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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and nothing says wonderful like getting to spend time with your friends and family. Around this time of year, spending time with friends and family usually leads to gift-giving. The fun part is that can either be traditional or in a more fun and creative way. So what’s our favorite gift-giving game? We have two words: White Elephant.

White Elephant is a game enjoyed by many during the holiday season, and it’s the perfect gift-giving game with a twist. And while White Elephant is a lot of fun, sometimes preparing for it can be stressful. We always find ourselves thinking about what to get or whether the recipient will actually like it. If you’ve been saying this or something similar to yourself, well, look no further. We decided to compile the perfect list of White Elephant gifts you can get to make your friends and family comfy and cozy this holiday season. 

Hot chocolate bombs

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Hot Chocolate Bombs have been everywhere this holiday season. If you haven’t seen them before, they are basically hollow chocolate balls filled with cocoa mix that you drop into hot milk. After that, they melt and turn into an absolutely delicious cup of hot chocolate. This White Elephant gift is sure to keep your gift receiver feeling warm, cozy, and content this holiday season.

Hand made blanket

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These hand-knit blankets have been increasingly popular over the past few months. They make for an easy and cozy White Elephant gift anyone is sure to love. All you need is some soft chunky yarn along with a short tutorial, and you’re on your way! Especially if you like to craft, this would be a perfect gift for you to give at your holiday party.

Fleece Robe

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Having to get out of bed in the morning can be hard, especially when it’s cold out. Well, with this White Elephant gift, you can bring the warm and cozy with you. This long plush robe is sure to keep your gift receiver warm regardless of where they move to in the house. Anyone is sure to love this gift.

Knit Headbands

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These knit headbands are sure to steal any girl’s heart. Not only are they super chic, but they’re also super functional. They’re perfect for keeping your receiver warm and cozy in the cold without having to sacrifice any style.

Christmas Candle Set

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Nothing makes a home feel cozier than wonderfully scented candles. This gift is sure to be loved by anyone you give it to, and with four different candles in the set, each is sure to keep the receiver’s home smelling cozy all season long.

Christmas Blanket Gift Set

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This gift set is a steal! It includes a blanket, candy, hot cocoa mix, and an insulated mug! So it basically has everything anyone would need for the coziest holiday possible.

Fuzzy Christmas Socks Set

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Nothing says cozy quite like fuzzy socks. Especially during the colder months of the year, good warm socks are a must-have. This Christmas themed White Elephant gift is super fun and sure to leave your receiver happy and joyously cozy all season long.


We hope to have given you some awesome White Elephant gift ideas for you to bring to your next holiday party. No matter what you decide on, make sure to relax and enjoy the holiday. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Happy Holidays from all of us at Successible Life!

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