Ahh, one of the most beautiful times of year…Christmas! This time of year is about spreading love and joy to all those around you. And while this year has been a little hectic, let’s bring some extra cheer to this season. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas for your friend’s Christmas gift, I have just the things for you. Did you say your friend is a wine lover? Perfect! Here are some of the best gifts for wine lovers this year!

Electric Wine Opener


This wine opener opens wine at maximum speed for when you need wine ASAP. An electric wine opener is the perfect easy gift for wine lovers. Tell them to get rid of their manual opener – it’s time for the fast machine to shine!!

Charcuterie Board 


What goes better with wine than cheese? This unique crystal charcuterie board from Anthro is perfect. Next thing you know, this wine lover will be having the perfect bachelor nights with a glass of wine and the all so famous charcuterie board. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to go along with it! Pro tip – if you are feeling a little extra and want to help with the first board, Costco has pre-packaged kits ready to be placed on the charcuterie board.

Wine Freezing Cup 


Having warm wine is a BIG no for wine lovers…or really anyone. Thanks to this fabulous cup, they can enjoy their favorite choice of wine at the perfect temperature for hours long!! 

Wine Saver


Sometimes, those nights role around, and finishing the whole bottle seems a little too challenging. So why not use this perfect little vacuum to save your wine for the next night? This wine saver creates an airtight seal that will keep your wine fresh up to a week!! 

Red Wine Sheet Mask 


Need a cute gag gift for a wine lover? This sheet mask has so many loving reviews – you just can’t go wrong! Pair it with a nice bottle of wine, and you definitely won’t go wrong. They will be having the best self-care night of their lives! 

Christmas is coming faster than we think, so we need to get a roll on our shopping this year. Wine lovers just might be the easiest to shop for every season, but this year we want to come out with a bang and bring unique ideas to the table. We hope this list of the best gifts for wine lovers will give you all the inspo you need. Don’t forget to pair each gift with their fav wine! 


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