What is Non-Alcoholic Long Island Ice Tea

A Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea is a popular mocktail that mimics the appearance and some of the flavors of the traditional alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea, but without the inclusion of any alcoholic spirits. 


– 12 teaspoons English Breakfast loose leaf tea – 60 ml apple cider vinegar – 600 ml ginger beer – Ice – 1 lemon, juiced, plus 1 lemon, sliced – Sprigs of fresh mint

Required Utensils

– A tea infuser – A 2L jug, or T2 jug-a-lot

How to make Long Island Iced Tea (Non-Alcoholic)

Place the tea in the infuser and fill the jug halfway with hot boiling water. Allow it to Infuse for about 4 minutes, then take out the infuser and let the mixture cool for an hour.

Step 2

Add apple cider vinegar, ginger beer, and lemon juice in the cooled tea, then add ice to the top. Give it a stir. 

Step 3

Decorate it with lemon slices and fresh mint.