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With more time indoors, quarantine has changed the way many of us do makeup. Many of you have probably seen a lot of faux freckles on the Gram lately, but what’s this trend all about?

Spring definitely trends towards pastels, but that’s not even the beginning of some of the incredible makeup experimentation we’ve been seeing lately. Faux freckles have become the perfect way of getting a youthful and sun-kissed look, especially during times like these.

But are they easy to do, or do faux freckles require tons of skill or practice? Well, with the right tools and practice, faux freckles can easily become the perfect addition to your beauty routine!

What You’ll Need

Remember that faux freckles go on after the rest of your makeup, so be sure to make sure that one complements the other. You’ll first need to properly cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize your skin for a radiant glow. After that, go ahead and apply your favorite primer followed by the foundation and/or concealer of your choice (preferably one that will bring out your glow). Also, using a high-quality setting or finishing powder will help your makeup last and provide the perfect surface for your soon-to-be faux freckles.

Once you’ve applied your makeup, all you will really need is an eyebrow pencil. To ensure that your faux freckles don’t get too dark though, aim for at least a few shades lighter than your hair color but darker than your skin tone. Finding the perfect shade does require some experimentation. Also, you’ll need to choose the right pencil for your needs. A traditional brow pencil will produce bolder, rounder dots, while a brush-based one will produce smaller dots with a more fleck-like appearance.


How to Apply Faux Freckles

Imperfection is actually the key to a natural look when it comes to faux freckles. While you definitely want to aim for the areas that are the most sun-exposed (your cheeks, nose, and temples), the key is not to apply them too densely or too symmetrically. You’ll always want to start with fewer freckles and then add more little by little.

Also, remember not to apply the freckles with too much force, since they may show up darker in color than desired. Finally, once you have applied freckles to your heart’s content, use a clean finger or Q-tip to dab the pigment around the surrounding skin. This will help the freckles blend in with the rest of your skin as well as produce the look of some smaller, fainter freckles. You can also use a quality makeup brush for this step.

Once you’ve completely applied your faux freckles, another round of setting or finishing powder should be perfect for keeping them and the rest of your makeup on your skin. Finally, adding a touch of bronzer is a clever way to enhance your sun-kissed look even more without exposing your face to potentially harmful UV rays.

In summary, faux freckles are the perfect thing to work in alongside the rest of your beauty routine. Whether you’re looking to impress on social media or just want to have some fun, they can be a great way to create your ultimate makeup look. But what did you think of our suggestions? If you’d like to share your thoughts with us on Instagram, check us out @successible_life. Also, if you’ve pulled off an amazing look that you’d like us to share, use #SuccessibleBeauty for a chance to be reposted!