One of the common hair health issues that both men and women face is hair loss. Your hair is among the essential features of your physical appearance. It helps frame your face and it can also affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence. That’s why many people carefully establish their hair care routine to ensure that every day is a good hair day. Moreover, you might have even experimented with various hairstyles to elevate your overall appearance. 

However, if you wake up one day and notice an excessive amount of hair strands on your hands or comb after brushing your hair, you might worry since hair fall is the first sign of hair loss.

When a person experiences hair loss, they may feel a sense of embarrassment or anxiety about why their hair is falling in the first place. There are several reasons a person experiences hair loss. It can be due to hormonal changes, aging, the side effects of medication, stress, or a person’s grooming practices. 

Thankfully, there are tips you can try to help prevent hair loss and keep your hair health in top shape. Read on below for five smart hacks to prevent further hair fall and hair loss.

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5 Smart Hacks to Prevent Hair Fall and Hair Loss

Use The Right Haircare Products

As mentioned, one of the possible reasons that trigger hair loss is your grooming habits. While you may be washing your hair religiously, maybe you’re using the wrong hair product for your hair. A mismatch between your hair type and the hair products you use can lead to hair fall and hair loss. Thus, before you invest in a particular shampoo, see to it first that it’s manufactured for your particular type of hair. If you’re still experiencing severe hair loss, you can also switch to an anti-hair fall shampoo for treating hair loss.  

Aside from putting on the right shampoo, make sure you only wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Washing your hair way too often can strip off your hair’s natural oils and damage the follicles responsible for hair growth.  

Avoid Pulling Your Hair Too Tight

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It’s amazing how some people are so dedicated to rocking a certain hairstyle that they’re willing to endure painful hair pulling so they can achieve that perfect look. However, pulling your hair too tight and wearing hairstyles that require your hair to be tightly pulled back can cause hair loss. Some hairstyles that require tight pulling may include high ponytails, plaits, cornrows, and tight braids. Moreover, using heated rollers on your hair can also lead to hair loss.

As much as possible, only use heated rollers occasionally. And, if you choose to tie your hair in a tight hairstyle, make sure you let your hair rest from tight hairstyles for the next five to ten days. Meanwhile, if your head hurts while wearing a tight hairstyle, it only means your hairdo is too tight for you and too stressful for your hair.  

Start Eating Right

Eating right has always been connected to your overall health and wellness, which includes your hair. To protect your hair from hair loss, start incorporating more protein and omega-3 into your meals. Protein plays an essential role in boosting your hair growth. Without it, not only will you suffer from hair loss but you will also have a hard time growing new hair for replacement. Some foods rich in protein include seafoods, eggs, legumes, and lean meats.  

Meanwhile, fatty acids such as omega-3 are vital in maintaining your scalp and hair health. You can get more of these nutrients from foods like flaxseed and seafood. Overall, to maintain healthy hair and reduce your risk for hair loss, start eating right today. 

Choose Your Hats Wisely

Perhaps you love wearing hats as part of your personal style or to complete your fashionable outfit. But aside from choosing your hats based on their colors or designs, make sure to also consider their sizes and tightness. Wearing hats that are too tight for your head could also promote hair fall and hair loss. Moreover, wearing the wrong hat can damage your scalp due to friction and eventually damage hair follicles and discourage hair growth. So, choose fitting hats that are both fashionable and suitable for your head size and hair.  

Manage Your Stress Levels

One of the dominant causes of hair loss is stress. People who are constantly stressed, tensed, and anxious with their jobs or other responsibilities tend to experience frequent hair fall and hair loss, especially when combing their hair or when taking a shower. To prevent further hair loss, make it a priority to manage your stress levels and find ways to relax your mind. 

Whenever you feel stressed out in school, at work, or at home, find time to practice deep breathing exercises or practice a quick meditation session. Spending more time outdoors and immersing yourself in nature can also help manage your stress levels. Overall, find one to two things that help reduce your stress and incorporate them into your daily routine to reduce your risk for hair loss. 

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Overall, using the right hair products, eating right, reducing stress, and handling your hair gently can all help prevent hair loss. The growth and health of your hair primarily depend on your grooming habits and lifestyle choices. So, take control of your hair’s health and incorporate these hacks into your hair care routine.