Apple Body Confidence 101

Celebrity Fashion The Best 9 Apple Body Shape Outfits mob
Celebrity Fashion The Best 9 Apple Body Shape Outfits mob
Celebrity Fashion The Best 9 Apple Body Shape Outfits desk

Shopping for new clothes can be stressful for those lovely ladies with an apple body shape that emphasizes their upper body more than anything else. You may feel like you have to cover up your figure or eliminate wearing certain styles because of your apple body type, but with the right wardrobe and confidence to boot –– you can accentuate your best features and look fantastic!

Celebrity Fashion The Best 9 Apple Body Shape

Today we’re discussing how to identify your body type and the latest celebrity fashion for rocking the Best Apple Body Shape Outfits!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get your apple body shape outfits prepped before the holidays!

Identifying Your Body Type

Identifying Your Body Type
Identifying Your Body Type

The only way to know what outfits fit your body perfectly is to understand the type of body you’re dressing. So, the first step is to identify your body type –– stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at your reflection sideways.

Observe the following (without body shaming yourself)


Is it significantly narrower than your hips and shoulders? If yes, you have an hourglass body shape.


Do they appear to be larger than your shoulders? If yes, you have a pear shape body.


Do they make a straight line with your ribcage? If yes, you have a rectangle body shape.

Shoulders & Waist

Do you have broad shoulders or rounded shoulders, with a fuller bust and an undefined midsection? If yes, then you have an apple body shape.

What’s An Apple-Shaped Body Type?

What's An Apple Shaped Body Type
What’s An Apple Shaped Body Type

If you have an apple shape, you have a fuller bust, a wider rib cage, a larger stomach, and fuller limbs –– an overall rounder figure or appearance. Additionally, someone with a metabolic syndrome usually has an apple-shaped body, meaning they have a larger waist and carry more weight around their abdomen.

Celebrities With Apple Body Shape

Apple body shape celebrities do exist, and they look fabulous! Celebs know firsthand that there are many ways to rock apple body shape outfits –– and they also know the most important thing is to flaunt their assets while minimizing the problem areas!

*Reminder: Everyone is flawed; that’s called being human –– no matter what shape, size, age, race, or gender, always show kindness and love to all.

Here are some of the most beautiful and popular Apple Body Shape Celebrities:

  • Drew Barrymore
  • Adele
  • Amy Schumer
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Kate Winslet
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Melissa McCarthy

Clothes For Apple Shape Body

apple body shape outfits

Picking out the best clothes for your apple shape can be challenging –– but you’re not alone! (Picking out ANY clothes for ANY shape is difficult.)

One of the best ways to compliment your apple body is to wear clothing that creates a long, lean line. You can achieve this by wearing fitted clothes at the waist and flared at the bottom, which makes your waist appear smaller.

When it comes to dressing an apple shape –– it’s all about “creating” the waistline and making it small. Now, let’s dig deeper to get the 411 on the best pants, dresses, and tops for your apple body shape outfits!

Style Of Pants and Jeans For Apple Shape

apple body shape outfits

When it comes to the style of pants and jeans for apple shape –– every celebrity knows high waist jeans and flared pants are the way to go! Both help balance out the proportions of an apple shape and make the legs look longer. And, what woman doesn’t want long legs?

High Waist Jeans

This style sits high on the waist and often has a fitted silhouette and flattering styles. High-waisted pants or jeans are great for apple bodies –– they create the illusion of a smaller waist and waist definition. A classic high-waisted option is to tuck in a blouse or shirt to show off your waistline and achieve an hourglass figure.


You can also wear a cropped jacket or cardigan if you’re not into tucking in your top; then, you’re able to rock high-waist jeans for any event and still look incredible!

Flared Pants

Flared pants are another great option for apple body shapes as they help balance your figure’s proportions. However, flared pants can be tricky; the key is to style them exactly right with a touch of your style. Otherwise, it can be a train wreck! Also, it’s essential to know that fitted tops and jackets will help to create a long, lean torso.


You can wear flared pants with a simple tee or tank top for casual apple body shape outfits. Or, for a more formal look, pair them with a blouse or button-down shirt. Lastly, throw on your sexy heels to lengthen your legs and create a slimmer figure –– and that’s how you show off YOUR celebrity fashion sense!

Dresses For Apple Body Shape

apple body shape outfits

Dresses are a staple for anyone with an apple shape body; they help to create the appearance of a smaller abdomen, especially if we have a little extra weight –– giving off a gorgeous hourglass vibe. However, finding the perfect dress for your body type can be challenging, so take your time and have patience when shopping for your apple body shape outfits.

Snatch The Waist Dresses

Snatch the waist dresses have a fitted bodice and flow out into a fuller skirt. This style is perfect for apple bodies –– it highlights your small waist while also disguising your tummy area. If you want to try this look, opt for a dress with some structure, such as cotton poplin or linen blend. This dress will give you the best shape and avoid adding extra bulk to your frame.


Wrap Style Dress

A wrap dress is an excellent option for apple body shapes as it helps to define that undefined waist and accentuate the curves of your body. A wrap dress is also incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion.


Dresses For Apple Shape Plus Size

Dresses for apple shape plus size women are a must-have –– they’re versatile, comfortable, fashionable, and, if chosen correctly, make your figure look fabulous!

*Top Dresses Apple Shape Plus Size Women Can Rock:


Tops For Apple Body Shape Outfits

apple body shape outfits

The best tops for apple-shaped bodied women are the outfits that create the appearance of a narrower waist –– by choosing a style that’s fitted or nipped in at the waist. Wrap tops are also a good option, as they define the waist. To further minimize your stomach, look for tops with vertical stripes that create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Tops For Women With A Fuller Bust

If you have a fuller bust, you’ll want to wear tops that provide support while minimizing your chest to disguise that inverted triangle shape. Look for tops with a high narrow neckline or built-in support. You may also want to avoid extra fabric tops with excessive fabric for ruffles or embellishments; they can add unnecessary bulk to your chest.


Empire Waist Tops

Empire waist tops are an excellent option for apple bodies because they also define the waist, making the stomach appear petite which is our favorite style. Also, avoid ruffles or embellishments –– opt for a sleek, simple empire waist top that will compliment your figure and add to your signature style.


Apple Shape Advice: Choose Your Outfits With A Smile

apple body shape outfits

To close out today, we’ll end with some vital points to create your best outfit!

One of the best ways to accentuate your apple body shape is by choosing a pair of jeans that fit well and are comfortable so that they become your favorite style in your fashion mindset so you can have a functional wardrobe. Avoid jeans that are too tight or loose, as they will only make you look bigger than you are because of your shaped body. Instead, opt for a pair of straight-leg or bootcut jeans in a dark wash or dark colors.

If you want to wear a dress, look for one that cinches at the waist. A-line dresses are also an excellent option. For your tops –– choose a signature style that’s not too baggy or boxy; opt for tops with a fitted look.

Above all else, choose your apple body shape outfits with a SMILE because all female body shapes are beautiful and you just found the exact guide to help you emphasize those amazing features!

What clothes look best on apple shape?

A garment that fits an apple body type should glide over the waist without hugging the body. Dresses that draw attention away from the midriff include A-line, empire-line, and bias-cut designs. Wrap dresses are also fantastic since they optically raise the bust to trim the midriff.

What should a apple shape not wear?

Straight and bootcut silhouettes are typically the simplest to wear. Additionally, flares or wide legs are effective because they draw the vertical line outward and downward. Now, the slim jean debate can get heated among people with apple body types.

Can apple shapes have flat stomachs?

The term “apple shape” refers to the fact that the belly is typically one of this body type’s most noticeable features. Most of us should avoid wearing straight-cut skirts and dresses or high-waisted pants unless we desire a seat on the train or are really thin

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