Makeup trends are ever changing and that means more fun! By this point in your makeup life you may have heard of the cat eye makeup trend. This trend became popular because it elongated the eye and made eyes a true focal point. This trend also became popular with eyeglass wearers as well, because the effect could be seen even when wearing glasses.

Additionally, cat eye looks in general can be worn with any eye shape, which is win for everyone! It’s no secret that celebrities and social media platforms help curate trends of all kinds, including makeup. So, it’s no surprise we have Kim Kardashian and Tik Tok to thank for the newest reverse cat eye trend!

What is the Reverse Cat Eye?

What is the reverse cat eye? Instead of lining the top lid and flicking the line out, you line the bottom lash line and flick up and out. What are some things you may want to keep in mind when doing the reverse cat eye?

Step 1: Apply Eye Primer

Apply eye primer, especially underneath the eye. You want the makeup up to glide on and stick to where you put it.

Step 2: Highlight Your Crease

Highlight your crease. This highlight will allow the balance between the lower lash line and eyelid to work together to create a fierce look.

Step 4: Apply Eyeshadow to Lower Lash Line

reverse cat eye

Apply eyeshadow to the lower lash line with a flat brush and make sure to create a winged look at the outer corner of the eyes. A great tip is to place eye-safe tape in the area as a guideline for a more precise and sharp line. If you want a more intense look, you can combine two different eyeshadows for a gradient effect.

Step 5: Line Lower Water Line

reverse cat eye

Once you’re done layering the eyeshadow, go ahead and line the lower water line with a nice dark color eyeliner. This adds more precision to your work and finishes the look. After that go ahead and add mascara and even false lashes for a full-blown dramatic effect.

Step 6: Intensify the Shade

Now you’re going to want to intensify the shade. The traditional reverse cat eye is very dark and sultry, so play around with black eye shadows. Be sure to tap off the excess to minimize as much fallout as possible. This step is going to take the most amount of time because you are going to focus on layering the color. You want to stick as close to the lash line as possible. This may be an opportunity even to wet a thin angle brush to help with the color intensity and precision. Another tip would be to add a darker color to the corners of your eyes.

Step 7: Line Lower Water Line

reverse cat eye

Once you’re done layering the eyeshadow, go ahead and line the lower water line with a nice dark color eyeliner. This adds more precision to your work and finishes the look. After that go ahead and add mascara and even false lashes for a full blown dramatic effect.

Additional Tips for the Reverse Cat Eye Look

Not All Black Eye Shadows are Made the Same

Now, the above tips are the basics for achieving the cat eye, which means it’s going to take practice and you’ll quickly realize not all black eye shadows are made the same. If you have a black eyeshadow that starts off as a barely there gray, well then you’re going to be taking a lot longer to achieve that look you want. Additionally, you don’t even have to use black as your base. This look can be done in varying shades of green, pink, even rainbow! Makeup is supposed to be fun and experimental! All we’re doing here is learning how the reverse cat eye works, so you can dominate it later.

Add Shade Lighter Than Your Skin to Add Depth

Some people feel a little naked without anything on their top lash line or lid. In order to combat this, I suggest using a shade a bit lighter than your natural skin tone to add some depth and make you feel less naked. Maybe you want to throw a shimmer on there too to really add some pop, which is all great! Remember makeup doesn’t have these firm rules, just loose guidelines to help you achieve the desired look you want.

Define Your Eye Shape

Another factor you want may want to consider is how big your eyes are and where they reside on your face. If your eyes are closer together, then maybe instead of lining them with a dark eyeshadow, you place a little light shimmer in the corner of your eyes instead. Some of you may not want dark colors sitting underneath your eyes, so in that case, use varying shades of neutrals to achieve the reverse cat eye look.

What is Your Eye Shape?

Eye shapes are also going to dictate how this trend looks on you, which means you’re going to figure out your eyes. Now, you may already know your eye shape and that’s fabulous, but sometimes understanding what actually compliments your eye is a different story. Any makeup trend can be worn by anyone because makeup is fluid and adaptable. Here are some tips to create a fabulous reverse cat eye for various eye shapes and skin textures!

Close Set Eyes

To enhance this eye shape, wear some light colors in the corner of your eye and maybe even use a white liner instead of a harsh black liner. There’s also an opportunity here to create a gradient liner with black, gray, and white to really enhance the reverse cat eye look while opening up the eye.

Wide Set Eyes

Darker inner corner shadows and liners will create a more balanced eye here.

Hooded Eyes

Focus on creating clean lines for the reverse cat eye and be sure to use shadows closer to your skin tone above the top lash line. This will create depth and help blend the overall look. The lower lash line should also have less of a smudged look because too much darkness will smush the eye together.


Try to use similar eyeshadows to create depth in the crease and be mindful of how much product you use. The colors can vary, but be mindful that your reverse cat eye may be a little thinner so as to not overwhelm the eye.

Upturned Eyes

Keep the liner focused on the waterline as this will enhance the eyeshade without shrinking them.

Almond Eyes

Pop a deeper shade in your crease to create dimension and blend out to a V shape. This will help make the eye look blend together without looking so disjointed.

Older Eyes

Before any primer is used, invest in a heavy duty moisturizer. The skin around the eyes becomes thinner as we age and it needs more care. Spraying some rose water will help absorb any moisture you add. Once the rose water is dry, then add your serums. Once those are dry add your moisturizer. Do not apply any primer until your eye area is dry from all the other yummy potions you’ve used. Each step is important in making your eye look last and not get all creased up as the day continues.


There are so many eye shapes and variances, but those above are rather common. Some people may even use complementary colors for their reverse cat eye. For example, blue eyes really shine with darker browns and golds for their smokey looks. Green eyes really take a shine to colors in the purple family and brown eyes are the most versatile in what colors complement them. Ultimately, makeup is whatever you want it to be and you can do whatever you want. Once you’ve selected the style that works best for you, party on and take the world with confidence! Until next time dearies!