Ready to feel the burn? The season of “New Year’s Resolutions” might be over, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up on your goal. And here’s a quick reminder – summer is right around the corner, ladies. #Beachbody and #beachbabe are about to be rolling in, and you don’t want that cutie pie skipping your DMs this year.

If you’re ready to (finally) get that body of your dreams, you need to partake in one of the notorious 30 day ab and squat challenges. Whether you want to tone for nice legs, get a Brazilian booty, lose weight, or simply look and feel your best, the 30 day challenge can help.

Oh, and don’t worry. The 30 day ab and squat challenge doesn’t have to leave you clocked into the squat rack for thirty minutes a day (unless you’re into that kind of thing). There are so many top-notch squat variations you can choose from, plus some unique ab workouts that push beyond those high school P.E. crunches.

Enough talking – let’s get to work, queens.

Squats for Days – 30 Days to be Exact

Ask anyone in the gym what the “ultimate” exercise is, and they’ll likely tell you squats. Squats are great for the entire body, but they emphasize achieving nice legs and sexy hips. Surprisingly, they’re also great at getting those rock-hard abs you see on Sports Illustrated.

Yes, you can totally opt for a squat rack to perform 30 days of squats. Steadily increase the amount of weight you’re using to really get those chiseled, nice legs. (Make sure you’re not doing more than those sexy hips and legs can handle, though, girl!)

Hate regular squats? As promised, you don’t have to use the squat rack. Below you will find some of the best of the best squat variations for nice legs, sexy hips, and abs that will have everyone hitting the “like” button.

Kneeling Squat

When you’re first starting, squats don’t feel good. And if you have any knee or tendon injuries, you can forget about standing squats almost entirely. However, that doesn’t mean that the kneeling squat is out of the question.

This squat variation is precisely how it sounds. You will start by kneeling on a mat (or another surface that won’t cause pain). Spread your knees out until they’re shoulder-length apart. Keep your back straight up with your core (stomach) engaged. Then, drop your hips like you’re doing a “traditional” squat. Touch your glutes to your heels before coming back up, tilting your pelvis forward.

Easy enough? Yes. Super easy on the knees? You bet. The squat we are all dying to try? We also think that is a solid “yes.” Don’t think we’re very good at explaining a kneeling squat? We’re a little hurt, but we understand. Check out this how-to video instead.

Heel Elevated Goblet Squat

We know. This sounds more like a drink you’d order in the Medieval Times than a workout routine. But trust us, it works. Raising the heels will place more impact on the hamstrings and core, hitting other muscle groups than a traditional squat.

The heel elevated goblet squat is a cinch, but you’re going to need a few items. Ensure you have two weight plates or a wooden plank and a kettlebell or dumbbell you’re comfortable with.

You will put two weight plates (or a wooden plank) on the floor. Place your heels on top, ensuring the balls touch the floor. Pick up your kettlebell or dumbbell and situate it below your chin. Perform a “traditional” squat, taking extra care not to round your back.

Lateral Squat

When it comes to having nice legs, one area that’s super difficult to target (for most women) is the inner thigh. Trust me, we’ve been there, and darn if it isn’t frustrating. Well, if you’re looking for super nice legs for summertime, you’re going to want to add a lateral squat to your routine.

Think of a lateral squat as a side-by-side kind of squat rather than a traditional up-and-down squat. That said, you will want to begin with your feet a bit wider than usual. Shift your weight to one side, ensuring your hips are pushed back. Return to a standing position and squeeze the glutes before moving to the other side.

Yeah, it’s that easy, but you’re going to feel the burn without a doubt. This guy makes it look easy, but we promise you – about ten reps in, you’re going to be wishing you were at the end of your 30 day ab and squat challenge.

Pulse Squat

A pulse squat is precisely how it sounds: you’re going to perform a traditional squat, but instead of coming back up, you will do subtle “pulses” with your legs bent. This exercise is a serious leg destroyer in the best ways possible.

Don’t Forget the Abs

To be honest, squats are going to give you some beautiful abs. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do ab-specific workouts, too. Paired with a nutritional diet, you can get the best abs of your life by doing some of the following exercises:


This traditional move is notorious for a reason – it works. If you’re not sure how to do sit-ups properly, check out the video for tips on technique.

Hip Lifts

Lie on the floor with your legs straight up in the air. Lift your hips off the floor, keeping your legs straight the entire time. Check out the video explanation to learn how to do proper hip lifts.

Flutter Kicks

While lying on the floor, lift your legs straight out until they’re slightly higher than your hips. Put one foot down to the ground at a time, then switch. Don’t let your feet hit the floor!


To perform this sit-up, you will start lying flat on the ground. Then, scrunch up until your body has formed a “v” shape in the middle.


Alongside squats, planks are among the absolute best workouts for the entire body. To perform a plank, get down on your knees and tippy-toes with your back straight and hold for as long as you can.

Setting Up a 30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge Routine

Now you know all of the best workouts for the abs and legs. But when are you supposed to do them? How many do you do? Well, a lot of that will depend on your skill level. Someone who is brand new to exercising will want to start small, such as doing ten squats and 20 sit-ups, and build from there.

On the other hand, someone who has been exercising for years can start with 10 squats, 10 kneeling squats, and 15 lateral squats plus a 2-minute plank.

Here is a sample 30 day ab and squat challenge that can work for everyone:

  • Monday – 10 Squats/10 Lateral Squats/25 Sit-ups
  • Tuesday – 10 Squats/20 Pulse Squats/30-Second Plank
  • Wednesday – 15 Squats/10 Kneeling Squats/15 V-sits
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – 20 Squats/10 Lateral Squats/1-Minute Plank
  • Saturday – 10 Squats/10 Kneeling Squats/10 Pule Squats/25 Flutter Kicks
  • Sunday – 30 Pulse Squats/15 V-sits/15 Sit-ups/30-Second Plank

As you can see, you can do various exercises each day. As long as you are pushing yourself and increasing the number of reps each week, you can succeed at the 30 day ab and squat challenge.

Final Words

It’s just 30 days – you can do it, babe. Just think about your new nice legs, sexy hips, and incredible belly in your brand new bikini. It will be worth it, we swear!

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