Are you wearing the right pair of shoes for your type of workout at the gym? Not only do you want to be trendy and look good while working out, but you also need to be sure you are wearing the best, most supportive pair of gym shoes. To choose the best gym shoes for women, it’s important to consider these key decision points to help find a shoe that fits and feels good:

  1. Choose your type of workout. What kind of workout are you planning on doing? Will you be inside the gym on level ground, or will you be outdoors? Are you going to be doing a variety of different workouts within your workout?
  2. Decide the level of cushioning you want under your feet. Do you want to feel like you’re on a cloud, or do you want to feel the ground right underfoot?
  3. Make sure the shoe fits right and has complete comfort. Your shoe should feel good to your feet from the very first moment you put on the shoe and have a no-breaking-in period. Consider your foot type; if you have wide feet, flat feet, and so on, you don’t choose the wrong type and cause foot pain.

From running and cardio to weight lifting to high-intensity interval training, making sure you are wearing the right athletic shoe is a must, or your performance could be seriously affected.

Best Gym Shoes for Women – Running and Cardio

Depending on where and what surface you plan on running on, there are a few different running shoes to consider. The first type is road-running shoes. These shoes are designed for those who run on treadmills or a track at the gym as well as roads and sidewalks outdoors. They are flexible, lightweight, and are made with cushion to stabilize your feet during repetitive strides on hard surfaces. The second type is cross-training shoes. This type of design is for gym workouts, cross-training, or any balance activity where you prefer having more contact with the ground over a thick platform sole.

When choosing the right running shoe, consider your type of workout, preference, and needs. These are some of the best gym shoes for women that you can buy in 2021.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2


Not only are these shoes good-looking, but they rate highly. Nike offers them in nine different color variations. One thing Nike is known for is the ability to customize the coloring of your own shoes. This shoe, in particular, has that option so you can get exactly what you want! Not to mention, you could totally wear these shoes casually.

About the shoe – for support and breathability where you need it, the improved upper combines Flyknit and Flywire technology. The high foam support delivers soft responsiveness and long-lasting comfort for your feet. Still one of Nike’s most tested shoes, this shoe helps you keep running.

Asics Gel Kayano 26


The Asics brand is known for its high-quality running shoes. The reviews for this shoe comprise loyal customers that continually return to this shoe for the overall performance this shoe gives and claim they are worth every penny. This shoe has the option of 16 different color varieties.

About the shoe – exceptional support and comfort over long periods of time and distance. This shoe is equipped with GEL® technology for high-density shock absorption. They also feature a jacquard mesh upper with FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology that provides lightweight quality and allows your feet to breathe through your workouts.

Best Gym Shoes for Women – Weightlifting

For strength training and weight lifting, having the right pair of shoes that support your feet for the workouts you are doing will make a tremendous difference. The best weightlifting shoes will provide the right amount of help in your workouts. They can also improve your technique on various lifts. Weightlifting shoes provide lots of stability for explosive movements, and compressive insoles keep your feet secure.

If weightlifting shoes are what you are looking for, these are some of the best gym shoes for women available.

Adidas Women’s Powerlift 4


These shoes serve their purpose while still allowing the natural movement of your toes while lifting. Performance-wise, the Adidas Powerlift 4 will improve your technique and help increase your personal records. You can choose from six varieties of colors to make this shoe perfect for you.

About the shoe – offering a snug narrow fit, laces, a strap, and a raised heel, these shoes support and stabilize your feet while also allowing your feet to move naturally through every lift.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star


Can you believe that the all-time favorite Chuck Taylors are on the list for one of the best weight lifting shoes? You probably notice people wearing these in the gym and maybe question them if you are unsure about the shoe’s ability. The high canvas Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are great for weightlifting. Whether you want a solid color or some sort of design, the color variations on this shoe are endless. You also have the ability to design your own if you want, which is a fun option to have.

About the shoe – both classic and iconic, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi exhibits timeless high-top sneaker style. The timeless silhouette you know and love offers the canvas upper to be lightweight and durable. This shoe includes the Classic All Star ankle patch and medial eyelets for enhanced airflow.

Best Gym Shoes for Women – High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training shoes are for people who like to mix things up because the design is made to deal with wear and tear from all angles. These training shoes require a sturdy base for a lot of different movements. If you’re into High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, where you are doing multiple circuits in a gym class, workouts with explosive jumping and sprinting, or maybe you’re combining weights and cardio, you’ll want this type of shoes. If you consider yourself more into CrossFit where you might be climbing ropes, performing squats, then throwing medicine balls around, these shoes will be for you.

For those who add a variety of workout types to their time at the gym, these are a few of the shoes you’ll want to try out.

ON Cloud X


This trendy new brand, ON, has become more and more popular, so why not see what the rave is about. These shoes allow for a variety of workouts, making them a great multi-purpose option. This shoe looks good on your feet and comes in seven different color variations so you can choose what you like best.

About the shoe – this lightweight shoe sits on a fusion of cushioning technologies, offering comfort and responsiveness to workouts and environments. Feel stable and explosive in this versatile training shoe.

Nike Air Huarache


If you haven’t heard the name of these shoes before, you’ve probably seen them around. These shoes have been around for a while, and Nike is always coming out with new color variations. With the level of comfort to your feet alone, you’re bound to fall in love with these shoes.

About the shoe – a sleek-looking shoe that fits like a sock and offers the highest level of comfort. The perfectly shined neoprene-like fabric allows your feet to breathe during your workouts. This shoe includes the original ’90s running look you love, as well as the iconic heel clip and stripped-away branding.

Choose the Best Gym Shoes for You

Depending on your workout type, there are a variety of shoe options for you to get what you need. When running and doing cardio workouts, you want to choose a shoe that’s lightweight and comfortable to your feet. If you’re doing more weightlifting, you want a shoe that will support you while still allowing for natural movements. For those of you that like to do high-intensity interval training, you want a shoe that is multi-functional so they can keep up with you. Overall, pick a shoe that works for you and makes you comfortable.

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