NYC is famous for many things and among these, are sports. Sports enthusiasts will find many fun activities and stores in the city, and while there are plenty of other activities to do in NYC, you can easily fill a trip with sports-related activities and be set.

So if you love sports, here is your guide to visiting NYC:

1. Visit the New Yankee Stadium

The new Yankee Stadium is a must visit for sports lovers, being a well-known stadium across the country and even abroad. The old Yankee stadium vs the new one are rather similar, with intentions of the new build to honor the architecture and build of the old, but with some modern updates such as LED screens above the field and more space. With the construction of the new stadium, pieces of the old were auctioned off and sports fans from all over invested in order to take home a part of history. The new stadium spans across 4 floors and can hold over 50,000 spectators. 

things to do in nyc and yankee stadium

2. Catch a game at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is known for hosting the Knicks basketball games and the Rangers ice hockey games. It is an experience all around to see a game here. It was also known as a boxing mecca, being home to fights with Muhammed Ali and more. While you’re in town, it’s definitely worth checking if there’s a game you can catch while here. 

3. Belmont Park

Head to Belmont Park to catch the Kentucky Derby while you’re in NYC in June. It’s a posh event that is something to experience at least once in a lifetime, and being in NYC where you can get the full sports experience is definitely not to miss. The before and after of the Derby are equally exciting, especially in a sports bar.

4. Go on a “Behind the Scenes Tour” of the US Open

The US Open is an incredible event that draws a leading number of attendees every year. While you’re in NYC, you can opt in for a special experience of the ‘Behind the Scenes Tour’ of the US Open. This will take you on a journey through the lens of sports journalists and the players themselves, giving you an insight into the game and event you’ve never had before. 

5. Shop at the NBA store and Niketown

The NBA store and Niketown are spots to put on your list to pick up any and all sports gear you may want. The NBA store in particular has a bunch of sports paraphernalia and it is also an experience to be in the store itself! You can see content including scores and highlights being visible from the store. This is one place where you can go and be surrounded by other sports lovers, and also maybe learn about a few other spots that you’d want to check out while in the city!  

things to do in nyc and bar

While on the in-between visiting these different spaces, you can stop to wine and dine at some of the best sports bars in NYC. Stop in for some chicken wings at Mudville 9 in Tribeca, some Bay Area sports at Finnerty’s in the East Village, and enjoy the indoor/outdoor scene at the Brooklyn Tap House.