The Real Reasons Why Men Cheat .

Lack of Emotional Fulfillment: 

Because they feel emotionally estranged from their partners and are looking for companionship and understanding elsewhere, some men cheat.


Desire for Variety:  

Men who betray do so because they crave the novelty and excitement that their existing relationships might not offer. 


Ego Boost: 

Infidelity can boost a man's ego and make him feel desired and attractive, especially if he's going through a rough patch in his self-esteem. 


Unresolved Issues: 

Men who are searching for a solution to avoid dealing with relationship problems such as unsolved tensions or issues may cheat.


Lack of Intimacy: 

A lack of sexual closeness in a relationship may cause men to look for physical gratification elsewhere.


Peer Pressure:  

Men may be tempted to follow friends who cheat or normalise adultery under the impression that it's accepted in society.



Some men may find it challenging to pass up possibilities that arise from having easy access to potential partners, particularly in professional or social contexts.


Emotional Retaliation: 

A man may cheat as a form of retaliation or revenge if he feels emotionally abandoned or wounded by his partner.


What Cheating Says About a Person – Hint, it’s Not Your Fault