Here’s a treat for you, readers and fans of crumbl cookies! While many of you know that we routinely cover the Great Orlando area, our team is based in Winter Park, FL. Yes, we’ve written about the best spots in Orlando for smoothies, lattes, and fresh food, but we’d be remiss to not mention some of our favorite gastronomy establishments in our backyard.

Winter Park, Florida

When it comes to fine dining and high-end eateries, Winter Park doesn’t disappoint. It just takes a stroll down Park Avenue and its adjacent establishments to note that Winter Park is at the top of the food chain in terms of both taste and ambiance. The story with boutique and novelty bakeries is no different.

So today, we wanted to introduce you to another amazing addition to this culinary ecosystem. Across from Winter Park Village, Crumbl Cookies is a new and bustling bakery that’s made headlines in the local scene. To tell this story, however, we’ve got to start in Utah.

Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies started as a single store founded by two cousins, Jason and Sawyer, just four years ago. While they didn’t quite get their recipe right at first, once they did, the business grew at an unprecedented rate. Now a blossoming franchise, Crumbl Cookies has over 250 bakeries in the United States across over 35 states. Their TikTok account has close to 3 million followers! The brand has been endorsed by mega-celebrities, including Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled.

Bringing People Together

bringing families and friends together

But the magic sauce of the company truly lies in its philosophy of “bringing people” together. In very much the same way it was founded, Crumbl Cookies seeks to bond family and friends together over their delicious, homemade-style cookies. And even if it weren’t for their famous pink-colored boxes, you can truly taste the thought and love in every bite. In addition to their chocolate chip and sugar cookie bases, that’s currently around 170 different flavors of love.

Winter Park Location

Coming back to Winter Park, the story of this location is equally intriguing. On the Wednesday morning we visited, we were amazed by how packed the store already was. One of the owners, Jay, mentioned that it was even busier on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. A previous food franchise owner himself, Jay, and the other owners were drawn to this opportunity due to its growth, popularity, and mission. Friends and family themselves, these owners have been equally impressed by the growing community of family, friends, and acquaintances who love their cookies.

Community Commitment

For the month of October, widely recognized as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, the store even has the option at checkout to donate to the Know Your Lemons Foundation. Talk about commitment to the community. Their weekly menu changes, so check out a Crumbl Cookies location to see what specialty flavors they’re offering this week!

But onto the fun stuff you’ve all been waiting for: our verdict on some of the best flavors we tried out there! In particular, we’d like to highlight three flavors that truly mesmerized our palates.

Flavors of Crumbl Cookies

variety of crumbl cookies

Pink Velvet

pink velvet from crumbl cookies

As the name suggests, the “Pink Velvet” is a cookie based on the perennially famous red velvet cake. So if that’s your thing, you’ll love this cookie. But it’s more than just a version of red velvet — true to form, it’s a cookie first. We especially loved that it was a bit more on the sweet side than the tart side. The overall texture and chewiness still says cookie. Nevertheless, this “Pink Velvet” has a certain sweet decadence that’s a flavor to be reckoned with.

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

chocolate strawberry cheesecake

Next up, the “Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake” was a decidedly unique creation. Think of putting chocolate, cheesecake, and strawberry flavors together. This results in a flavor that’s simultaneously sweet, savory, and rich, i.e. the ideal cheesecake. Even the temperature and texture of this cookie are just as a perfect cheesecake should be — cool and moist. If you’re a cheesecake person, there’s no arguing against trying this cookie.

Milk Chocolate Chip

crumbl cookies milk chocolate chip

Finally, we tried Crumbl Cookies’ take on the quintessential chocolate chip cookie. In this case, the familiarity with the name and all of its “nom nom nom” ethos definitely hold up. This was truly an outstanding chocolate chip cookie in the most authentic way. Already thick and hefty, as a great cookie should be, the milk chocolate was a happy medium between sweet and tart and just the perfect amount of gooey. This chocolate chip cookie is just the right amount of crumbly on the outside and moist on the inside. Just call it cookie perfection.


While even as Sesame Street fans debate whether Cookie Monster preferred sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies, our choice is clear from this selection: the classic choice wins, and these chocolate chips just can’t be beaten. It is apparent that Crumbl Cookies has perfected this cookie in the way that no self-respecting cookie connoisseur could dispute. We’ll just call it that — eating Crumbl’s chocolate chip cookies, perhaps with a bottle of milk, is an experience that will assuredly leave a lasting impression. But don’t just trust our words, you’ll have to try it yourself.


Altogether, the warmth and friendliness of the staff at Crumbl Cookies Winter Park impressed us just as much as their wildly popular cookies. Yes, it’s a new brand, but boy, have they got it right about what makes for a great product and service. Whether you opt for a classic or novel choice, you won’t be disappointed by this experience. And if you are looking for the latest in Crumb Cookies’ updates, be sure to check out the company’s social media accounts (Instagram:, TikTok: And while the stores themselves are closed on Sundays, be sure to check out these accounts on Sunday evenings for their latest creations. Stay tuned!