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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means we’re all gearing up for celebrations, parades, and of course, plenty of alcohol. If you were the lucky one chosen to host the St. Patrick’s Day Party this year, you need to do it right.

However, there is a lot that goes into putting together a rockin’ (or should we say shamrockin’?) St. Patrick’s Day Party. Needless to say, it can get overwhelming – and fast. But before you dip into your St. Patrick’s Day Party alcohol arsenal to reduce some stress, take some of our advice instead.

This article is all about putting together the St. Patrick’s Day Party you’ve always dreamed of. The second your guests walk in, they’re going to be shocked, thrilled, and mesmerized. Keep reading to find out how to put together a St. Patrick’s Day Party that is a true “pot of gold.”


st. patrick's day party invitations

The first step is to create a guest list and send invitations. Invitations don’t have to be anything crazy. A green card with a Leprechaun and the words, “Lucky you – you’re invited to Michelle’s St. Patrick’s Day Party!” is enough to entice your guests.

Invitations can be printed and mailed, or hand-delivered. You can also get by creating online invitations that can be sent through text or email. Either way, make sure you spruce it up with some St. Patrick’s Day fun!


st. patrick's day attire

If there is one suggestion to make for attire, it’s this: wear green (for example, a St. Patrick’s Day sweatshirt!). Simple enough, right? Of course, you should also encourage your guests to go above and beyond with their looks. Some might show up in a full-blown leprechaun costume, while others will opt for costume pieces like shamrock headbands, socks, or cloverleaf print jackets.

Looks don’t have to come from a costume shop, though. There are some great ways to do some St. Patricks Day nails, such as painting them green and adding little four-leaf clovers. Don’t stop at the nails, though. St. Patricks Day makeup can consist of eyeliner drawn into a 3-leaf clover and striking gold lipstick with green lip liner.


st. patrick's day decor

The last thing you want to do is forget the theme. Imagine walking into a St. Patrick’s Day Party, only to realize there are zero St. Patricks Day decor items? That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, indoor party, or outdoor party, don’t forget the decorations!

St. Patricks Day decor doesn’t have to be over-the-top. A lot of St. Patricks Day decor items can be purchased at local dollar stores, yet they look like they were as expensive as the pot of gold you’ll have sitting at each table.

Here are a few great St. Patricks Day decor ideas:

st. patrick's day ideas

Go green. Okay, we don’t necessarily mean eco-friendly (although you should 100% do it anyway). When we say “go green,” we’re essentially telling you to douse your home in anything green you can find or make. Thrift shop, anyone?

st. patrick's day cauldrons

Cauldrons. Nothing says ‘St. Patrick’s Day Party’ quite like cauldrons. Fill them with gold coins and call it a day.

st. patrick's day tablecloth

Tablecloths. You can use a simple green tablecloth to cover all tables, countertops, etc. If you’re really feeling the holiday spirit, put a spurt of gold paint spotted across the tablecloth to make it ‘pop.’

st. patrick's day shamrocks

Shamrocks. Shamrocks, shamrocks, and more shamrocks. Print them out and display them literally everywhere.


st. patrick's day food

While St. Patrick’s Day decor is essential, the menu is perhaps the most critical part of any St. Patrick’s Day Party. Start by creating the “adult beverage” menu. Obviously, you’re going to want to include Guinness and other options such as Shamrock Shooters and Irish Maids (served in Shamrock glasses, of course). For the kids, serve up the infamous Shamrock Shakes in Shamrock mason jars.

As far as food is concerned, we highly suggest going with an Irish favorite like country corned beef and colcannon. If you really want to take your party food to the next level, consider making this adorable and tasty shamrock soda bread, too. This would make for a great appetizer (that also soaks up some of that alcohol – win, win!).

Don’t forget dessert! You can opt for festive mint chocolate cookies or try out healthier St. Patrick’s Day desserts, you know if you haven’t given up on your New Year’s Resolution just yet (wink, wink).


I’m sorry, but it is not a party if no games and activities are involved. Whether you’re having an adult’s only or kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day party, you need games that will placate everyone. Here are just a few excellent options that your party guests will love.

Family Friendly

  • Potato toss. Think “cornhole,” but using potatoes instead. If you already have a cornhole setup, then great – go ahead and use it. If not, you can use an item such as a hula hoop for people to toss the potatoes into.
  • Treasure hunt. Leprechauns aren’t the only ones that hunt for treasure! Bring your St. Patrick’s Day Party to life by creating your very own treasure hunt. Whoever finds the most chocolate gold coins wins?
  • Shamrock cookie decorating contest. This is one of the best party ideas for a family-friend St. Patrick’s Day! Set up a table with all the fixins, such as shamrock cookies, frosting, and sprinkles. Let the attendees get as creative or straightforward as they’d like. So much fun!
  • Photo booth. Ah, the good old photo booth. You’re putting together a party that should be remembered for a lifetime. Help your guests out by offering a photo booth station complete with decorations and accessories.
  • Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun. Forget to pin the tail on the donkey. For your party, you’re switching things up. This game is classic and so much fun for all ages.
  • Bingo. The quintessential Bingo game. Always a hit at every party! Only this time, your guests will try their luck with a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Bingo card. Let the shenanigans begin!

Adults Only

st. patrick's day fun
  • Irish jig contest. It doesn’t matter whether your guests can do traditional Irish dancing or not. The goal of this party is to play Irish music and continue dancing until there is only one guest left standing.
  • Hot potato drinking game. This adult version of the classic “hot potato” game is sure to bring the party to life. Simply play the classic game. When the music stops, whoever is holding the potato takes a shot and is out. The game continues until there is a winner!
  • Beer pong. Yes, this might bring flashbacks of your college days. But no, this isn’t a frat party. Set up cups with Irish beer atop an Irish-themed table. Then, work your magic!

Party Favors


Don’t send them off without something to be reminded of your big shindig. For the adults, consider personalized shot glasses (who said the party ever had to end?). Kids will enjoy a baggie or cauldron filled with chocolate gold coins, necklaces, stickers, and other kid-friendly garbs.

Final Words

Well, party people, now you have everything you need to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day Party your neighborhood has ever seen. Don’t be afraid to decorate to your heart’s content—the more, the merrier. Just don’t forget the booze and a smile!

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