Right now, almost regardless of where you live, you will see the cost of living rising faster than it has for some time. Most governments printed money to get them through the Covid-19 crisis. Now, things have to be rebalanced, which is leading to inflation.

So, now is a particularly good time to review where your money is going and take steps to reduce your outgoings. Especially those bills that you have to pay month after month. They are normally essential, but that does not mean you should pay more than you have to. Below, we take an in-depth look at getting a good deal on your broadband connection. But the tips below can be used to reduce practically all of your other monthly bills.


Go Beyond Just Using Price Comparison Engines

When we want to save on our utility bills, most of us automatically go online and plug our details into a price comparison website. Without a doubt, doing this helps. It gives you a good idea of what is available and how much you should be paying. But it is always worth digging a little deeper.


Investigate Free Gift Deals

Some providers offer free gifts as incentives, including ones that are worth a surprising amount of money. Amazon gift vouchers are particularly popular at the moment, and we are not talking about just £10 or £20 (or dollars). For example, if you click the link above, you will see that some UK broadband providers are currently offering £80 worth of vouchers to new customers. Others are offering cashback.

Gift incentives are becoming so popular that a few price comparison websites are allowing users to specifically search for deals that include the option of a gift. So, keep an eye out for that facility.


Double-Check How Much You Will Actually Be Paying

When working out which deal to sign up for, be sure that you fully understand how much you will pay. If you go for a gift or cashback deal, compare how much signing up without the gift would cost you. Sometimes it will be cheaper to go with a regular contract.

Also, make sure that the monthly price is what you will actually pay. Some firms advertise a low monthly cost but will only give it to you if you pay them annually and do so in advance. For example, they say the cost is £30 a month but require you to pay the full £360 for the entire year immediately. If you say that you want to pay monthly, they may ask you for £35 or £40 each month.

It is also worth checking how long you will be tied to that provider. If your youngest is off to university next year, the chances are you won’t need that top-end internet package anymore. In which case, you don’t want to be tied into a 2-year contract.

The same would be true if you are planning to move soon. You don’t want to have to pay high cancellation fees. Read more about the potential problems you can face when canceling a service by clicking here.


Understand What is Included in the Deal

It is also important to fully understand what you are buying. For example, don’t just assume that you will get unlimited data when you buy broadband. A lot of providers set some sort of limit or have a fair usage clause in the contract.

If you are not sure about something, ask before committing to a contract. Send them an email or open a chat. Most firms will send a transcript of the chat, if they don’t, take screen prints. If the chat takes place via text or on your phone, use one of the methods outlined here to create your own copy. That way, if you later find out you have been misled, you will have evidence.


Be Clear About What You Need to Buy

Before you buy anything, particularly something that is going to cost you hundreds, sit down and work out what you want or need. There is no point in paying for super fast broadband if all you do is read emails and watch YouTube.


Use the Above Approach to Reduce Other Monthly Bills

As you can see, finding a good broadband deal that provides you with a decent service at a low cost is not that difficult. As we said at the start, you can use the same approach to bring down the cost of some of your other monthly bills.

Right now, service providers are working hard to recover from the financial impact of the Covid crisis. As a result, there are some great deals available. All you need to do is to take half an hour out of your day to do a bit of research and find them.

If you would like even more ideas, click here. This article will give you 40 other suggestions on how to find the best deals.