Hey there! Yes, you…we’re looking at you! Who doesn’t love a good selfie, especially those accompanied by some cute bedroom mirrors? Selfies have been around way longer than you think…ummm, self portraits anyone?! Now, the selfies we all know and love have have evolved greatly since the first “seflie” taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839. Thankfully, there are a variety of apps to help you create the perfect image, and anyone can be a photographer nowadays. Selfies are a great way to show off when you’re feeling great about yourself and maybe even encourage some other people to feel confident.
Now, we all know that front facing shots can be a whole mood on their own, but what if you brought a prop into the mix? Bedroom mirror selfies from the nostalgic age of the early 2000’s are back, and they are fancier than ever. Bedroom mirrors are great because they not only allow you to see your glorious self, but they can make rooms appear larger. Who doesn’t want that? Let’s peruse some bedroom mirrors down below that add not only some sparkle to your selfies but also some magic to your bedroom!

Our Top Bedroom Mirror Recommendations

LED Bedroom Mirror

First up, check out this stunning espresso, wood finish, LED, and full length body mirror. This mirror has its own stand, so no messing around with trying to hang it! A mirror that can adjust certain angles, just like this one, is a must have in the digital era. This particular mirror has this old Hollywood glam vibe that would make any selfie pop with it something extra.
Next up, we have this stunning and very well lit full length mirror. This mirror is lush and decadent when it comes to display quality. This unique, perfect selfie mirror can be hung and plugged into the wall, which means there’s less clutter on the floor! One of the most important parts of taking a selfie is also what is shown in the mirror. Less clutter means the focus is on YOU!

Massive Standing Bedroom Mirror 

Sometimes you need a statement piece in your home that really adds a pop and can be a great conversation starter. This massive standing mirror adds a modern touch of boujee that will make any selfie feel foxy and expensive. This particular mirror is adjustable, which means it accommodates so many heights! You can even host a fun selfie party to create your own content for whatever you want.

Swivel Bedroom Mirrors With Storage

You know what’s also super fun: a multifunctional swivel mirror! This mirror not only has some awesome swivel actions to get all those angles, but it has STORAGE! You heard it here first! This mirror has hooks for bags, purses, scarves, and really whatever else you want. The mirror is easily movable because it has four wheels to cruise on. What does that mean for you? It means you can take your selfie party to go if you want to venture out from the bedroom. The ability to hang things and move this mirror around easily is truly a game changer. In addition to this already exhaustive list, this mirror is easy to assemble! We don’t know about you, but putting things together can be such a drag, so something that comes with a video is epic.

Rustic Bedroom Mirrors

Maybe you don’t need all the bells and whistles and instead want to opt for a classic styled mirror. May we present to you this rustic farmhouse gem. Now, farmhouse was all the rage a few years ago, but this mirror still offers clean lines for selfies. In addition, one of the best things about this simple design is you can throw a few scarves on the corner to bedazzle your selfies.

Simple Full Length Mirrors 

Often times, we have so much design in our bed spaces that adding a floor length mirror may seem too much or overly done. However, what if you could just simply have the mirror without any bells and whistles? May we present to you this little number. This stunning mirror is simply the mirror with none of the bells and whistles, which makes it a great piece for selfies! Classic mirrors really allows your bedroom to shine without invading in on you or those selfies.

Bedroom Mirrors With A Hidden Dresser

We get it – mirrors sometimes seem like a waste of space with their lack of function in small spaces. However, what if you could have a full length mirror that could open up to hold jewelry, makeup brushes, and whatever little trinkets? May we present to you this this snazzy little number. This versatile mirror boasts the ability to be hung on your door or wall! That means this selfie gazing mirror can save you floor space and hold all your selfie needs to really make you shine! It’s important to note that with a jazzy mirror like this, there is some added depth, so be mindful if you’re thinking of adhering to a door that may open into a desk space.

Fancy Tech Bedroom Mirrors

Maybe you need a little tech to spice up your selfie game. Well, this snazzy touch control mirror is going to light up your bedroom. This mirror is controlled by touch and seamlessly and discreetly fits on your bedroom wall. So folks, what we have here is a unique bedroom mirror that is perfect to see your gorgeous body, and on top of that, it’s well lit, techie, and takes up no floor space! If you’ve been looking to hit the jackpot, this may be it! This design is clearly modern and edgy, which is perfect for any person wanting blend seamlessly into this tech heavy world!

Crystal Bedroom Mirrors

Our final mirror is probably the most traditionally glam. Can you say full length crystal mirror?! Omg, this mirror is just the creme de la creme. The mirror itself will catch light, but the rows upon rows of crystals in this body length piece also reflect light in such a warming and unique way! This mirror can stand on its own, or you may hang it to really make a statement. Also, this beauty is also distortion free thanks to the elimination of low grade reflective qualities. However, this one particular regularly goes out of stock, so you definitely don’t want to miss it!
Did you know there are some superstitions when it comes to having mirrors in the bedroom? One of the biggest ideologies is that mirrors are spiritual portals, and if not cleansed, they can invite spiritual entities into your room. A best practice for the spiritually inclined is to cover your bedroom mirror when not in use, which gives you a great opportunity to add some of your unique tapestries on it. In addition, it’s important to clean your mirror to the manufacturer’s labeling. The mirrors that are touch screen or more tech heavy may have special cleaning instructions. If you don’t follow them, then you may have a very defective mirror with broken lights, and that would be a buzzkill on your selfie game!
Selfies have been around for a long time, but they really became a trend again once celebrities started joining in on the fun. Ultimately, mirror selfies are such a great opportunity to feel good about yourself and create space in a bedroom. The mirrors that are easily movable can be especially fantastic, since you have the chance to catch some different lighting if your space lacks a window or the light you actually you want. Happy picture taking!