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While most of us have been opting for loungewear during COVID-19, people are starting to go out more often as restrictions get lifted. Whether you’re going to a restaurant or the grocery store, you still want your outfit to catch people’s attention! That’s why we all need at least one pair of the best boyfriend jeans that match our styles.

Best Boyfriend Jeans: Style Options for Everyone!

best boyfriend jeans

While boyfriend jeans are typically known to be slouchy and relaxed, there are tons of variations now! The best part about them? The loose fit is flattering on just about every body type. If you’re looking to show off your figure, choose a slimmer design. If you want them to look more classic and casual, go for the baggy style! Not to forget – there are plenty of jeans for curvy women that show off those curves in the best possible way. No matter what version you prefer, these jeans are an essential addition to your closet.

High Waisted/High Rise

High-Rise. This fit is often viewed as “retro” but the truth is, it’s classic. Athletic body types with smaller waists will love this fit. Hourglass shapes on the slender side look fantastic in high-rise jeans with stretch.

High-Waisted Patchwork Boyfriend Jeans


High Rise Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans in Mid Blue Wash


Mid Rise

Mid-rise jeans feature a waistband that sits between the hips and the navel, just below the natural waist. Mid-rise jeans cover more of the lower stomach than low-rise jeans do, but not as much as high-rise jeans cover.

Mid Rise Wide Leg Jeans


Mid Rise Super Distressed Boyfriend Jean


Mid Rise Boyfriend Jean


Low Rise

While the trend might conjure images of Paris Hilton in tight jeans with a two-inch rise, low-rise pants have been rethought in 2022. Now, we’re seeing styles with wider, slouchier silhouettes, long inseams, and rises that sit underneath the waist.

Low-Rise Boyfriend Flare Jean


Wide Low Waist Jeans



Baggy pants, also known as puddle pants, have been popular for a while, but it wasn’t until they started popping up on every street-style photographer-covered corner in Paris, London, New York, and Milan that the trend became evident. They’re back this year, and the selections are better than ever.

Baggy Low Rise Distressed Boyfriend Jeans


Acid Blue Wash Open Knee Boyfriend Jeans



Say Goodbye To Your Basic Blue Jeans — 2022 Is All About Colorful Denim. Out with the old, in with the new. When it comes to denim, the fashion industry only began to rethink outside of the crayon box, so to speak, in the autumn of 2020

Baby Pink Dipped Back Waistband Boyfriend Jeans


Lilac Dipped Back Waistband Boyfriend Jeans



We’re calling them low-slung jeans. They’re usually a bit looser and sit right in between a mid-rise and a low-rise for a relaxed vibe that’s a more wearable version of the Y2K-inspired denim. After a Decade, Jeans Move From Skinny to Loose. American shoppers are flocking to high-waisted, loose-fitting jeans in droves and companies believe they may become a hallmark of the post-pandemic world.

Light Blue Wash Basic Loose Fit Boyfriend Jeans


Black Basic Loose Fit Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend Jeans…As Overalls?! Yes, Please!

Dungarees, overalls, strappy little jumpsuit things — whatever you want to call ’em, this classic denim staple is indeed trending for summer 2022.

Baggy Boyfriend Overalls

best boyfriend jeans


Boyfriend Jeans: How many can you fit in your closet?

A great boyfriend’s jean is both essential and irresistible. We love the relaxed vibe they show off, especially compared to skinny jeans, while still looking effortlessly chic. And hey – we won’t blame you if you want to stuff your closet full of all the different styles of jeans. We might even be guilty of doing it ourselves!