Why Men Cheat: 6 Common Reasons 

Lack of Emotional Connection: 

When they feel emotionally estranged from their partners, men may cheat, looking for approval and closeness elsewhere.


Variety and Novelty:  

Some man may cheat because they crave excitement and unusual experiences outside of their existing relationships.


Unresolved Issues: 

Men may cheat to find a solution or an escape from relationship issues, disagreements, or unmet demands within the marriage.


Low Self- Esteem: 

In order to enhance their egos and feel desired by several partners, poor self-esteemed men may cheat.


Opportunity and Temptation: 

Some guys might give in to the temptation of cheating when given chances and seductive circumstances.


Lack of  Intimacy: 

Men may cheat if their sexual demands aren't being addressed in their relationship, thus physical connection is important.


What Cheating Says About a Person – Hint, it’s Not Your Fault