6 Dua Lipa Outfits You Can Recreate Right Now

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dua lipa outfits
6 Dua Lipa Outfits You Can Recreate Right Now!
dua lipa outfits
6 Dua Lipa Outfits You Can Recreate Right Now!

Dua Lipa is a well-known pop star for her music career, with hit songs and music videos like Don’t Start Now and Love Again blaring through everyone’s headphones and speakers. But that’s not the only thing Dua Lipa’s known for. Dua Lipa outfits are also something worth mentioning.

When it comes to glamor, fashion, and trends, Dua Lipa knows “what’s up.” And while her looks might look extraordinary and expensive, it’s a cinch to recreate her style – on a budget, too.

If you’re dreaming about being in Dua Lipa’s shoes for a day, this article have you covered.

Here are 6 stylish Dua Lipa outfits and getaway styles you can recreate right now:

(Just be prepared for the paparazzi to mistake you for this pop queen when you are wearing that statement piece!).

Dua Lipa outfits: Denim on Denim

Denim used to be a style that people shied away from, but it’s clear it has made a serious comeback in 2023 – and honestly, everyone is loving it, including Dua Lipa!

While she might have many “denim on denim” fashions to show off, her iconic bralette and mini skirt combination left viewers gagging – and if you didn’t know, that’s a good thing in this day and age.

To recreate her style, you have choices.

Start with the denim bralette, in which case this sexy bralette gets the job done beautifully. Next up? The micro mini skirt shows plenty of legs. This high-waisted denim skirt does the trick. Not only is it adorable, but it’s designed “high-waisted” – because, well, duh. Who doesn’t want high-waisted bottoms in 2023?


If you think the chic mini skirt is too daring and gives more of an edgy outfit, don’t worry – you can cover up a bit more by opting for a pair of your favorite high-rise denim jeans. (Hint: this was also a Dua Lipa favorite, so you’ll still be recreating one of her famous styles!).

Finish this look with the iconic denim boots, creating the authentic “denim on denim” Dua Lipa style. Pair it with a denim jacket on cold autumn nights.

Dua Lipa outfits: Crochet Bralette and Pants

It’s no secret that many Dua Lipa outfits come with bralette tops. And why shouldn’t they? Bralette tops are oh-so-cute outfits and show off plenty of body, which is exactly what the gals are looking for during the summer months.

This look is especially loved because it pairs the trendy “crochet” style with high-waisted pants, creating a look that’s truly great for anyone.


This crop top has a bit more pop of color than Dua Lipa’s bralette top, but who’s complaining? It’s summertime, which means colors are all the rage and acceptable. You can go this route or find something tamer. Style your lower half with a pair of high-waisted khaki pants like these.

Dua Lipa outfits: Punk Plaid Mini Skirt

Aside from bralette tops, another trend that Dua Lips seems to be ushering in is the low-rise mini skirt. Yes, you read that correctly. No longer are the “low-rise” clothes reserved for millennials who went gaga over celebs like Paris Hilton, P!NK, and Britney Spears!

This Instagram Dua Lipa look is especially interesting because it seems to have a bit of a punk rock theme to it. So, if you’re a chick who loves to rock out and be brazen and bold, you might consider this Dua Lipa outfit recreation.

The great thing about this look is that you can be creative with how you recreate it. Since Dua Lipa opted for a “graphic tee” up top, you can essentially use your go-to favorite. Just make sure you cover it up with a cozy gray cardigan.


Where the fun begins is around your waist. You’ll want a deep blue low-rise mini skirt embellished with a punk-inspired belt littered with chains, studs, and attitude. Take the look to the next level with some sassy over-the-knee boots. Yasss!

Dua Lipa outfits: Sunset Dress

Is there anything more stunning than a tropical sunset for a summery style vibe? No, but Dua Lipa comes quite close – especially when she’s wearing a glamorous dress like this.

Needless to say, this is the ultimate summer look. Not only that, but it is so simple to recreate. And who doesn’t love easy-peasy yet obnoxiously trendy outfits?

There are lots of sunset-inspired dresses on the market, making it a breeze to recreate the look with almost the exact dress. Consider this dream dress that has a darker color scheme plenty of women love.


Okay, so this look might come across as “basic.” But that’s just because you haven’t seen the grand finale: dark cowgirl boots. Yes, it’s true – Dua Lipa paired her little sunset dress with a pair of cool cowgirl boots, giving this look some much-needed pizazz. Love it!

Dua Lipa outfits: Bodysuit and Shorts

There are two things everyone is craving this year – bodysuits and mom shorts. Well, of course, Dua Lipa found a way to bring these two trends together to create an iconic look! If you’re looking for Dua Lipa outfits you can wear for the rest of summer, this is it. Here’s how to do it.

First, you will start by pulling on a bright-colored bodysuit with plenty of cutouts – you know, the kind that isn’t over-revealing but still highly tantalizing. Then, you’ll want to put on your denim shorts with lots of 90s fringes. Consider getting them a size bigger, so there’s a little wiggle room.


The final touch? Some strappy sandals go over the knee. This will ensure your look says hot girl summer and keep your feet nice and cool as you saunter down by the beach.

Dua Lipa outfits: Floral Suit with Crochet Accents

It’s hot outside, folks. That said, it’s no wonder why this article had to include a bathing suit. And, in true Dua Lipa fashion, she didn’t just step out in a cute suit – she created an entire look that many can’t wait to steal.

It all starts with a cutesy floral swimsuit. Cover it up with a darling crochet strawberry top – you know, for when you’re strutting beachside but don’t want to leave everything on display.


Last but not least, complete your style with a cute summertime crochet bucket hat. Because, if you didn’t know already, everyone is swapping their “traditional” summer hats for bucket ones, making them one of the hottest trends for 2023. Don’t miss out! (And while you’re at it, don’t miss out on the sunscreen, either. Nothing kills fashion sense like a nasty burn!).

Which Dua Lipa Outfits Will You Recreate?

As you can see, recreating Dua Lipa’s outfits (even the most iconic ones) is a cinch, so it is really to turn your old, boring outfits into something that’s a fashion treat. With a little hunting and searching, you can find the same bralette tops, low-rise mini skirts, and swimsuits that she adorns and look fabulous becoming the new fashion icon in your friend group!

Don’t hesitate to shake things up a bit when recreating her looks, look for more fashion inspiration like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Olivia Rodrigo. Fashion choices are all about creating something you love and feel comfortable in while you make a bold statement every day. So, don’t focus so much on choosing the “perfect match.” You can get close without being a replica. This will allow you to insert some of your personality and flair while still being a Dua Lipa lookalike.

Which one of these Dua Lipa outfits are you going to recreate? Are you more of a denim-on-denim type of girl, or do you like something more casual like a bodysuit and a pair of mom shorts? Tell us down below in the comments which one was your favorite outfit!

How to dress up like Dua Lipa?

Colors: She enjoys adding color to her clothing and isn’t scared to stand out. Think vibrant hues like her TIME cover’s cobalt blue, yellow, red, and even hot pink. Sequins and sparkles: A pop queen is aware that sparkles are a girl’s best friend whether she is hanging out with friends or performing on stage.

Who makes Dua Lipa outfits?

Posocco, Lorenzo
It was conceptualized by stylist Lorenzo Posocco and included items from Balenciaga, Marine Serre, and Mugler; a striking collection of lace, neon, and glitter-dusted catsuits that perfectly complement Lipa’s energetic and upbeat song selection.

What is Dua Lipa’s fashion style?

Dua Lipa’s fashion is nothing short of a throwback to the ’90s, with bucket hats, baggy leggings, vibrant makeup, and hair clips. The singer’s appreciation of retro patterns like checkerboard, gingham, and swirls sets her clothes apart from the competition.

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