Fall Tops
Feel sexy and cozy with this deep red sweater top
model posing with her stylish red winter top
Feel sexy and cozy with this deep red sweater top

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Are you falling in love with fall clothes? Or are you struggling to find which fall tops should make it to your wardrobe? If you’re having trouble emerging from summer styles to flirty fall finds, don’t panic. Below, we showcase some of the absolute hottest fall tops you need in your cart – like, yesterday.

Best 10 Options for Your Fall Tops:

Fall Tops: Button-Down

The button-down is a classic top that almost everyone has hidden in their wardrobe. Well, don’t hesitate to bust it out for this fall season. Button-downs are incredibly popular, and they pair well with your favorite mom jeans and a tank top or crop top underneath.


We’re in love with this crisp white button-down, but a cute floral number can take your button-down ensembles to the next level. Suppose you’re a fan of the flannel; now’s the time to rotate it back into your everyday looks. Just don’t forget the combat boots.

Fall Tops: Plaid


Passionate about plaids? You’ll be thrilled to learn about fall’s second most popular top trend: it’s none other than plaid. Whether you love deep and rich shades like burgundy or prefer a succulent blend of dark blues and greens, you can wear it with confidence this fall. The best part is, that plaids are perfect for mixing, matching, and layering. Get the most out of your plaids!

Fall Tops: Slogan

The year 2022 taught us a lot of things – one was to be our unique selves. We learned that we are free to show who we are, especially through our clothing. There is no “wrong” way to dress; there’s only the right way to wear your favorite looks.

That said, snag a few slogan tops that fit your fancy and show who you are. For example, this adorable mint tee says “Keep it Cute,” while this charming Charlie Brown top shares the words “Kind People are my Kind of People”


This “Overthinking and probably hungry” top is something we can probably all relate to, while this “Mama needs Coffee” shirt is a must-have for coffee lovers everywhere.

You can also ditch the silly or endearing slogans and rock your favorite band tees or shirts that showcase your favorite lyrics. Remember – it’s all about your style and what you love. Break free from the pack and embrace it.

Fall Tops: Brights

I know, I know. When the temperatures start getting chilly, we reach for our pumpkin spice lattes and clothes with warming colors. But 2021 is doing things a little bit differently. This year, we’re saying sayonara to the deep hues and indulging in vibrant, look-at-me shades that kick chilly temps to the curb.


With bright-colored tops, there are no limits. Frilly females will love this beautiful pink top or flirty ruched purple number. You’re free to indulge in this vibrant blue top or bring the sunshine from summer with you with this look-at-me bright yellow top.

Fall Tops: Geometric

The geometric pattern is one of the most popular top trends for fall 2021. We love it because it’s funky and unique but still effortlessly stylish. Geometric patterns can mix and match with various other patterns, whether you’re going for denim or floral patterns underneath.


The options are limitless with the geometric pattern. There are plenty of designs to choose from, whether you’re going bold with a monochromatic black and white top or something a little more vibrant. Again, it all comes down to personal style and showing off what you’re comfortable in.

Fall Tops: Floral

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – the floral trend isn’t going anywhere. We wore it all through spring and summer, and apparently, we still haven’t got enough of it. Are we complaining? Of course, not. We’re thrilled to see the floral pattern trend extending into fall. We’re even happier we don’t have to ditch our fave floral shirts!


Florals are fun because there are a lot of options to choose from. For instance, this long-sleeved shirt has a busy floral pattern, complete with a shirred neck and cuffs for some extra dimension. This floral shirt is a bit more relaxed but has a complementing asymmetrical neckline to help it stand out.


If you’re looking for dressier options, look no further than the sparkly trend. Yes, you read that correctly. This fall season, you’re completely allowed to wear all the sequins and sparkles your heart has ever desired.


This gold sparkled long-sleeved shirt is bedazzled from top to bottom and comes with trendy poofed shoulders to tie it all together. It’s a dream come true kind of top, complete with V-shaped necklines in a flirty wrap profile. Honestly, we would love this for date night, but we’d wear it to the grocery store, too.


Feel free to try out some different colored sparkly tops, too, like this gorgeous purple number. Something like this would be the go-to for holiday parties and would certainly create a “jaw-dropping” effect.

Tie Knot Cardigan

If you remember correctly, tops with a tie knot up in front were the “it” for fashion through the warmer months. Does that mean we have to say bye now that the colder weather is crawling in? Absolutely, not! We’re planning to go even harder for fall and wintertime tie knot fashion.


The knit tie knot cardigan is an absolute must for your fall wardrobe. Not only is it adorable in every way, shape, and form, but it also has that coziness we all crave for the chilly months. But by the way – you don’t have to use the tie knot. Anything “knit” is going to be fashion-forward, so wear what pleases you, babes!

Cowl Neck Tunics


Our last must-have fall top you need to add to your cart immediately is the cowl neck tunic. These lovely tops scream fall and just so happen to work wonders with your favorite leggings and boots. They’re sure to be a staple in your closet that you’ll keep pulling out time and time again.


When the weather drops too low to sport your fave cowl neck tunic, just swap it for your chunky cowl neck sweater. These chunky sweaters hold onto the tunic trend while providing an extra layer of warmth. You can’t go wrong with that!


If it’s knit, it’s “it.” Okay, so we’re saying that knit just so happens to be one of the biggest trends for fall 2021. If you see a knit top, don’t hesitate to toss it into your cart – virtually or in person.


All types of knits are in. We’re in love with this Cable Knit Polo Shirt because it sends off serious 90s vibes. And if you didn’t know already, 90s styles are making a big comeback this year. If you haven’t indulged in your 90s fashion fantasies, do it now!


Waffle knit crop tops are also heavily in style. Yup, that’s right – those beloved summer crop tops can cruise their way right into the chillier autumn months with no problem. You might want to consider the itsy-bitsy numbers for a long-sleeved top like this one, though.

Final Words

We love all these great fall tops. Whether you’re going the warm and cozy route with a cowl neck tunic or want to shine bright like a diamond with all things pastel, you can look fabulous and stay cozy doing it.

What is your favorite fall top that you will add to your cart ASAP?

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What is a fall top?

These are the kinds of tops or sweaters you can wear for fall by itself, or under a jacket or a cardigan or a blazer, and the kinds you can wear to church with a skirt or to the grocery store with jeans. Every girl needs at least one or two of these fall tops in her closet.

What is tops in fashion?

A top is an item of clothing that covers at least the chest, but which usually covers most of the upper human body between the neck and the waistline. The bottom of tops can be as short as mid-torso, or as long as mid-thigh.

What does fall clothes mean?

Fall fashion means figuring out how to layer without looking like an overstuffed penguin, and for revisiting your favorite transitional-weather gear, from chunky ankle boots (opens in new tab) to classic trench coats.