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On the last night of Virgo season, we can’t help but plan for the future! According to science, autumn brings nostalgia and excitement, both the complete opposite of boredom. Halloween, the undeniably most exciting time of the year, is right around the corner, and you don’t want to miss out on 2021’s fall festivities. October 31st, during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, looked dramatically different from the Halloween celebrations of our memories with quarantines, social distancing, and mask protocols. Some even skipped out on participating altogether! Although safety regulations are still in place, trick or treaters will fill the streets on Halloween night to join in a long-time American tradition once again.

Ironically enough, Halloween ends the month of October and begins a line-up of beloved holidays that emphasize family, hospitality, tradition, gratitude, and holiday spirit. Halloween is practically the antithesis of these qualities and instead is synonymous with individuality, pop culture, self-expression, and adrenaline.

Halloween Costume Searching

Can’t find the perfect Halloween costume this year? We’re here to help. Whether you want a cute, sexy, or scary look, we’ve got some ideas we’re confident you’ll love. With so many options available online, a simple Google search could make you dizzy. It can be challenging to find something that really gets you feeling the Halloween spirit.

Make the most out of this October with our top 10 most popular Halloween costumes for women of all different lifestyles. The following list has a range of suggestions to fit all members of your friend group. You’ll find ideas whether you’re the Bachelorette, New Mom, Grad Student, or Young Professional.

Keep scrolling for some 2021 Spooky Season inspiration and have a Halloween you won’t forget!

Most Popular Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Big Screen

Halloween 2021


1. Red Gothic Wedding Dress Costume from HalloweenCostumes.com

Do you love classic Halloween throwback movies? We’re sure Beetlejuice is in your top 5 favorites. Elevate this creepy look with costume makeup to appear ghostly pale with hollowed-out cheeks and dark eyes. The only thing that would make this Lydia Deetz look better is a matching Beetlejuice. Just say his name three times and hope he appears!

Halloween 2021


2. Toon Scarlet Costume Set from Dolls Kill

If you’re willing to splurge on a show-stopping Halloween costume, consider this Jessica Rabbit number from the 1988 comedy Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Pair the bright red, sequin maxi dress with a side slit and included purple gloves, with a pair of high heels and the Doll Skin Fire N’ Desire Ombre Wig to complete the look.

most popular halloween costumes

If you’re not crazy about Jessica Rabbit but love the idea of rocking a wig on Halloween night, consider Poison Ivy or Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts.


most popular halloween costumes

3. Scarlet Witch Costume for Adults by Rubie’s – WandaVision

Here’s another costume option that requires a red wig. Transform into the 2021 sitcom WandaVision’s Scarlet Witch on October 31st with the included bodysuit, tights, gloves, cape, and foam headpiece.

most popular halloween costumesmost popular halloween costumes

4. Dolls Kill X Bratz Girlz Really Rock Velour Jacket and Cargo Pants

Commit to the ultimate Y2K fashion moment by dressing up as a Bratz doll this Halloween! Nostalgia is at an all-time high with Dolls Kill’s Bratz-inspired costume collection. It was almost too hard to choose our favorite! We settled on this throwback velour sweatsuit, available in either hot pink or black. Layer the “’BRATZ” zip-up over a signature Bratz tee-shirt and try a new makeup tutorial on YouTube to recreate the early 2000s aesthetic.  [Side note: the Chronically Iconic Denim Jacket and matching Denim Mini Skirt were a very close second!]

Keeping it Trendy

Halloween 2021

5. Medusa Maiden 2 Piece Costume Set – Teal from Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova advertises itself as “the world’s sexiest Halloween destination.” With a title like that, we had to deliver! If you’re comfortable showing some skin and tapping into your sensual side, then this Medusa-inspired outfit is a trendy take on a historical figure. Channel your inner Greek goddess with a deep-cut bodysuit and attached sheer skirt, silver ring detail, and golden snake headpiece. Gold heels and jewelry with a glowing tan would really turn up the heat on this revealing Halloween look.


most popular halloween costumes

6. Luna Lovestruck Costume Set from Dolls Kill

Awareness of astrology in popular culture has dramatically increased in recent years. If you’re interested in astrology and often find yourself putting your faith in the Universe, then you would love this costume! This adorable take on the celestial trend includes a blue bodycon dress with a galaxy printed sheer overlay and moon headband. Take a note from Dolls Kill’s model and style this costume with silver hoop earrings, a silver armband, and silver platform boots. And, how cute are these Celestial Fishnet Tights from Spirit Halloween?!

Family-Friendly Options for Expecting or Young Moms

most popular halloween costumes

7. Candy Smuggler Halloween Maternity Graphic Tee from Motherhood

Get creative with maternity Halloween tees if you are expecting this Halloween! While there are plenty of online costumes, we love graphic tees for a simple and comfortable way for pregnant trick or treaters to get into the spooky spirit this year. Stay warm and look cute with a pair of black leggings and your favorite Uggs.


most popular halloween costumesmost popular halloween costumes

8. Women’s Wonder Woman Costume

Children’s Wonder Woman Costume 

Mother-daughter costumes can seriously melt your heart. Show your daughter that women are superheroes, too, with matching hero Halloween costumes. Whether you choose to be coordinating Bat Women, Spider Girls, or Incredibles, you and your sidekick are sure to stand out this season.  Ask your daughter for her favorite female superhero and go with her lead! We love these superhero costumes from Amazon.


halloween 2021

halloween 2021

halloween 2021

9. Infant Silly Shark Costume from HalloweenCostumes.com

LIFEGUARD Officially Licensed Ladies Halloween Costume Bundle Back

If you’re a mom with a baby to coordinate with, this simple lifeguard outfit is the best match for a Baby Shark! The Amazon bundle includes a red lifeguard hoodie, baseball cap, fanny pack, and shorts. If Halloween tends to be chilly in your area, swap the shorts for leggings and pair them with your white sneaks.


halloween 2021

10. Tipsy Elves Halloween Skeleton Costume Jumpsuit with Front and Back Skeleton Print

This printed jumpsuit is the top pick for young moms looking for festive, simple, and comfortable this Halloween. Enjoy the spooky season with your family and look adorable while doing it! Please note when ordering this specific jumpsuit that the manufacturer uses unisex sizing.


Whether you’ve been thinking about this for months or not, we hope this list of most popular Halloween costumes has given you some inspiration. If none of these costume choices appeal to you and there is a particular character that speaks to who you really are, then it might be worth considering making your own DIY costume from scratch! With proper materials and plenty of time, anyone can make their dream Halloween costume come true.

The choice is up to you now, but we’re always here for help if needed. Make a statement, show off your style, celebrate with your family, or feel like yourself in a costume you love. These unique and super cute styles won’t stay in stock for too much longer! Make sure you place your orders now to receive one of the most popular Halloween costumes with enough time to spare. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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