Celebrity streetwear is all about looking good in casual clothing. So if you thought you were the only one who’s tired of all the high heels and fancy dresses, you’re wrong. Celebrities have proven time and again that casual fashion can also be trendy and chic. In fact, these days you’ll find celebs who are very comfortable walking in the streets of Hollywood and rocking their sweats with no makeup on. And guess what? They look good doing it! 

Speaking personally, ever since my mom tried to force me to wear dresses and sandals, I’ve always been a fan of comfy clothing. I just really wanted to show off my Jordan 1 sneakers instead. However, as I grew up, I began to develop my own sense of fashion. Looking at celebrities who revolutionized streetwear fashion, I became more comfortable with who I am. So, are you ready to shop the look that will make you a fashion icon? Here are our favorite celebrity outfits and styles to help you complete your look:

1. Rihanna Shines Bright Like a Diamond

Whether it’s making new music, dominating the makeup world, or launching a new skincare line, Riri sure knows how to impress us with her fashion looks. Everyone knows that Rihanna can pull off ANYTHING. In fact, she has tried more hairstyles than I can remember, and she rocked every single one. No wonder ASAP Rocky had her star in his music video “Fashion Killa”; the man knew what he was talking about. So, enough complimenting this beautiful Barbadian princess: let me show you how you can get Rihanna’s streetwear look. All you need is:

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2. She’s Still Jenny From the Block

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got; she’s still Jenny from the block, and she knows how to catch everyone’s attention on the block too! Jennifer Lopez is an icon when it comes to fashion. In other words, this woman looks beautiful on the red carpet and amazing on her way to the gym. She is well known for wearing hoop earrings and, of course, for her amazing body (I hope I will look like her when I’m 51). Jennifer Lopez is also known for her activewear, which has been an amazing look on her during quarantine. In fact, the paparazzi recently caught her going to the gym with her beau Arod. Here’s how you can go to the gym looking like Jenny:

3. Levi High Jeans

Danileigh is one of my favorite rising artists. Not only can she sing, but she can also dress. As a matter of fact, she caught my attention in her music video with Chris Brown, in which she is dressed in a pair of customized sweatpants with Jordan 1 sneakers. Ever since then, I’ve been a fan. And let me tell you, she is the female artist with the best streetwear/urban style. When I think of Dani, I think DENIM. After all, her song Levi High was such a hit and made everyone want to go to Levi’s and buy a pair of jeans. Shop the look with this Dani inspired ensemble:

4. Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West is an inspiration when it comes to fashion and makeup. She is truly a trendsetter, especially in the fashion world. Even if you’re not a fan of her latex dresses, you’ve got to admit that knows what she’s doing. In other words, Kim is a master of wearing outfits that compliment her curvy body. Also, she seems to always know the perfect combination to make a great outfit. In addition to that, her accessories, shoes, and hairstyles are always on point.

Kim has been streamlining her style for the past few years with the help of her husband, Kanye West. Kanye’s also an icon when it comes to street fashion, so that explains why we’re so amazed whenever we see the couple together (goals!). In fact, Kim has lately been showing off her husband’s shoe line on her Instagram account. Here’s how to replicate one of her latest looks.

5. All Hail-ey Bieber

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I want Hailey Bieber’s entire closet! Not only is she beautiful, but she knows a thing or two about being stylish. What I like the most about Hailey is that she looks very natural and comfortable in her outfits. She gives me a very relaxed and chic vibe. In addition to that, she’s very versatile. In short, she can pull off different styles: oversized shirts and biker shorts with a pair of gold hoop earrings or plain jeans with a crop top. She always looks amazing, and I think she is proof that style can be both fashionable and comfortable. Shop the look with this Hailey Bieber inspired outfit:

6. A Pretty Little Thing

Actress, director, singer, dancer, and now fashion icon? Teyana, please slow down! I want to know how Teyana Taylor can manage to do it all. In addition to that, everything she touches turns to gold. Teyana’s streetwear is so inspiring and edgy; it makes me want to go online and buy things I can’t afford. In fact, Her partnership with Pretty Little Thing was a major success. Teyana is always seen rocking their outfits and showing off her abs. She is also known to rock a tomboy look with oversized hoodies, sweatpants, and sneakers. She is truly the definition of a streetwear icon! So shop the look with this Teyana inspired ensemble:

7. A Trendy Jenner-ation

Okay, before you start thinking it, I am not a Kardashian/Jenner obsessed person. But when it comes to fashion, I have to admit that they sure do know what they’re doing. In fact, Kylie Jenner is not only the biggest Instagram influencer and the owner of multi-million dollar company Kylie Cosmetics, but she is also a trendsetter in the world of streetwear. As a result, her collabs with Fashion Nova really helped shed light on the new trend of streetwear and inspired a lot of females to copy her looks. Kylie has been on the cover of many prestigious magazines, including Forbes and most recently, Vogue. But she also knows when it’s time to put her high heels and dress aside and rock a pair of sweatpants (oh yeah and a Birkin bag). So here’s what you need to recreate this iconic Kylie Jenner look:

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8. A Grande With a Dash of Style

Of course, you know who I’m referring to: the talented Ariana Grande. She is very well-known for her breath-taking vocals and also her signature high ponytail. Above all, Ariana has also set the trend for comfy and oversized sweaters, as she is often seen wearing them. Whenever we see Ari, we always feel the need to curl up under a blanket and drink hot cocoa. In addition to that, she is known for her petite figure and for the crop tops that she rocks with a flawless winged eyeliner. So here’s how you can dress like Ari:

The Bottom Line

To sum up, celebrities have been revolutionizing the world of streetwear and setting trends for their audiences. Moreover, with the popularity of social media and influencer marketing, brands have been making sure to capitalize on using celebrities as their models. In fact, this has proven to be very effective, as many people now want to “shop the look” rather than just go shopping.

This is very important, since it reveals how big of a role celebrities are playing not only in the world of music or entertainment but also in the world of fashion. So how many people went and bought a pair of hoop earrings after they saw Jennifer Lopez rocking them? And how many people went and bought a Fashion Nova outfit after seeing Kylie Jenner in one of them? In conclusion, this is the influence that celebrities hold in our world today, and we just love to be inspired! So we hope you enjoyed our selection of celebrity looks. Which famous fashion icon has inspired you the most to shop the look?

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