The ruby is a timeless, exquisite gem that works wonderfully well in combination with all sorts of wardrobes. So if you’re looking for a stone that adds a splash of color and sparkles in the light, rubies are the answer to your accessorizing needs.

Let’s discuss the different kinds of ruby accessories available, and how to wear them well, so that you can see out the year in style.

Ruby necklaces for formal flashiness

The necklace is the natural home of the ruby, and if you want to showcase the stone optimally then pairing it with formal wear makes sense.

Because you can find 200+ different designs of ruby necklaces on the modern market, there’s a product out there for everyone, regardless of your tastes or your budget.

From simple pear-cut pendants to elaborate multi-stone configurations that combine rubies and diamonds to dazzling effect, you’ll be impressed with the options. So if you want to turn heads at important events, a ruby necklace will fit the bill.

Ruby rings for everyday glamor

Rubies also come into their own when set in a ring, and can be a stunning choice whether you’re looking for an engagement or wedding band that’s a bit out of the ordinary, or just a ring that you intend to wear for the thrill of it.

The ruby has the advantage of being the birthstone for July, so if that matches your own birthday then there’s even more reason to choose a ruby ring so that you can display a meaningful symbol proudly.

As with necklaces, the styles of ruby ring on offer range from the simple to the opulent, and so you don’t need to feel pigeonholed, but can find your perfect match.

Ruby earrings for making a statement

Adorning your ears with glimmering rubies will make you feel special, even if you’re just heading into the office for a day of meetings, or curled up on the sofa watching the latest shows with your partner.

There are a multitude of elegantly crafted ruby earrings to weigh up, including simple studs that don’t draw too much attention to themselves, alongside more ornate alternatives that feature several gems and oodles of white gold, creating a cascade down from your ear to your neckline.

Ruby bracelets for leaving an impression

Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to ruby bracelets there’s definitely a sense that a bit of maximalism is entirely appropriate from time to time.

There’s something about seeing a string of blood-red gems looped around your wrist that grabs the attention and won’t let go. There’s also much more pomp and circumstance to opening a jewelry box and revealing a full-blown bracelet, rather than a smaller item, so if you’re thinking of gifting ruby jewelry rather than just buying it for yourself, this could be a consideration to make an impact at the big unveiling.

As with all of the ruby accessories mentioned above, bracelet designs are available for fans of vintage styles, as well as for people with more modern sensibilities when it comes to aesthetics and fashion. You can also think about how your potential ruby accessory purchase fits in with the rest of the jewelry you own, and whether it can be worn in combination with existing pieces to amplify its effect.

Wrapping up

If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, and you feel like you want to electrify your outfits, then picking up ruby accessories will do this and more besides. Just take your time to compare different designs and options, and you’ll get a piece that will last a lifetime.