A road trip can be a freeing and transformative experience. And it’s even better when you have your best furry friend along for the ride. Just you and Fido on the open road—it can be a lovely change of scenery and the travel experience of a lifetime.

If you’ve never gone road tripping with an animal, or if you’ve never burned rubber, don’t worry. We have you covered right here with everything you need to know about traveling, just you and the dog.

What if You Don’t Have a Dog?

Don’t get a new pet just before you travel. An animal needs to get to know you and be in a settled routine before they travel. Travel companions don’t have to be dogs, some people journey with cats, rabbits or even birds.

Animals offer great companionship whether you stay home or head off on your travels. But, for some people, an animal companion is actually much more than just a member of the family, they are an essential prop to get through every day.

Emotional support animals are becoming more and more commonplace throughout the USA. ESAs support people with various mental health, psychological and well-being issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more.

Signing your pet up to be an ESA allows you to travel more freely, book accommodations, and more. If you’re eager to get started, you’ll need to get in then a valid emotional support animal letter. This document will legitimate your ESA’s status and make it easier to find places to stay and access public sites.

Consider a Pet Passport for Your Pooch

If you are going further afield, like a road trip to Canada or Mexico, you will need a pet passport. Compulsory requirements are a rabies vaccination for dogs, cats, and ferrets, a health certificate, and a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) endorsement.

Depending on which country you are visiting, there may be other regulations to comply with, like pet microchipping and a rabies titer test. The latter provides evidence that the rabies vaccination has produced adequate antibody levels for travel.

Speak to your veterinarian, as some countries require additional vaccines and an import license. The timing of vaccinations and a microchip are important.

Traveling with Your Pet

You and the Dog

Pets can travel light, but they do have some basic requirements so that they can enjoy a home from home in your vehicle. Remember to prepare a proper bag to carry everything you need for your road trip

A designated sleeping area is really important for your animal companion. Always take a crate or cage so that your pet can be confined if required. A crate is for their security and safety in certain situations.

It is better for your dog not to be loose in your vehicle as you travel. If you have an accident, the dog is unrestrained and could be injured or thrown from the vehicle. Some dog harnesses have a seat belt attachment so they can ride on the seat next to you.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing nicer than traveling with your pet. They make the best company for those long cross-country drives.