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With spring finally here, we bet you’re as excited as we are for the Sunday brunches, park picnics, and beach days. But what to wear – that’s always the question we find ourselves asking. Well, matching sets are back this spring, and there are more styles than ever! So whether it is a Sunday brunch, picnic, or simply just a lounge day, there is a matching set just for you. We even took the liberty of collecting some of our favorite styles for you to try or use as inspiration this spring.

Shorts Matching Set

Short matching sets for women are perfect for those warm spring days. You can wear them as clothes on their own, or, depending on the set, sometimes they make the perfect beach cover-up as well! Some are more formal, while others are more flowy and casual. No matter what the occasion, there is almost definitely a shorts set for you. While there are thousands of different sets to choose from, these are some of our personal favorites.


Lounge Style Matching Sets

Loungewear really came into style last year during the height of quarantine, but we do not see this trend leaving us any time soon. So if you’re going to be comfy, why not do it in style? These loungewear matching sets are the epitome of comfy and stylish and are an absolute necessity for this spring.


Athletic Matching Sets

The reach of women’s matching sets really knows no bounds. Another trend that has grown in popularity over the past few months is matching gym wear sets. From tanks and leggings to shorts and sports bras, athletic matching sets for women are everywhere. We are SO here for it! While many of us maybe used to looking a sweaty gross mess, anything to make us look cute or stylish is a huge confidence booster. So one thing is for sure: you will definitely find us in these athletic sets this spring.


“Brunch” Matching Sets

We like to refer to these sets as “brunch sets” because they’re almost like a mix of fancy and casual (which we think describes brunch perfectly). They can be worn with some plain sandals, or you can up the anty with some strappy heels! It’s really up to you. They have the ability to be dressed up or down for almost any occasion. Here are some of our favorites this spring.


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