Sexy Winter Outfits
Let’s “Sleigh” the holidays!
Sexy Winter Outfits
Let’s “Sleigh” the holidays!

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Some women hang up their sexy outfits when the temperatures cool down. Others are just getting started. If you’re a gal that wants to stay warm while looking hot, you need to align your wardrobe with the sexiest winter outfits on the market.

The good news is, there is a seemingly endless selection of outfits that are guaranteed to “sleigh” all winter long. Whether you’re a fan of the comfy-cozy sweater dress or want to kick it 90s style with denim layers, these ‘fits got you covered.

What are we waiting for? Let’s find your go-to sexy winter outfit for 2021 and beyond, honey!

Outfit 1: Black Dress + Statement Coat

Your little black dress is no longer reserved for date night. When it comes to creating a sexy winter outfit with a “wow” factor, look no further than a black mini dress.


We love this sensationally sequined number for winter. Why? Because you need to add a little glitz, glamour, shimmer, and shine to your winter cocktail dress. The magic of Christmas is in the air – why not look like you should be at the top of the Christmas tree?


Pair a stellar black dress with your favorite thigh-high boots. You can keep it simple with a long hooded coat or give your look even more edge with a black leather jacket.

Outfit 2: Turtleneck + Leather Leggings

Anyone who has ever said that turtlenecks can’t be sexy has never seen you in one, honey. The right outfit can easily make these full-coverage pieces the hottest item you own. Oh, and it will guarantee that you stay nice and cozy – even if the temps dip below the 50s.


When it comes to a sexy winter turtleneck, you want to show off a fitted ribbed. Down below, rock your favorite pair of leather leggings. Remember – nothing says sex appeal quite like leather. With this color combination, you can rest assured that it will be all eyes on you, babe.

Outfit 3: Sweater Dress Set

Not the best at mixing and matching to create cute outfits? Don’t worry; I got you covered. When you want to look your best but don’t want to come up with your layers, there is only one way to turn: the sweater dress set.


Cozy sweater dress sets will always be a staple when it comes to the coolest winter outfits. We love this option because it comes in an enviable black shade and a charming ribbed knit design.

The set comes with everything you need to be a sexy standout – whether you’re headed to a dinner party or going for a winter stroll. With a cropped cardigan sweater on top, you can still show a little skin during the winter season. You’ll love the cozy jacket and high-waisted midi-skirt, too, complete with an enticing front slit that shows a little leg.

Outfit 4: Satin Top + Denim

Some women gravitate towards denim, whether it’s a denim skirt, denim jeans, or denim layers from top to bottom. Sound like you? Then you won’t want to miss this sexy outfit for the holidays: satin and denim.


It all starts with an alluring satin top. We love this option because it has a rich green hue that gives us major holiday season vibes. It’s a simple and effortless blouse that can easily tuck into your favorite denim pieces, too.


Where your satin piece with your denim picks, whether you’re still a fan of the classic form-fitting skinny jean or have delved into the world of mom jeans. You can say sayonara to denim jeans entirely and go with a denim skirt instead.


Obviously, a skimpy camisole isn’t going to keep you warm enough during the winter months. You’re going to need a coat. With this style, there are tons of options. This fur coat is utterly charming and cozy, the perfect pairing for all of your satin and denim combinations. You can pair contemporary with comfort with a fur-lined coat, too. Take your denim obsession to the next level with an oversized denim jacket.


Don’t forget your boots, either. Boots are the only choice for this outfit. While knee boots and tall boots should be reserved for dresses and sweater sets, you can bust out your favorite ankle boots for denim styles.

Outfit 5: Plaid Mini Skirt + Long-Sleeved Top

If you’re a lover of skirts, this sexy holiday fashion inspo is for you. Thanks to its effortlessly chic and always on-point look, this might be one of my all-time favorites. Let’s get into it.


It starts with a plaid mini skirt like this. I suggest finding a plaid skirt with “holiday spirit” colors like red or green. From there, you can mix and match on top. Go with a basic white or black long-sleeved top, or have some fun with a classy, velvet piece.

Outfit 6: Blazer Dress + Thigh High Boots

“All business” babes that want to look professional and sophisticated yet unmistakably sexy will enjoy this look. It pairs an enticing businesswoman’s blazer dress on top with some over-the-knee tall boots.


The look could be considered simple – it’s just two pieces. But both pieces can remarkably stand out. Trust me, girls. This look is anything but simple and is guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you go. Look out, winter – she’s coming in hot.

Outfit 7: Sweater Dress + Boots

This last look for sexy winter outfits makes the list because it is truly a classic. When you think of cute winter outfits, you likely think of a comfy-cozy sweater dress. They are oh-so-cute and can keep you cozy, even without a jacket or coat.

Well, it’s time to rethink what you consider to be the best sweater dress in your closet. Ditch the adorable piece that you wear to Christmas dinner with your family and step into the sexy sensation: body-con sweater dresses.


A body-con sweater dress takes your look to the next level. The look hugs and highlights all of your feminine curves, while the boots below give your legs a little extra length. You can opt for high-heeled boots or enjoy ankle boots with a pair of tights.


Depending on your choice of bodycon sweater dresses, you may also need a coat along for the ride. All styles can work here. A leather biker jacket will scream a sexy winter outfit, while a fabulous coat with leopard print (or other flashy designs) will create a standout combo. The winter favorite trench coat is also a viable option that works well on blustery nights.

Final Thoughts

Creating sexy winter outfits doesn’t have to be challenging. Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean you have to cover up and say sayonara to sex appeal. There are many ways to mix and match styles to look your best. Even turtlenecks and blazer dresses rank highly for sexy winter outfits you won’t want to miss.

The most significant piece of advice I will leave you with is this: don’t forget to accessorize, babes! Accessories can really take your ‘fit to the next level, especially when it comes to making a sexy wintertime look.

What to wear when it’s cold but you want to look cute?

Wear leggings lined with fleece. …
Wear nothing except Merino wool. …
Put serious socks in your fashionable boots. …
Consider shoe inserts. …
Wear different shoes or boots to work. …
Purchase genuine winter clothing. …
Use a good conditioner and moisturizer. …
Run an essential oil-infused humidifier.

What should I wear to look seductive?

Make sure your casual outfits include a pair of barefoot heels, a tan bag, a white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, red lipstick, a black sling, white shoes, bangles, and a sexy scent. Ladies, believe me! Get hold of these things right away.

How do I look glamorous in winter?

Put three layers on.
Hold on tight.
Put on long coats.
Recognize that you can wear skirts with sweaters.
Pick the appropriate kind of down.
Purchase wool.
Ignore cotton.
Take a look at a striking coat.

Which one of these sexy winter outfits are you planning to wear this year?

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