny Purses

We can all agree it was Iconic when Lizzo arrived at the 2019 AMAs with her comically tiny purse. From there on out, the tiny purse only grew in popularity and became an entire fashion trend by 2020. But this is something we think needs to stay in 2020. Why carry something so ineffective when there are plenty of usable and stylish other options?


In 2021 we are trading the tiny purse for our new favorite purse trend, the shoulder bag.


When quarantine hit full swing in March and April, people were bored at home and looking for something to do. Since tie-dye was already “in”, everyone started making their own bleach tie-dye sweats (yes, even us). And while it was fun at the time, we have all had enough of tie-dye. Whether it’s bleach, pastel, or neon tie-dye clothes and prints, it needs to stay in 2020.


In 2021, we are trading the DIY tie-dye sweats for a different style: pastel sweat sets.

Lucite Earrings

Earrings were absolutely huge in 2020. From bright colors to people making their own clay earrings, you could not get away from them. And while we still love bright fun earrings, lucite earrings are just something we can’t see remaining popular throughout 2021.


In 2021, some of our favorite earring trends are mixed metals (using both silver and gold) and raw crystal jewelry.


With this trend, it’s less about getting rid of it entirely and more about getting rid of the outfits entirely made of crochet fabric. From crochet dresses to swimsuits, 2020 saw it all. It was fun (and surely interesting) while it lasted, but we think the crochet outfits are a style that will be leaving us in the new year.


However, one style that will be joining us, which can already be seen at the beginning of the year, is corsets.

Kitten Heels

Last on our list is kitten heels. This 2000’s throwback regaining popularity was surprising for everyone, but its popularity last year was short-lived (which we believe was for the best). They’re hard to walk in and can be easily replaced by other (and we believe better) types of shoes.


In 2021, instead of sporting the kitten heels, try and opt for a chic pair of heeled sandals instead!

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