Useful Gifts
Here’s your guide to Useful Gifts!
Useful Gifts
Here’s your guide to Useful Gifts!

It’s that time of year when you may be thinking “What do I want for Christmas?” or “What do I get my friends this year?” Well, we have good news: we already made the Ultimate Christmas Wish List for you! These items could be for you, your sister, your friend, or even gifts for someone who has everything. How, you might ask? Besides being lovely, they are all practical and useful gifts, so you just can’t go wrong!

Cool Shaped Candle 


Cool-shaped candles are all everyone is talking about lately. They are the perfect gift that’s both unique and memorable. We’ve been seeing these candles all over Pinterest and Instagram, so obviously that means we all need to have one, right? In this case, yes, it most definitely does.

Sweat Sets


This year, sweat sets have been sweeping the nation. With everything that has been going on this year, many of us have decided to stay comfy at home. Meanwhile, so many of us fashionistas are slowly dying on the inside, not being able to show off our trendy fits, so we decided to make these sets TRENDY AF.

These sets are the perfect gift for any trendy little queen who might be chilling comfy at home. She could even pair them with the perfect sneaks and rock the streetwear look out on the town. 

Disposable Camera


If you are looking for useful gifts, consider a disposable camera. Disposable cameras have been so popular this season, and they’re the perfect way to capture a fun memory. Each time we have an event or know we’re going out of town, we might snag a disposable camera. It’s always super exciting to look back at all the pictures and remember how much fun you had at that moment. And who doesn’t fall in love every time you get your photos developed?

Skin Care/Hair Care


Skin Care and Hair Care are the perfect practical and useful gifts for your self-care girly. These three items are an absolute need in everyone’s life. The Gisou Hair Oil is a honey-infused oil that makes your hair look like you are glowing from the gods. It’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to start their hair care journey.

Then the Summer Fridays Hydration Set is the perfect example of an amazing Christmas gift. Think about this: you are giving someone three items with a value of $110 for only $75!! And last but certainly not least is the Laneige set that needs no words (if you haven’t already tried it). Get it, and you will know what we mean.  

Workout Set


Ah another useful gift: workout sets!! Lululemon sets are the perfect gift for your fitness or athleisure-loving gal. When we think of Christmas gifts, we think of quality over quantity, and Lululemon just has amazing quality. These sets make every girl feel so beautiful and confident, and they also come in multiple colors and styles. That way, you have so many options to choose from!

Room Decor


 For anyone that has been talking about wanting to add some pieces to their room, room decor is the perfect useful gift! Fake plants are perfect for room decor because they add a little life to your room. Of course, you could get a real plant, but some girlies may be like us and might not be able to keep them alive lol. Second, an oil diffuser… is an absolute must for every person’s room. Pair it with an essential oil set, and it makes for the perfect gift! 

Journal/ Book


A journal or a zodiac book is such a heartfelt gift for anyone. The five-minute journal is the perfect way to start your day happy! This journal puts all your attention on the good in your life. It allows you to complain less and appreciate life more. For example, a crystal book is perfect for someone wanting to learn about crystals, what they mean, and how they bring value to your life.  



Jewelry is such a go-to gift! You can never go wrong with chunky hoops or stacked necklaces. Jewelry is such a useful gift for anyone trying to turn their simple outfit into a bomb-accessorized outfit. Turning an outfit trendy could be as easy as throwing on a pair of hoops!

Well, well, well…you’ve made it to the end of our ultimate gift guide!! Although we could think of many more useful gifts, we’ll leave you here with these staples. So many of these gifts can go hand and hand to make the perfect gift basket. We hope this guide answered your question “What do I want for Christmas?” You can’t go wrong with any of these useful gifts, even for someone who has everything. Don’t forget to mention #SuccessibleLife in any of your Christmas posts, and let us know if you have any good tips on what to get for Christmas!! 

What’s considered a practical gift?

You’re on the correct road if you’re considering giving useful gifts to the people you care about. Here are five additional brilliant suggestions for useful gifts as an added bonus:
Set of cookware.
Diffuser and essential oils.
Outside sleeping bag.
 A toolbox.
Individual multi-tool
A lifeline.
Messenger satchel
Vacuum shop

What is the 5-gift rule?

The first four gifts under the “5 Gift Rule” are the same: a gift that they want, a gift that they need, a gift that they can wear, and a gift that they can read. Yet the fifth? The true winner is the fifth. They don’t really understand what they need

What is the 3 gift rule?

One common strategy is to have your children limit their wish lists to just three items: something they need (like a puffer coat), something they want (like a new video game), and something to read (the Ramona series has been calling their name).

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