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Fall is a lot of people’s favorite time of year – not only for a little bit of cooler weather outside, but also for the outstanding outfits that come along with it. While leather pants and all types of boots are at the top of our fall favorites, jackets and coats are our all-time staple pieces.

Our saved folders on Instagram are full of this amazing inspo for this season. These five fall jacket styles will have you staying trendy and cozy for the rest of the season. What are some of your favorite styles to wear during this fall?

Recreate This Puffer Jacket Look:


Is it just us, or do these trendy jackets get better and better? Puffer jackets are just a must-have this fall. They aren’t totally a new trend, but nobody can seem to get enough of them this season. They can be styled in so many ways and still look fabulous! So get yourself a puffer for fall and having everyone walking by saying, “Wow she looks so cool – I wonder where her jacket is from?”

Recreate This Shackets Look:

What is a shacket? Heavier than a shirt and lighter than a jacket, it’s been named the shacket. This oversized jacket has made quite the appearance on everyone’s Instagram feeds these days, and that’s probably because it’s a comfy staple for anyone’s closet.

Shackets are the perfect layering piece throughout fall and winter. They look good on just about anyone, so if you want that trendy, cool girl look, this is just the essential piece for you.

Recreate This Leather Jacket Look:

Leather has always been a staple piece for fall, and it carries on this year! This fall, leather jackets and blazers are ALL the kids are talking about.

They are the easiest way to layer and make any basic outfit fabulous. Pair skinny or baggy jeans along with a hoodie (or graphic tee, depending on the weather) and style your leather jacket over it. If you’re having trouble finding a leather jacket that works for you, you could always go with custom leather jackets that do!

Recreate This Teddy Trench Coat Look:

The teddy coat is the most comfortable jacket you will own this season! The teddy coat is the best name for this cozy coat that keeps you wrapped up like a big hug from a teddy bear.

This is the perfect coat to keep your whole body warm head to toe. Style with sweats and sneaks for a killer streetwear look.

Recreate This Trench Coat Look:

Trench coats are an absolute fall must. The beige color gives us fall vibes to a T, especially with the nude trend these days going so strong. Trench coats this season are being styled in so many ways.

For a streetwear look, style with sweats and a hoodie. On the other hand, for the perfect fall fit (akin to Hailey Bieber’s style), go with baggy jeans, a turtleneck sweater, and some cute boots. A plus side to trench coats is that they come in all lengths, so smaller girls out there can still strut with pride!

There is a reason that puffers, shackets, leather jackets, teddy coats, and trenches are all the hype this season. Adding a layer is always a way to complete the look. A jacket is the perfect item for that, and it usefully also adds some warmth. If you want to be the next trendy cool girl on the block, snatch up these amazing fall jackets. Don’t forget to use #SuccessibleFashion on your next Insta post for a chance to be featured on our page!

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