People have had curly hair since the beginning of humanity. The difference in whether it is popular or not is generally down to public image. In recent years, the promotion of body positivity and diversity in all forms has made curly hair more than just acceptable, it is now even desirable. This trend doesn’t seem likely to disappear any time soon. In other words, you need to know how to build a curly hair routine and cultivate those curls!

Cleanse First

The trick to getting perfect curly hair is to make sure you cleanse it first. The aim is to remove all existing products and contaminants. These are often an issue if you have hard water or swim frequently.

Choosing a premium product is also an essential part of the process. It needs to be natural and, ideally, a chelating shampoo. This ensures your hair is fully cleansed before you start your curly girl hair routine.

It’s advisable to wash your hair at least twice a week with a natural product and use a cleansing shampoo at least once a month. 

Style Time

The simplest way to get curly hair is by using curling tongs. You’ll need to choose high-quality tongs, such as those offered by Oz Hair & Beauty. These have heat settings that allow you to keep the heat as low as possible and still get the desired effect.

You want to run them slowly through your hair to create the desired curl. 

To increase the effect, you can also start styling by hand. Simply scrunch your hair while it is still wet, and repeat, over and over again.

Scrunching is also the best time to add styling products. It’s best to choose a natural product that will complement your hair, leaving it looking and feeling great without damaging it.

You should note, that the style products should be used while your hair is wet. Once your hair is fully dried you can continue scrunching with your hands to remove all the product. It’s easier than you think. 


The real secret to getting and keeping stunning curls is to repeat this process every time you get your hair wet. Repeating this process ensures your curls stay in place, look natural, and you feel fantastic.

It is recommended you wash your hair every other day. However, this is a personal decision as it will depend on your hair type. Some people can get away with washing their hair less often. 

Using Heat Styling Tools

Curling tongs are useful to create a curly hairstyle. They are also useful to help ‘top-up’ your curls when they are starting to loosen but you don’t want or have the time to repeat the entire process. 

However, as mentioned, if you’re using styling tools make sure they are high quality and you can adjust the heat. The lower the setting the less likely it is that you’ll damage your hair. 

It only takes a little practice to get stunning curls and, once you’ve embraced this hairstyle, you’ll never look back.