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We’re always down for a basic leather jacket or camel puffer for fall season, but there’s something about a trench coat dress (i.e. a trench coat worn as a dress or vice versa) that instantly makes us smile. Besides the versatility, trench coat dresses have always been a fan favorite of ours. There is just something so classic and trendy about them that we always find ourselves gravitating towards them during the cooler months. Just looking at Instagram and Pinterest for our favorite fashion inspirations, it’s obvious how well fashionistas these days are wearing their trench coat dresses. From streetwear looks to many others, there are numerous outfits that will inspire you to stay both cozy and fashionable this season.

Streetwear Inspo: 

Recreate with: 

 The ultimate trendy fashion this season…streetwear. Any stunning outfit can be turned into streetwear with the perfect little touches. Streetwear is all about being oversized and comfy while looking stylish as ever. Pair this nude trench (perfect color this season) along with an oversized hoodie of your choice (black is an easy go to and matches everything) and some chunky boots to make the perfect streetwear look. We repeat…CHUNKY BOOTS, an absolute staple this season. Get them before they are all gone!!

Date Night Inspo: 

Recreate with: 

Did your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly find time to take you on a date night, but now you have no idea what to wear? Don’t worry, girl, we’ve got the perfect date night fit for you. An easy quick look to pull together would have to be a little black dress and some cute strappy heels. Everyone needs a LBD in their life, and if you don’t have one, get one. Don’t stress though, we have the perfect one here for you. Pair your dress along with some cute simple black heels and a lightweight trench. A trench coat dress, especially a colored trench, is the perfect statement piece. Usually, black or nude is a go-to for trenches, but if you want every guy and girl in that restaurant to wish you were their date, add a soft green trench to have yourself standing out in the best way possible. 

Perfect Fall Day Inspo:

Recreate with: 

Need the perfect fall day fit? You’ve come to the right place because this fit is everything!! First of all, the nude jeans are so in right now.. 100% buying these Princess Polly ones right after this. Pair these fab nude jeans with a nude trench coat for a minimal look…then BAM, hit ’em with a pop of color with a blue sweater. This is a go-to fall fit that will have everyone coming to you for all their fashion inspo this season. 

Airport Inspo: 

Recreate with: 

In many seasons, trench coat dresses are often our layer of choice when it comes to traveling. They are usually lightweight, so they’re great for plane rides (not to mention they work great as blankets)! Pair one with these absolutely amazing lulu-align leggings (these leggings are a MUST for constant comfort while looking cute) and a comfy black long sleeve. Don’t forget to add some comfy sneaks for all the walking you will be doing around the airport. 

Trench Coat Dress Inspo: 

Recreate with: 

Some may ask, “Can you wear a trench coat as a dress?” Girl, if Riri can do it, so can you!! If you blew big cash this season on a trench coat (a very worthy splurge in our opinion), why not wear it as a dress too? Our only tip would be to pick a lightweight trench if you are going to wear it as a dress. Also, consider staying primarily indoors when wearing it as a trench coat dress. Length is important as well, and if you get too long of a trench, it will still look like a coat. However, if you get one too short, it could risk some flashing moments. Just to avoid any potential mishaps, be sure to wear something underneath – maybe a cute little slip dress.

Trench coats and trench coat dresses are all everyone seems to be talking about this season. From turning a trench into the perfect streetwear fit or even a classy look for a night out on the town, there are so many options. It also happens to be the perfect layering piece to add to any outfit and make it even better.

So don’t hesitate to strut this season in your favorite trench coat – you might just become the most stylish friend in your group (until more people copy you)! And if it suits, add some chunky gold hoops and rectangular sunnies to complete your look. Finally, don’t forgot to use #SuccessibleFashion on your next Insta post for a chance to be featured on our page. Who knows – you might even gain some more jealous friends!