Travel Organizer Essentials
Make traveling enjoyable with these essentials
Travel Organizer Essentials
Make traveling enjoyable with these essentials

Who doesn’t love to travel? Even with a pandemic still around us, we don’t mind packing for a tranquil weekend at the beach. So besides some good sunscreen, what do you need to make your trips as stress-free as possible? Well, consider getting a good travel organizer to start!

Now for one of our favorite places for luggage shopping: Target. Spanning many budgets and housing so many items and collections, Target is a gem. It’s like the golden mean between quality and affordability when it comes to shopping for luggage. Specifically, we are going to go through some travel organizer essentials for your luggage. Staying organized is important, especially if you’re traveling out of the country and need spots to hold your passports and currency. But first, let’s start with some of the best luggage Target has to offer.

The Best Travel Organizer Essentials

Packing Cube Set


First up, we have this packing cube set with a shoe bag! This lovely set helps keep all your things organized in a way that is conducive to cleanliness as well. It comes in black or blue and features five packing cubes in a variety of sizes so that you can tailor its use to your specific needs. The zipper closure means your items will stay in place while you travel. The cubes are ideally sized to fit checked luggage, and the set includes two large, one medium, and two small bags. Personally, we think this is more for people who don’t pack a lot of shoes or are minimalists.

The “Pack it Original”


Next up, we have this Pack it cubes that are designed to separate dirty clothes from clean, damp bathing suits or smelly gym clothes, or to simply provide even more organization. The mesh compartment keeps moisture in or out, and the floating mesh divider keeps two compartments separate. Additionally, there is mesh for visibility and breathability on the other side. This easy-to-grab handle makes it convenient to take to water-centric areas as well.

The Luscious Carry-On Bag


Some days all you need is a quick weekend bag that is organized for your all needs. Meet this carry-on bag in faux leather! This bag will have you set for any day or activity. Featuring soft and supple faux-leather construction with a pebbled finish for elegant texture, this roomy hold-all bag is designed with a lid-like zippered closure and opens to a spacious packing compartment. The interior zip pocket along with multiple slip pockets provides neat organization, while the slip pockets on the exterior sides offer additional handy storage.

This solid-color weekender bag is just as easy to carry as it is to pack perfectly thanks to its top handles. It also features an adjustable and detachable cross-body strap, so you can wear it your way. Cross-body straps are ideal when you require something easy and don’t want to make a fuss. We love this bag for quick overnight stays because it organizes everything so well.

The Skyline Carry-On Spinner Suitcase


Not everyone wants to carry their bag onto a plane or even in general. We hear you, babe: bicep curls belong at the gym or at home, so let us introduce you to this carry-on. Welcome to the Coolife carry on spinner suitcase! Be ready for any type of travel you encounter with the Spinner Hard side Luggage from Skyline.

This tough suitcase features a sleek & modern ABS exterior with 4 easy-gliding spinner wheels. A divided fully lined interior makes packing quick, easy, and effortless. With its carry-on capability, you can use it for every trip! Carry-ons that contain their own organization system are wonderful because you don’t have to add any extra stuff or weight to your carry-on. This can also save you space and effort, as you cart this bad boy around through an airport or just down your hotel hallway.

The Duluth Pack Roll


Now, this next item is very specific and is definitely a luxury item, without a high price point, plus it’s really cute. Meet the Duluth Pack Roll, which is water-resistant. This lush piece has riveted leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom. Also, it has an extra canvas length to roll your pack close to optimally secure your goods at whichever height is desired. The total height is 22″, and it is 16″ high at the tightest roll.

Finally, this hand constructed 15 oz. canvas for durable quality has a heritage “better-with-age” aesthetic. It’s fancy, and the price tag reflects that, but if you like to roll all the things, then this piece could fit your bill. Listen, we know rolls are in, but we have a harder time with this method because we like to fold everything or place stuff in mini bags. We do love bags, so give those all to us.

The Toiletry Bag


Speaking of bags, let’s talk toiletry bags! Not every bag needs to cost a fortune, and this totally functional toiletry bag fits the bill. Take the stress out of packing for your next trip with this small Toiletry Bag. Put your essentials into this travel toiletry bag and zip them up for safekeeping. It features several inside pockets for easy organization, along with a hook to hang the bag for easy access once you’ve arrived at your destination. At just under eight inches tall, this bag will fit your essentials while still being easy to slide into your luggage.

Accidents happen with shampoos and whatnot, so having a bag that you can easily wipe and still organize in your luggage is top-notch. You’re on vacation, you don’t have time to be messing around with cleaning all the things. You have things to do, and cleaning isn’t on that list.

The Travel on Origin Anti-Theft Backpack


This last bag is truly a remarkable feat of engineering. Organizing all your things can be a pain, but also theft is also a serious issue you have to pay attention to. Well, let’s meet Travelon Origin Anti Theft Backpack! This large backpack boasts multiple pockets for papers, laptops, and in general whatever you need to carry. It’s washable and has multiple pockets in the front to store some smaller things. Essentially, it was created to provide the everyday voyager with the perfect bag and was thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include the attributes that aid in the everyday journey.

Origin timeless mountaineering style offers modern functionality with exceptional regard for detail. Sustainable design reduces our carbon footprint by 45-50 percent by diverting plastic bottles from oceans and waste streams into an Origin backpack. The certified recycled material doubles the lifespan of your bag, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Consider our 4-layer construction includes a theft barrier as part of Origins patented Anti-Theft Security System, easily making it the safest bag in our world because the straps are secured on the back panel. This hag has got you covered – whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit, or wherever your passion takes you. Whatever you may bring, Origin provides the peace of mind to live your active lifestyle to the fullest! Also, this bag is made from sustainable certified recycled RPET material. If durable and eco-friendly are your thing, this is your bag.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top luggage picks from Target! Now onto our favorite travel organizers (conveniently purchasable from Amazon) to go with that fantastic luggage:

Packing Cubes

Talk about convenience! This six-piece set from BAGSMART easily fits into luggage, comes in three different sizes, and can be had in multiple different colors. With reviews this good (also with the convenience of quick and free Amazon Prime delivery), this deal is simply too good not to be taken advantage of.


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What does a travel organizer do?

Travel organizers let you make more suitable use of the limited space in your bag with better protection and organization.

Are packing cubes really worth it?

Packing cubes guarantees your traveling bags are as organized as possible, they are well worth the investment.

Is it better to roll or fold clothes in a suitcase?

Between the two, rolling is better. But even better than those are the Compression Packing Cubes for Suitcases!

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