Clumsiness isn’t a sin. It is, however, a total mess waiting to happen.

If you have a clumsy loved one, consider getting them a gift that can lessen the burden of life’s mishaps and missteps. Here are some ideas that will show your friend they’re loved while providing some necessary damage control.

An Adorable Phone Case

Getting a phone case as soon as you buy a new phone should be a no-brainer. But not all people think two steps ahead.

If your friend recently got an iPhone 12, get them a cute yet durable iPhone 12 case. It is a great way to make their investment in the device worthwhile. Plus, with so many styles and designs on the market today, you can pick a case that genuinely matches their personality!

Wine Sippy Cups

Being clumsy and having a good time are not mutually exclusive. A wine sippy cup is the solution to having both.

Designed with hard plastic, a sturdy base, and sometimes even a lid, wine sippy cups allow you to drink with the girls without sloshing it all over your outfit. No spills and no broken glass mean more fun for everyone.

Motion Sensor Nightlight

Many people wake up at night and do just fine fumbling their way through the dark to the bathroom or kitchen. But this is a recipe for disaster for someone who deals with chronic clumsiness. What’s more, if your friend suffers from a balance disorder, they must avoid walking in total darkness as it could exacerbate their symptoms and lead to injury.

An easy fix? A motion sensor nightlight. Available in lots of cute designs and different hues, a motion sensor light activates anytime your friend gets out of bed, so they’ll have enough light to reach the fridge for a midnight snack without incident.

Gift Basket with Essentials

So many things that make life easier for a clumsy person are small odds and ends that people don’t think of until the moment they’re needed. Be a true pal and give the gift of foresight by building a customized clumsy-proof gift basket!

Think about the things you see happening to your friend. Do they spill drinks or drip food on their clothing? Add a Tide To-Go Pen to the basket. Is a slip and fall moment a typical occasion? Anti-slip socks and some cute band-aids are just what the doctor ordered. Does their phone slam onto the ground more often than they’d like to admit? Studies show that nearly 6,000 phone screens are broken every hour in the US. Make sure your friend isn’t one of them. A PopSocket is a perfect thing.

Personalize the gift basket with cute decorations and a handwritten note, so your pal knows you’re genuinely looking out for them. There’s humor in a gift like this, but they’ll also feel the love in it.

Clumsy-Proof Your Pal

clumsy friend

Give the gift that says “I see you and love you for all you are” with one of these clumsy-proof presents. You may get a good laugh, but it’s sure to be followed by sincere gratitude from your clumsy pal. You could even consider inviting them on your next road trip to make sure they know how loved they are, plus you can also make sure they are safe during the trip. But we don’t guarantee it!