There are always new bags coming out every season. Some of the new handbag trends are simple revamps of old looks, but other trends come with new silhouettes. This season there was a cylinder handbag which was very popular. Of course, handbags are always a necessity for fashion girls. Even though structured bags and bulky bags are popular now, 2022 is the year for extra details, so handbags have to stand out.

We can already anticipate thanks to the parades, which are precisely designed for this. While some iconic pieces from our favorite houses, such as rubber boots from Valentino, the pin-top cardigan from Jacquemus, or even the micro-skirt from Miu Miu, will continue their ascent in 2022. One wonders which accessories, and more particularly Luxury Mini Bags will be trendy in 2022. Since, in this climate, it is smarter to do it well ahead of time.

Bowling by Dior 

Dior’s latest proposal perfectly combines the tradition of the house with ethereal modernity. This monogram print bowling bag will definitely make you look trendy.

Emporio Armani MyEA Tote Bag

A true minimalist marvel. This small model leaves no one indifferent thanks to its clean line and rounded edges. You will show off Armani while also enjoying the extra elegance provided by its gold fittings.

FENDI First model clutch

If handbags are your best point of support, your best option is a Fendi First model clutch. Bold and geometrically beautiful, this bag is ultra-secure and ultra-comfortable on your arm.

Jackie 1961 model Tiger de Gucci

Gucci celebrates the year of the Tiger in the Chinese horoscope with the coveted Jackie bag, which has been adorned with a beautiful illustration capable of transporting you to the jungle. Give rein to your wildest side with him.

Spirit by Miu Miu

Let yourself be carried away by the Italian elegance of Miu Miu with this very chic proposal. Crocodile and huge gold chains? A resounding yes for an answer.

Prada Polka Dot Print Mesh Bag

Now that ultra mini is slowly going out of style, this tote from Prada is a clear example of “bigger is better”. Practical, beautiful and illuminated by the shine of its sequins: a perfect model for the most active.

The Medusa Mini by Versace

Emily Ratajkowski has already approved this mini luxury bag. Aside from its small proportions, the new bag doesn’t stray too far from the look of Versace’s viral La Medusa bag, as it retains the slightly square shape, comes in fun colors and its flap is adorned with the Medusa plaque. Its top handle, however, is now made with a thick chain that adds some oomph to the accessory. A detachable shoulder strap also allows you to wear the bag in different ways. Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU Small and Micro Fendi’s Peekaboo family now includes miniature pieces.

Gucci Bamboo 1947 Mini

Gucci has introduced a new version of Princess Diana’s bamboo handle bag: the Gucci Bamboo 1947. Inspired by equestrian accessories, the flap bag has soft curves with its rounded leather construction and bamboo top handle. This mini luxury bag needs to be in your collection.

Prada Mini Cleo

With the same slanted and curved construction as the original, the Prada Mini Cleo is offered in elegant brushed leather in black, white, red and a variety of pastel shades.