Christmas Gift Boxes being wrapped
Here’s the perfect guide to building gift boxes for your special ones!
Christmas Gift Boxes being wrapped
Here’s the perfect guide to building gift boxes for your special ones!

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The Holiday Season is here, and shopping for all your loved ones can be a daunting task. Christmas gift boxes are a great way to spread joy and Christmas cheer. The best thing about Christmas gift boxes is they are completely customizable. Whether you are shopping for a makeup lover or food connoisseur, Christmas gift boxes are perfect for getting your family and friends exactly what they want. Below is a list of ideas to include in your Christmas gift boxes based on what the recipient will enjoy. Bonus: every item is under $25!

Makeup Lovers


ULTA Pro Sponge Kit 

When it comes to creating the ultimate Christmas gift boxes for your friends and family, it is important to know what they want. For example, makeup lovers are constantly restocking beauty sponges, which can apply makeup with a flawless, skin-like finish. This Pro Sponge Kit from ULTA will be a gift that keeps on giving to makeup lovers throughout the new year.    

Winky Lux Flower Balm

Shopping for makeup lovers can be difficult. A makeup lover’s beauty routine can be sacred, so it’s important to not mess it up. Add items like the Winky Lux Flower Balm into the Christmas gift boxes to compliment any makeup routine. However, this is no ordinary lip balm. The balm is clear, but its formula also matches the skin’s pH level, which results in a unique color for every skin tone. Makeup lovers will rejoice because this product will give them the right color every time.

Kintion Compact Mirror

If you know a makeup lover well, you know they often touch up their makeup throughout the day. This beautiful GYTF Compact Mirror from Amazon will fit easily in a pocket or purse. A compact mirror is an easy gift for Christmas gift boxes because everyone uses mirrors every day, especially those who wear makeup. You can be sure your gift will be put to good use.

Skincare Junkies


E.l.f  Hydrogel Under Eye Mask

Do you enjoy self-care nights with your best friend? These E.l.f Hydrogel Under Eye Masks are the perfect addition to Christmas gift boxes for those who like to do self-care nights. Hydrate, plump, and de-wrinkle under the eyes with these eye masks that have a cool and refreshing sensation. They’re also a great gift because they can be used at home or while working from home.

LATME Ice Roller

Christmas gift boxes can be totally customizable, which makes them especially great for gifting items you wouldn’t always buy for yourself. The LATME Ice Roller from Amazon is similar to a face roller, but it can be put in the freezer. The skincare junkie in your life will love using this in conjunction with their normal routine. Ice rollers are meant to de-puff and decrease inflammation in the face, thereby preventing wrinkles, redness, and acne. 

TONYMOLY I’m Real Aloe Mask

Face masks are a fun and inexpensive addition to any Christmas gift boxes for your friend, girlfriend, mom, or aunt. This one from TONYMOLY is intensely moisturizing and hydrating. A sheet mask is a safe gift for skincare lovers because they aid in locking in serums and moisturizers for superior effectiveness. Aloe soothes inflammation and hydrates. This sheet mask is perfect for a self-care night. 

Spa Day Headband

All fans of skincare have something to pull their hair back while treating their face, but none are as cute as this Spa Day Headband from Urban Outfitters. The purpose of Christmas gift boxes is to be fun and creative, and these headbands with bows and cozy ears are adorable. Skincare junkies can look cute while doing their beauty routine.  

Food Connoisseur


Madelaine Premium Mini Santas

Chocolates and candy should never be excluded from Christmas gift boxes. Madelaine makes decadent and creamy chocolates wrapped in Santa foil. If you decide you need multiple Christmas gift boxes for all the loved ones in your life, you can spread the chocolates amongst each box. 

Moose Munch

Harry & David make a fun Moose Munch that can be included in your Christmas gift boxes for people who love the crunch. Moose Munch is delicious popcorn coated in chocolate. The holiday-themed packaging will look nice in the Christmas gift boxes. This premium gourmet snack is so good that you might even consider getting a box for yourself.

Happy Belly Trail Mix

Sweets can be a big part of the Holiday season, but not everyone wants to overload on candy. Trail Mix from Happy Belly comes in a variety of assortments. There are nuts, raisins, and other desirable goodies, so you can very easily find something perfect for everyone. Flavors include salty, sweet and spicy, tropical, and more.

Starbucks VIA Instant Pike Place Coffee

Instant coffee or coffee packets are a great buy for Christmas gift boxes. Buy individual packets in bulk just like you would with candies or chocolates and then spread them between each Christmas gift box or save them for yourself. Pike Place is an amazing dark roast coffee for the coffee lover in your life.

Lifestyle Expert


Better Homes & Gardens Scented Jar Candle

Not every Christmas gift box recipient will want makeup or skincare, so candles make the perfect gift for those who aren’t so specific. Better Homes & Gardens make delicious-smelling candles for related aromatherapy. This year has without a doubt been stressful for everyone. Self-care, self-love, and relaxation are things we have all learned to take more seriously. A candle is a simple gift but serves a bigger purpose. Scented candles can help destress and will make a home smell beautiful. Considering the amount of time everyone is spending at home, candles make for a universally welcome gift.

RETTACY Pocket Notebooks

Small pocket notebooks make a valuable addition to all Christmas gift boxes. RETTACY Pocket Notebooks come in packs of two along with a variety of colors. With the New Year approaching, everyone is looking to start fresh, achieve new goals, or reflect on the past. Notebooks that are small are helpful no matter what the purpose may be. The sturdy leather hard cover will ensure a lasting product that can be easily stored in a purse or pocket.

Ani Trime’s Little Book of Affirmations

Ani Trime’s Little Book of Affirmations is just perfect for the Christmas gift boxes going to those who love personal development. Connecting with oneself is an act of kindness, and this book is perfect to help those struggling this year. Loving oneself is a concept that is proven to provide happiness. This book is the perfect size for Christmas gift boxes, and it will serve the purpose of self-growth for the New Year.

Shopping for gifts does not have to be hard with this list of simple gifts to include in Christmas gift boxes. These products will serve multiple purposes and allow you to create a completely customizable package. Wrap a few of these items in a box and send them to those you love. Each product will ship easily for those who you can’t see this year. So enjoy the holiday season with the gift of giving. Even with the challenges this year has presented, Christmas gift boxes are easy as ever to put together and just as fun to unbox.

What do you put in a Christmas gift box?

Put many varieties of coffee creamer in your basket (so they may experiment with new flavors), along with coffee beans, mugs, a soft blanket, and baked foods. Large quantities of sweet sweets should be baked, then tied with string into small plastic bags. After that, simply place them in various gift baskets!

Are gift boxes in demand?

Due to the growth of the gift culture, the increase in e-commerce, and the fact that gift boxes guarantee the safe delivery of the gift item, these boxes are in high demand.

What do you put in a Christmas box for adults?

Boxes of games for adults for Christmas Eve. We adore Articulate, Jenga, and Uno.
Snacks and treats. Select decadent foods like chocolate truffles, high-quality cookies, Turkish delights, or gourmet popcorn.
Mini alcoholic beverage, stocking, scented candle, miniature bottle of cologne or perfume, pajamas, and Christmas ornament.

Which gift set are you considering buying this holiday season?

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