Look, we know where you’re at because we’re there too. It’s been too many consecutive days of sitting slouched in front of a computer with unwashed hair, tapping away at a now too-familiar keyboard. Sure, we’re wearing sweatpants and we’ve got a steaming mug at hand, and that’s nice.

But if you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending probably too much of that time sitting in front of the computer focused on another, small screen, scrolling photos of your dream spots. Yep, you’re not alone if you dream of traveling somewhere fantastic this year.

Whether you’re weighing the pros and cons of Tulum vs. Cancun, wanting to wear out your shoes on some quaint European streets, or imagining sipping cocktails on a Bora Bora Romantic Tour (can you tell we’re sick of being cold?), we feel you.

So without any further ado, here are our top dream spots to travel in 2022.


Dream Spots Hawaii

Is it safe to travel to Hawaii? With continuing restrictions and possible new flare-ups (fingers crossed this is our last variant for a while), we’re starting domestically. Even if you’ve been to Hawaii before, there’s plenty left to see and do on the archipelago. Might we suggest Kauai and Maui?

What to do on Kauai? On Kauai, you’ve got hiking and bird watching. The island is full of wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, incredible waterfalls, and the rainiest spot in the whole world (it’s cool though, you should visit). Kauai is also considered one of the best places to visit in November.

What to do on Maui? On Maui… well the best view of the whole state is from above. That’s right, Maui skydiving is up at the top of our bucket list. Seriously, what better way to get back into the swing of travel than jumping out of a plane?


Dream Spots Cancun

Why is Cancun better than Tulum? I’m about to have a fight with myself that I think you’ll enjoy: Tulum vs. Cancun. You may have heard of Cancun as a party city, but it’s really got something for everyone. It’s a bit bigger city than Tulum, so more accommodations and amenities at more price points will probably be available when you plan your trip.

What are Cancun’s beaches like? Cancun’s beaches are lively and the club scene is legendary. So if you’re looking to share a margarita with a cute stranger, we’d bet you can find someone to dance with in Cancun.


Dream Spots Tulum

Why is Tulum better than Cancun? Alright, onto the opposite argument of Tulum vs. Cancun. Just over 80 miles down the coast from Cancun, Tulum is Cancun’s crunchier neighbor. Think yoga retreats and long walks along the Yucatan coastline. It’s a bit quieter than Cancun, perfect for some contemplative meditation and more space on the beach, but it’s by no means a sleepy town.

What’s a can’t miss spot for either destination? Whichever spot you choose, make sure you visit the ruins of Chichen Itza, a gorgeous ruin roughly two hours from Tulum and 2.5 from Cancun.


Dream Spots Banaff

Are there any good mountain locations? So you can probably tell by now that we’re in a beach mood, but we like the mountains too! One of our snowy dream spots is right north of our own border.

What can I do at Banff? When it does get cold again, we hope at least one of us gets to take advantage of the frozen air with a trip to Banff to go dogsledding around the gorgeous Lake Louise. The town of Banff is right on the edge of Canada’s first national park, and it’s perfect for the kind of travelers who want to go on a long hike and then have a nice cocktail in a well-appointed hotel bar.

Bora Bora

Dream Spots Bora Bora

Are there any romantic spots to visit? Bora Bora romantic cruise. Need we say more? What could be better than an anniversary or honeymoon spent floating above the crystal clear water of this French Polynesian island? Our trip to this dream spot would have to include an expansive brunch with mimosas, the longest Bora Bora romantic cruise we can possibly find, and an evening of fresh-caught seafood room service in a bungalow over the ocean.

What can I do at Bora Bora? Bora Bora may seem like one of the more remote locations in this article, but it’s only around an eight-hour flight from L.A. So, you’re set if you’re in that half of the country. Bora Bora has a whole slew of lovely accommodations to stay in, plenty of them perched over the water, and plenty of water-based things to do. Jet skis, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing. And did we mention a romantic cruise? Sure, we may be a bit fixated. But honestly, who can blame us.


Dream Spots Salzburg

Do you have any recommendations in Europe? Hoping for some old-world charm for your next vacation? Have you considered a smaller town in Austria? With just over 150,000 residents, Salzburg is a lovely smaller town right on Austria’s border with Germany. Good pastries, great beer, and plenty of walking tours to balance out the indulgence.

What can I do in Salzburg? There’s a castle to explore, Mozart and Sound of music tours to take, and endless little streets to wander down. Yeah, you heard that right. Mozart and the real von Trapp family were all born in Salzburg. It’s the perfect spot to wander through a dense old city and take in art and culture that has lasted for hundreds of years.

If you want to spend a few days in a larger European city, take a quick train ride over to Vienna for endless, majestic museums and cultural centers. And if you get tired of too many old cobblestone streets, you can take a train up into the mountains for some hiking, you know, for some different rocks.


Dream Spots Boracay

What’s a perfect island getaway? If we’re dreaming real big (and isn’t that the point of dreaming?), we’d just hop a quick flight to nearly the other side of the world. The Philippines has just about any kind of beach you could want. Want to cruise among soaring limestone towers and snorkel down to observe the fish living among them? Head over to Palawan. Looking to swim with whale sharks? Donsol! Are you a surfer? Siargao. An aspiring surfer? San Juan. Seriously, with well over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has a beach for everyone.

Why should I go to Boracay over other beach locales? So why Boracay? It is just beautiful. The beaches have room to lounge, great restaurants accessible from the coast, and a whole fleet of boats ready to take you on a gorgeous sunset cruise along the island.

Why is the island so spacious and beautiful? The island of Boracay used to be a notorious party spot until the town undertook some cleanup and legislative measures to confine the party scene off the beach. It’s still there, it’s just not in the water.


Dream Spots Dubronvik

Do you have any historical locales with a bit of everything? If your dream spot includes altitude-gaining hikes, some time in the ocean, and a good amount of historical architecture you should look up a flight to Croatia. The ancient walls and dense buildings of this ancient city mean the beaches aren’t nearly as accessible as some of the other places we’ve mentioned, and mostly more rocks than sand. But there’s scuba diving and kayaking, and the city itself will provide for hours of wandering, fantastic food, and chic bars.

Travel Essentials: Luggage

dream spots luggage

Where should I shop for my Luggage? If you’re wondering what luggage you should use for your trip we highly recommend browsing target’s wares! Not only are their options affordable, but they have unmatched quality for the price they offer as well. In my opinion, having the right luggage can make or break a vacation. Having a bag that breaks easily or even worse, having to leave items at home because there just isn’t enough space can really dampen the vacation you’ve worked so hard for.

Do you have any recommendations? Lucky for you, we have an entire article dedicated to some of our best finds from Target. If you’re looking for some of the best recommendations from us, we highly recommend checking out our article that discusses everything about travel organizers or you can find some amazing deals from Amazon here.

A final note on all of these spots: it’s still necessary to check on travel restrictions before you book anything. While plenty of flights are easily changeable for the moment, many countries are still requiring different levels of testing or quarantine. Hopefully, we can all get back to unfettered travel soon, but until then please stay safe and enjoy your dream spots as much as possible!

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