If you’re looking for some unique beauty treatments to relieve that COVID-19 stress and anxiety, you’ve come to the right place; the Orlando area has so many options to pick from! Check out our team’s top three suggestions for local beauty treatments that you won’t want to miss out on.

East Coast Floats

Beauty Treatments East Coast Floats
East Coast Floats Orlando encourages you to Relax, Reset, and Rejuvenate


Anxiety/stress has become the number one mental health problem in the United States. Consequently, an estimated one-third of the American population has an anxiety disorder. And as we all know, internal stress and anxiety can have an unfortunate way of compromising skincare. No matter your situation, East Coast Floats can help! Both Float Therapy and Infrared Sauna can reduce stress.

How it works

Floating, or “Flotation Therapy,” is the best known way to reduce stress without medications. Float Therapy is a deliberate reduction of the senses. When you float in a sensory deprivation pod for a specific amount of time that’s free from the distractions of light, sound, touch, and gravity, you lose your senses. As a result, the body and mind can fully rest and begin healing.

Why float?

First off, sauna and float members report the number one reason they choose to recover with East Coast Floats is to reduce stress. The second reason they choose East Coast Floats is for pain relief. They often describe floating as a “reset” button for their brains, leaving them feeling “renewed” and “relaxed” to the extreme. No matter what is causing your stress or depression, float therapy helps you get that spark back that you’ve been missing. During and after floating, people experience feelings of positivity, creativity, and relaxation. 

Float therapy also helps increase your immunity! By placing the body in a low sensory, relaxing environment, floating encourages the body to stop sending so much energy to unnecessary functions. Without the need to use so much energy, the body can focus on rejuvenation and healing. While in rejuvenation mode, floating helps lower our cortisol levels. Anything disrupting our body’s natural equilibrium causes cortisol release; this is why floatation therapy is so essential!

Benefits of floating:

  • Improved physical and mental well-being
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased happiness and clarity

East Coast Floats specials:

For the month of October, they are offering 20% off the first month of ALL Float memberships for everyone!

The Salt Room® Orlando

Beauty Treatments Salt Room


The Salt Room® Orlando doesn’t only provide Salt Therapy Sessions, but they have incorporated Salt Therapy into a variety of wellness services that you can enjoy while receiving the benefits of halotherapy. Some of these services include Salt and Massage Therapy. Each room is supplied with fresh air filtered by HEPA air filters that capture and remove up to 99.97 percent of all airborne particles along with activated carbon filters that further remove volatile organic compounds that can have a negative effect on health. The Salt Room® Orlando’s surface areas are, of course, covered with natural sea salt, which creates a sterilized and negative ion environment.

Why salt therapy?

For more than 20 years, dry salt aerosol (administered in specially-designed halochambers) has been used to treat upper and lower respiratory conditions such as cold and flu, allergy, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, sinus infection, sinusitis, rhinitis, hay fever, and emphysema.

In 1843, the concept on which salt therapy is based was first published by a physician. The birth of the concept of speleotherapy (salt cave therapy) came after observing the remarkably low incidence of respiratory conditions in salt mine workers. Undoubtedly, these workers were regularly exposed to air saturated with saline dust.

The rooms at The Salt Room® Orlando bring the natural benefits of salt treatment to you and take them one step further by providing the ideal concentration of dry sodium chloride aerosol to treat your specific condition. Their rooms use the newest top-of-the-line halogenerators to crush pharmaceutical grade salt grains into small particles the size of 1 to 10 micrometers. Particles bigger than 5 micrometers are caught in the nose and throat, while the smaller particles can penetrate deep into the lungs.

In terms of beauty, one of the key benefits of better breathing is increased blood flow to the whole body (including the skin), which can undoubtedly help produce a more “glowy” look. In addition, the physiological effects of better breathing on stress relief cannot be understated.

The facility

When you walk into The Salt Room® Orlando, you immediately feel that you’ve stepped into a spa. Gentle, soft music plays in the background, while coastal colors and ubiquitous salt lamps lend to a very relaxing atmosphere. They believe the most effective treatment involves your environment as well, so they’ve designed three unique high-tech treatment rooms to meet your needs. Also, their rooms use the newest top-of-the-line halogenerators to crush pharmaceutical grade salt grains into small particles for inhalation.

Benefits of salt therapy

  • Abatement of bronchial inflammation
  • Removal of airborne pollen particles from airways
  • Strengthening of immune system that decreases allergic reaction to pollens
  • Cleansing and sanitation of the airways
  • Prevention and treatment of common cold and flu
  • Improvement of dermatological disorders, such as acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis
  • Reduction of snoring
  • Better sleep

Salt Room specials:

Salt Room Specials


Beauty Treatments Vita Lounge


Looking to revitalize your skin the natural way? Or a natural and healthy way to supercharge your weight loss goals? Maybe you just want to instantly reverse a hangover. VitaLounge offers 25 uniquely customized IV blends that deliver a wide range of nutritional benefits and target specific health and immune deficiencies. That’s right – even if you want to boost your immune system before getting on a plane somewhere, VitaLounge is here to make a difference. Licensed registered nurses, nurse practitioners on-site, and supervising medical doctors administer these blends. Also, VitaLounge is proud to be voted Orlando’s #1 Spa by Orlando Weekly’s Best of Orlando 2020! 

Why IV therapy?

The vast majority of us are exposed to thousands of environmental toxins on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that coupled with busy lives and poor eating habits can leave us in a constant state of toxicity, malnutrition, and dehydration.

Even when trying to eat healthy, most foods available to us are nutrient-sparse and rob us of vital vitamins, and damaged digestive systems prevent us from properly absorbing the nutrients we do eat. All of this can cause stress and illness, which will further deplete our nutrient supply. Additionally, we never truly drink enough fluids, which is why dehydration is the #1 cause of aging and fatigue and a leading cause of disease. Remember, hydration is highly essential to good skincare. Unfortunately, even the healthiest bodies are only able to absorb about 50% of the vitamins and hydration taken orally through food, drink, and proper supplementation.

IV Therapy bypasses the gut, delivering essential nutrients and fluids directly into the bloodstream for quick and easy 100% absorption at high doses that would never be tolerated orally.

The VitaLounge Story

When VitaLounge was founded, its goal was to be the area’s premier intravenous wellness bar. They achieved this by offering customized IV vitamin blends, boosters, and shots that maximize health, prevent illness, and reverse disease. This all occurred from their relaxing, medically-supervised IV lounges in Winter Park, Orlando, and Lake Mary (with new locations opening soon in Winter Garden and Lake Nona!).

Benefits of IV Therapy

  • 100% absorption
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Allowed by all major athletic associations
  • Boosts immune system
  • Counteracts stress
  • Detoxifies cells
  • Fast, lasting results
  • High doses not tolerated orally
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Instantly reverses dehydration, pain, & fatigue
  • Lifts mood naturally
  • Medically-supervised facility
  • Most take only 30-45 min
  • No preservatives or additives
  • No side effects or downtime
  • Painless
  • Prevents & reverses disease
  • Restores optimal vitamin levels
  • Revitalizes skin, hair, & nails
  • Safe for all ages

VitaLounge specials:

First-time IV clients will get 15% off their first IV infusion if they mention the deal when they schedule or walk-in (not valid for injections or our HCG diet for weight loss)

Orlando beauty treatments: which will you try first?

Beauty treatments can be a great form of self care, but sometimes we’re looking for something more than just a facial or a mani-pedi. We love seeing these unique Orlando businesses step up to provide next-level treatments for their customers while also deeply caring about their long-term health, happiness, and self-image!